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Monday, June 27, 2005

WSOP Trip Report #4

What weekly trip report would be complete without the appearance of The Drunk Lady?

So I headed to Vegas Thursday night, wasn't planning on going until Friday AM, but our dinner plans had changed and Bill, being the kind, loving soul that he is could see I was itching to leave and said Get the Hell out of here.

I arrived in Vegas around 10:30pm, and jumped into the 11pm Last Chance Tourney. I'm playing, and I hear my name called from behind my back. It's Kram!! (A friend from www.pokerclan.com) I had never met him in person and he recognized me (from what, I don't know, maybe I was just being loud and obnoxious and that gave it away...) so we chatted up a bit, and then he left (ok, BUSTED OUT) to play some cash games while I continued on in the tourney. We decided to meet up after I busted out or won, with the hopes (???) of me busting out with time to head to Binion's for the 2 AM tourney.

Of course, it happened, right around 1:30am, and about 40th place, my best Last Chance showing. So we head over to Binions and enter, about 4 tables. This time, I'm the one busting out early and I decide to sit and play some 2/4 and drink it up while he's playing.

WOW....Hello Drunk Lady! It's those Kamikaze shots, they get me every time! It doesn't help when I can get 3-4 at my table to drink with me, AND 2-3 from the NL table behind our table. Anywhoo, I don't specifically recall what words I may have said, but I was pulled aside by the floorman and asked to "Watch my language, or you will be asked to leave". I replied, "You have to be shitting me!!" (J/K!) However, I did get offended as I am NOT sitting in church here, I'm at a casino...in a poker room....please pardon me if I happen to say "Damn". I KNOW I didn't drop any F-bombs as I have trained myself to not say that word anywhere NEAR a poker table due to the strict F-bomb rules at WSOP. Kram (Mark) busted out right on the bubble (poor bubble boy) and we left (partially due to my being offended at the floorperson, and I'll be damned if I give him any more of MY rake).

For reasons I can't remember, we ended up back at the RIO, although I can't remember what we did there. I DO remember that he got lost on the way there. I was kind of guiding him from downtown to RIO from a constant state of consciousness and drunken stupor, and next thing I know, I'm hearing, "Tanya, Wake up, Tanya....you HAVE to wake up, I'm lost". I wake up (I nodded off briefly, just to clear the head a little bit) and I find that we are in the middle of the industrial center which is south of RIO, but has no street that goes through to get to RIO, even though we can see it looming ahead of us, and it seems like it's RIGHT THERE, but we just can't get there. So I keep giving him directions, because believe it or not, I had been in this particular scenario before last year (just not drunk) and I remembered that all the streets are dead ends. So we finally go 2-3 miles west, in order to go back east onto Rio.

Cash games? Satellite? Don't recall. OH WAIT, I just remembered. I jumped into a 4/8 cash game, and he jumped into his NL game (he was the designated driver and doesn't really like alcohol, so he just let me drink and took care of me!) Anyways, you will all be very happy to know that despite my aversion to ring games, and the admittance of being a loser there, I won at both places! At Binion's, I took my last $40 and parlayed it into $110, and then at RIO, bought in for $100 and left with (??) more than that. (lol). (It was my last $40 due to not having my bankroll with me, but more on that later)

I think around 7-8am, we decided that we were hungry and some players at our table had warned us that they had ordered food to be delivered and that was well over an hour ago. So I pull Mark away and we decide to eat at the cafe. I remember I ordered an omelet and I ate 1/2...the hashbrowns were GOOD. I am so wasted at this point, so we decide it's time to crash, but first I HAVE to go to the bank. Because of my earlier then expected departure from home, I hadn't had time to go to the bank and gather my poker bankroll, so he FOUND his way to the bank (all by himself, as I'm snoozing again. He may call it "passed out" but I know I was just sleeping). I do my business, and then I take him home and at this point, due to eating and the nap I took in the car, I am sober enough to drop him off and drive myself home since he is staying so close to where I'm staying.

On to Friday: I wake up around 1-2 pm and head over to RIO. On this day, I randomly travel between the poker room and the casino and have a very good day with hitting 4 aces on the video poker, then 4 kings, then 4 3's...I just couldn't NOT hit this day. Unfortunately, as a video poker player, we all strive to hit the "big one" and so gave a lot of it right back in the quest for the Royal Flush. Ah well. I did play 3 satellites and I chopped two of them, so 2/3 ain't so bad if you ask me. GOOD DAY.

I enter the 11pm tourney again, and this night I meet an old timer RGP'r....he doesn't post much anymore (which old timers do??) although I recognized the names of some RGP'rs that he threw out at me and we talked about BARGE and how I can't go this year due to my family cruise being the EXACT same week (major bummer). We have since exchanged emails since meeting, and I think that Adam will be an excellent poker friend. After I bust out early this night, I call Kram and we decide to head over to Binions again for the 2AM tourney. I, of course, am drinking again, but for some reason, the drinks are hitting me as hard this night and I don't get "drunk". I am buzzing, and I feel good, but no matter what I'm drinking...I'm just not getting "there". I bust out early (notice a pattern?) and I go onto gamble while I wait for them. I refuse to play in the ring games due to the floorman and I just spend time on video poker. I hit 4 of a kind 3 times and have to wait for them to fill my machine all 3 times. Mark busts out and his friend (Michael? Anthony? Damn, can't remember his name) ends up chopping 4 ways for a cool $700, so his treat as we head to the cafe for some breakfast. The omelet here SUCKS and the hashbrowns are nothing to talk about either. Icky.

This is when we have our very, VERY interesting conversation, and for the life of me I STILL don't know if they were serious or not, if they were pulling my leg and just teasing me or serious, but Mark....I STILL don't know, I'm such a clueless babe. (Only he will understand this paragraph and that's the way I meant for it to be, kind of a test to see if he REALLY reads my blog or if he is just a natural born bullshitter).

Saturday I had planned on attending a 10am Ladies Freeroll, held at Binions, for a chance to win a seat into the Sunday Ladies Event. Now, I already had my seat, and I figured I would just play and take the cash. But since we got done with breakfast at around 7am, I would still have to take Mark home and then I really wouldn't have time to sleep. If I simply stayed up and played the tourney, then I would have to sleep afterwards, and then I would miss all the juicy women's satellites running at RIO throughout the day. What to do, what to do?? I bailed. I skipped the freeroll and headed home and slept until 1pm, then headed back to RIO to play in satellites.

I did well, taking one down alone, and then the WEIRDEST THING happened. (Felicia, you'll enjoy this one).

I'm playing a women's satellite and it gets heads-up. I am chip leader, and I know that I can outplay her, so I don't offer a save or anykind of chop and she doesn't ask, so I'm thinking she is really green, and I can tell that she's not that experienced. Then the unthinkable happens, I double her up...losing a critical hand to her suckout and next thing I know, I have 1K in chips and she has 9K. Her husband had been sweating her, comes up to her, whispers something in her ear, and she then asks me;

"Wanna Chop?"
"An even chop?" I ask (I KNOW, I KNOWWWW...but she did say "chop")

I about fall out of my chair rushing to agree, but manage to stay cool and suave enough to say "Well, I normally chop, so sure". Next thing I know, I'm being handed an orange $500 chip. If she had said No to the even chop, then I would have said No and played on as I knew I could outplay her, would just have to hope for the luck of the cards. But to offer me and EVEN chop with a 9:1 chip lead...how lucky can I be and how stupid could she be? Ahhh...I love ladies weekend.

Saturday night....I didn't drink as I knew that I would be playing the next day so I just played the 11pm Last Chance, then went to bed after busting out. One of these nights, I will cash in these damn things! However, I love playing them as the entry fee is 200/25, but you can play a 50 satellite and get a ticket into the event, and those 50 satellites are EASY as hell as both 1st and 2nd get the slip.

Sunday: The Ladies $1K NLHE Event.

I had asked Bill earlier in the week if he would come out and watch me, sweat me a little and bring his cameras to take some pictures of me in play. I had been trying to get the WSOP staff photographers to get some decent pictures that I could purchase, but you've all seen the ones they've taken and I'm not about to shell out money for those icky things. I knew that the only way I could get GREAT pictures was to have Bill come take them. Not many know, but Bill went with me last year to the final day of the final table and took some awesome photos. There were so good, that Bluff Magazine published his work in their first issue. If you look in the credits, you'll see "Bill Peck of PecksWeb.com" for photos. I will post that link and the link to this weekends photos later.

So Bill arrived around 11:10am, I had failed to realize that the event started at 11, since all other events started at 12, so I just hung around the casino and waited for him, showing up 20 mins late for the tournament. Setting up a table image is key, right?? I love showing up late and it's the only thing I give credit to Phil Hellmuth for, although I don't know if I would be comfortable showing up an hour or more late. Thanks so much to Pauly for showing Bill around, letting him drop his photo equipment off at the press table, and even offering his press pass up to Bill, if needed. Bill did get chased out of the area a few times for not having a pass, but he has always had a knack for getting in and getting great pictures that no one else can. I am so looking forward to seeing the photos, and I can't wait to get the link. (Hurry up, honey!!)

You've all read my previous post on the actual event, so I'll leave it at that.

After the tourney, I sent Bill home and promised to be home that night. Since I was playing awesome poker and felt I was "in the zone" I played 3 satellites, and then promptly lost them all. I realized then, that I wasn't in the zone, I was still emotionally on tilt. So I went out to the casino, gambled for a few hours, then was planning on heading home when I decided to try "one more" satellite since I was feeling much better, emotionally.

I entered a $500/30 and proceeded to make a miraculous come back and chop 3 ways with 3rd getting 1K, I got $1800, and other guy got $2300 when his pair of 8's hit quads on the flop. It was a great tourney though, as our heads up play lasted LONGER then the actual tournament with 8 other players. I felt good, I was playing good again, and I got his respect. I don't remember his name, but he is a tournament regular, I had seen him before and now, because of him, I say "Alljin" instead of "All In". We had fun heads up, we played seriously but still joked around even after negotiations failed 4 times in the 1-2 hours of heads up play until I finally relented when the quads came. He gave me a huge bear hug, and we parted good friends.

I then headed home, arriving around 2:30 am and DAMN those long drives. All they do is give you time to think...and think...and I couldn't help but repeat the ladies event over and over in my head. It really hit me hard at around 5 am, sitting in front of my computer. I gave in and felt sorry for myself, then immediantly felt better. Humans need to release emotion, why keep it bottled inside to churn inside your stomach and cause ulcers? Anyways, I spoke with Felicia later today and she gave a great pep talk and told me something that Barry G. told her, which REALLY made me feel MUCH better, so Felicia, I thank you!

I am headed to Vegas tomorrow and will be taking my daughter with me to drop off at the airport. She is flying to Phoenix to stay with my sister for a week or so, but we're leaving early so that I can take her to RIO and show her "where mommy plays" and hopefully run into Chris F. as he is the only player that she truly would LOVE to meet in person. (Besides Toby McGuire, if you consider him a player, ha ha ha). Then, it's onto Razz on Wednesday. Thanks again to Russ G. of RGP for backing me in this event, I plan on doing him proud as he has already declared his intentions of backing me in other events if I cash.

Thanks for reading, and I will give Razz report upon return!!

WSOP Ladies $1K NLHE

The Facts:

601 women, 54 get paid, I was out in about 160th place, right before 2nd break (3:00 pm ish), it started at 11 AM, 1000 chips to start.

The Hands:

LEVEL 1 25/25:
10dJd in the BB, one MP caller, SB calls, I check. Flop comes 6, 10, 10. SB checks, I check, MP bets 150. SB folds, I call. Turn is J. I check, she bets 300, I call. River brings forth a 9 with 3 clubs now on board. I bet out 150 trying to represent the flush, she raises to 300, I re-raise to 600, she moves all in, I call. She shows 6,6 for a flopped boat, I show the bigger boat and I double up at about 40 mins into the event.

LEVEL 2, 25/50:
8sQs in the BB, MP raises to 300, everyone folds to me, I call because I have the chips and because I think I can try to outplay her to win the pot. (she knows this, she's my friend Elizabeth from WPC!) Flop comes 5,7,6 with 2 spades. I am open ended and on a flush draw. I bet out 600, she raises to 1200, I call. Turn is x, I check, she checks (ohhhh free card!!) River is 9, I bet 200 (to make it obvious I wanted a call) she reluctantly calls and shows J,J and admonishes me for calling a preflop raise with 8,Q; but she's joking due to our friendship and I reply, "But they were sooooted!!"

LEVEL 3, 50/100
10,J on the button, EP moves all in, I decide to call, she shows A,K. Flop is blank, but turn brings me a 10, then river brings me another 10. 4th player I've knocked out so far.

LEVEL 4, 100/200
JUST moved to a new table, I arrive in UTG position, I am dealt in while I settle in and I look down to K,K before my chips are even out of the rack. I put my bling-bling frog on top of the cards and take the time to take all of my chips out of the rack. I then proceed to raise to 900. 3 seats down is a girl that moved with me from the last table, she calls and then tells the table that "She's just a bully, she bully's the table" (but had a smile, I don't begrudge her at all for her comment). Then the BB calls and the BB has MONSTER chips, like MAD, CRAZY stack. I had about 8000 and I was well above average, she had to have about 30,000. Flop comes 4, Q, 7. BB says, "I'm all in". I say, "I'm all in". Other girl folds her J, J upright. BB turns over A, Q. I show the K,K. Turn is 9.

River: A

The Emotions:

How many TIMES am I going to lose a WSOP event with K,K??? I was so emotionally devastated. I stood up from the table, not saying a word EVEN THOUGH the woman who knocked me out had jumped up, whooping and hollering and slapping hi-fives with about 3-4 women on that side of the table, railbirds were oohing and aahing and it was a horrible, horrible, scene with no apologetic look that are usually given with suck outs, no shaking of the hand, not even a glance. No class what so ever, and it was just plain tacky.

I don't fault her play AT ALL..I would have made the same moves she did, she played fine. It was the display that got me to not like her, the Ace coming was just luck...had nothing to do with her or my skills.

Dr. Pauly had come over because he heard the commotion, saw that it was me, I briefly explained it and then told him I had to leave. I walked out to the hallway down by the bathrooms and called my husband on the phone to come meet me. (He had come down for the Ladies Event to shadow me with his cameras, I will talk more about that in the real trip report #4 coming later) I know that because he was there, and because he's a sympathetic shoulder, I will admit to letting a few tears out. I wasn't crying or bawling or anything, but I was so frustrated and saddened.

I had played flawless poker, I was on fire. I made NO mistakes, I got the table to fear me....I knocked out 4-5 of the original 10 at our table, it was MY day, I felt GREAT, I was going to go far.

To see that Ah peel off the deck and show up on the river was so heartbreaking, it broke my spirit.

Tuesday, June 21, 2005


I don't know him, never met him, but because some people I call my friends and care for, care for him, I care too. Reprinted from www.lasvegasvegas.com written by Pauly from www.taopoker.blogspot.com :

"It's very easy to do a good deed." - Barry Greenstein

Some of you don't know about a guy named Charlie Tuttle. He got dealt a bad hand in life and he's been battling cancer. When the World Series of Poker began, his health took a turn for the worse. His best friend Jason Spaceman wondered if the Poker Prof and myself could find away to cheer Charlie up. His favorite player is Marcel Luske and some of you already know the amazing story how Marcel borrowed my cell phone to call Charlie in the ICU. He even sung to him and that made Charlie laugh for the first time in a very long time.

Our friend Felicia took it upon herself to find as many pros and ask them to do something to help lift Charlie's spirits. Max Pescatori, Barry Greenstein, and John Juanda all took time out of their busy schedules to call Charlie. Barry even said he would send Charlie a copy of his new book. Max sent Charlie a care package and got some of his friends like Jen Harman and Doyle Brunson involved.

In the last few days, Charlie's breathing problems persisted and he was unable to physically talk on the phone. He has internet access now, so I know he's reading this. Charlie, in one of the most amazing moments I have ever witnessed in poker, Barry Greenstein said he was going to win a WSOP event for you. Then he went out and did it.

During one of the breaks at the final table of Event #19 $1,500 Pot-Limit Omaha, I walked over to Barry Greenstein and thanked him for calling Charlie. His gesture really meant a lot to Charlie, his family and friends, and to a lot of people in the poker community, both players, bloggers, and readers alike. Barry said to me, "It's easy to do a good deed." He understood how the poker boom had made poker pros instant celebrities and that a simple phone call was the least he could do. Before the break was over he told me that he was going to dedicate the victory to Charlie. At that point, I rooted for Barry harder than I ever pulled for any other player before.

In order to get in the position to win this event for Charlie, Barry had to outlast a field of 291 players including a former World Champion in Chris "Jesus" Ferguson. The final table started an hour later than originally scheduled. Apparently, there was a computer error in the payout structure and some of the players who cashed yesterday got more than they should have. As soon as the error had been corrected, play began......

........On the 16th hand of heads up play, Barry won a huge pot when he caught a Wheel straight on the river. Barry held a $400K to $43K chip lead. A few hands later, Barry won his second bracelet. He won $128,505, all of which goes to charity. Paul Vinci played great and he took second place and won $70,680.

I wish I could say that I was paying attention to the hand that Barry beat Paul Vinci with. I was distracted because all I could think about was Charlie and Spaceman. A few moments after he won, Barry spoke to the audience and officially dedicated his victory to Charlie."This one is for Charlie," Barry said as a round of applause filled the room.

Barry couldn't say much more because he was also playing in another WSOP event, the Pot-Limit Hold'em tournament, in the far corner of the poker room. On the way to his table, he barely spoke about his win to the media because he was all choked up. Barry is one of the best poker players in the world and he always has his feelings in check at the table. For a brief moment though, he was overwhelmed with emotion and exposed his vulnerable side.

I think a lot of us involved were a little teary eyed. I had to excuse myself and go into the hallway because I was about to cry. At that moment, the events at the World Series of Poker seemed meaningless compared to the battle that Charlie was fighting. Situations like this make you reassess what's really important in life. Las Vegas is a city built on greed. Poker is a game that often attracts some of the lowest forms of life. However, in the past two weeks, there have been a small group of professional poker players who have earned my respect and admiration. Amidst all the darkness and debauchery, I have caught a few glimpses of the bright side of humanity. The hearts of some of the biggest sharks in Las Vegas are filled with compassion.Tonight was a special night at the World Series of Poker and Barry Greenstien made sure that we would all never forget a guy named Charlie Tuttle.

EDIT: Heard from Dr. Pauly that Charlie has passed away this morning, Wednesday 6/22/05. RIP Charlie.

Monday, June 20, 2005


WSOP Live Blog: http://taopoker.blogspot.com/

WSOP Photos: http://www.lasvegasvegas.com/poker/2005wsopphotogallery.php

WSOP News: http://www.lasvegasvegas.com/pokerblog/

WSOP Podcast: http://radio.weblogs.com/0142180/

Just following in the greatness of Felicia Lee, but I'm not cool/savvy enough to have special titled links like her!! : )

Sunday, June 19, 2005

WSOP Trip Report #3

Where to start...where to start....

Decided to go to Vegas early Thursday AM in order to play the LHE Shootout, played two satellites before, no good so I bought in directly with the intentions of winning a satellite later to offset the cost.

Drew a table with only two mentionables: Mark Seif and Perry Friedman. What a fun table. The event ended up starting 26 minutes late which made me lose the over/under of 12:30pm with Perry. At one point Perry started clapping, the slow methodical clapping, that then gets faster...you know what I'm talking about? He says "let's get this started", I oblige. It's only us two, NO ONE else at the table does it, even after I say, "Come on guys, join in!" however the tables around us take part and the next thing you know, the entire field is clapping, the TD's are smiling and ignoring us and then it's over and we still wait 15 mins to play.

HORRIBLE hands. I only won ONE pot. I had J,J, I 3 bet it preflop, 4 players in the pot. Flop comes 7, Q, 4 I bet, they all call, well sheit...one of them must have a queen, so we all check the turn and the river and I win a mediocre pot that I missed 2 bets on. Sigh. Absolutely nothing else panned through for me. I would get pocket pairs galore, and then never, ever hit. It was depressing.

However, I did win the over/under bet with Mark Seif of our table losing more then 2 players by end of 2nd level. I took the under as it was a tight table, not much capping going on, unless it was just Mark and Perry in the hand and they would just go to war with each other. So, I took the bet....loser buys winner a drink, Mark says "2 drinks" I say "Ok, but only if the winner drinks WITH the loser" he immediantly agrees. Makes no sense, I know, but I enjoyed him and the banter.

My views on Mark....he actually had me write down my blog address while he was in the 2nd (3rd?) round and said he would visit, I said he better because I was definantly writing about him. I never met him before, but knew who he was. I always thought of him as being a dork. A dweeb. I don't know why since I never met the guy, but there you have it. Turns out I was WAY off base. The guy is hilarious. He made me laugh so much, we were having fun, and with Perry mixed in (whom I have always liked/admired since my first WSOP when he let me, a nobody, hang out with him and some of the TiltBoys for DAYS) the table was fun if nothing else. Due to my card deadness, and the cost of the buy in, I finally said Screw it....if I'm paying $1,500 for the tournament, I'm having a good time if nothing else, and ordered a Captain Morgan and pineapple. Mark jumped in and had one with me, which I graciously offered to buy for him, so in essence, he owes me 3 drinks now as I did win the over/under bet with exactly 2 people being knocked out by end of 2nd level, me being the 2nd one. 9th place, wow, what a showing. Sigh.

I wasn't able to congratulate him on the bracelet win since it lasted so long into the morning, but Mark...if you read this, congratulations, a better man couldn't have won it. Your the best. (And since you did win, you owe me 4 drinks now buddy).

Next, Friday. NL Shootout. I drew a table that was great, IMO, since I talked with a few friends who had tables from HELL. Fellknight, Matthew Hilger....their tables SUCKED (meaning PRO'S) I only got KrazyKanuck and some chick that everyone seemed to know, but I didn't. I ended up knocking her out when I flopped a set of 3's, but unfortunately, she was already short stacked so I didn't get much from her. I played great the first hour, my raises were respected, and I took down a lot of pots. I actually took down quite a few from KK, but I will honestly say that I never really bluffed him....I had a semi-decent hand, just hoping he didn't have one better and it seems like he never did. We hardly ever went to show down, as he would fold to my betting. I don't remember much of what happened to cause my demise, but I ended up out in 8th place. VERY disappointing for me, as I truly felt that the table wasn't that difficult, and I could have gotten a worse draw.

Sidenote: I didn't know it was KK until the CardPlayer guy came over and said something to him quietly, he responded with "Yeah, but you always spell my name wrong, it's K-A-N-U-C-K, and no space" so I knew who he was, I'm no fishy...and I ask him if he's KrazyKanuck, he replies in the affirmative, and I lean over and shake his hand, saying "Hi, I'm MissT74" he makes the appropriate noises as if he knows who I am (who are WE kidding?) and I tell him that I'm glad Harrah's did the right thing with their decision and that RGP was pulling for him. He said Thanks and that they just made him sweat it out for 2 days. (Note: I got home and noticed he posted on RGP after our event, so I think my comment got him to go there to read what we've all been saying about the debacle.)

Soooooo.....the NL event is over and now it's on to satellites for the rest of the trip. And what trip report is complete without "The Drunk Lady" 's adventures??

We start off with the heroine (um, that's me) being consoled by FellKnight (Jordan Davenport) and vice versa as we head off to dinner together.

WAIT....Interruption: So FellKnight and I had arrangements to meet for breakfast/brunch the day of the 6/3 event, after I realized he was standing me up, I ate with another RGP'r instead. MY DEEPEST APOLOGIES: but I can't remember who that was...step up and remind me. It's been a whirlwind 3 weeks and I am clueless with the name...CRS (Can't Remember Shit) is my disease right now.

Anyways, so we had planned to try again, meeting for breakfast at 9am on Friday before the NL Shootout. At 9:05 am Friday AM, I get woken up by a phone call from my daughter.....think "Oh, Shit!!" and immediantly jump in the shower, get dolled up and arrived at Rio around 9:45 AM. I'm looking everywhere for him, can't find him so decided to dine alone around 10:15 am. I'm done eating, and who should happen to walk by but Jordan. He immediantly goes into apologetic mode and I give him shit for awhile, but then finally give in and let him know that I showed up late too and what the HELL were we, two gamblers, thinking agreeing to meet at 9AM?????

OK, so back to dinner...we dine finely at the buffet....Hey, with about 273 $10 off coupons, I figure I should eat there at least ONCE, right?? We decided to take a break from poker and spent the rest of the evening getting drunk at Let It Ride. After we figured out it was -EV in terms of cost of drinks vs. what we were spending, we jumped on the nickel slots and found out that you can get the SAME drinks there and only spend .00005% of what your spending on Let It Ride. Ok, Ok, we already KNEW that, we just needed to REALIZE it, lol.

As I'm typing this, I realize that that is the extent of The Drunk Lady's trip report, we did not go to the poker room at all, inebriated, so the only people who really got to enjoy The Drunk Lady on this trip were the pit dealers, the cocktail waitresses, Jordan, and other degenerate gamblers playing Let It Ride and 3-5-7. However, I'll let Jordan give his version of The Drunk Lady...I think I was a blast, but I'm biased. : )

Saturday, wake up around noon, headed over to Rio's and play satellites all night long, after shopping all day long for Bill for Father's Day. I decided not to sleep and just leave Vegas around 4:30AM in order to get home in time to cook breakfast for Bill.

I rocked. I kicked butt, I was winning (chopping) a lot of tourneys, and ended up taking 5/9 or something like that. I didn't think it was THAT good as I always expect to win/chop them all, but everyone I mentioned it too seemed to be impressed and would make comments like "Holy Shit!!! That MANY??" Anywho, got to finally run into Dr. Pauly from www.taopoker.blogspot.com who personally thanked me for pimping his blog on RGP, and if you all haven't been there yet, what are you waiting for? His WSOP reporting is one of the best and he's so damn funny. Love that guy.

I talked a lot with Marcel Luske, he was hanging around the satellite table all night too, and he's such a great guy, I just forgot to mention to him that I knew he had called Charlie, a blogger with end stage cancer, and how classy that was of him.

OH...before I forget! Let's talk about my little "run in" with Chris Hinchcliffe. This is the young chap who won his way onto the PartyPoker Million III, and ended up taking 3rd place for $441,463. We won't mention the fact that he got to the final table with $1,765,000 chips vs. 2nd place chip leader of $595,000 and then bled his chips to death ending in 3rd, but we will mention his table presence.

This boy, and I do say "Boy", has only been playing poker for 1 1/2 years and now think's his you-know-what doesn't stink. Just couldn't believe it when someone called his all in move with him holding 7-7, and the other guy had A-10 (and berated the guy for so long, that they almost got in a fist fight, talk about calling security was in the air) because he conveniently forgot to mention HIS over-the-top all in move to my all in move of A-10 to my Ah5h (I got berated too, but in my defense (although I really don't need one) I was short stacked, I had 400 left, blinds were 50-100, you do the math, and didn't even HESITATE to think of what I might have.) and proceeded to whine and talk bad about me to the guy to his left because I was playing "Slot Machine Poker".

You know what........ I won't go on. I don't want to air people's dirty laundry, and "What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas" but I simply have to say that Chris, darling....you did well in PPMIII, I don't begrudge that at all, and GOOD for you, I say. However, let's try to be more like Howard Lederer or Chris Ferguson then Phil Hellmuth, OK? Let's start showing a little bit more class and maybe you'll get a little bit more respect from nobodies like myself.

Turns out, I apparently played with him as The Drunk Lady last weekend and had no clue, he then seemed insulted that I didn't remember playing with him, I told him "Some people just don't make or leave impressions with me". Then he got mad at me when I wouldn't give him a $120 cash save with my having 6000 chips, other guy has 3600, and he has 400. Sure, Chris, let me just GIVE you $120. Um, I don't think so. I think the thing that really bothered me about him was his condescending attitude, SPECIFICALLY, towards me. Was it because I'm female? I don't know....I do know that he didn't give crap to other players, just "picked" on the girl. However, I had the last laugh as we busted him and then proceeded to immediantly chop as he walked away.

Ahhhh...good times, good times. This concludes my trip report, and I would like to leave on a note of Thanks to FellKnight for helping me shop for my husband for Father's Day (He LOVED the booklight...I knew he would! He loved everything else too!) and a special thanks and love to my husband, Bill, who came into my child's life and gave her the love that a real father should. I am so lucky to have him. OK, enough mushy mushy, but hey, in the words of Annie Duke "I guess I'm just a girl"

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

WSOP Pictures

Not good enough to buy, but I'm hounding the photographer until he gets one good enough.


Click on Shop Now under the Official Photo Store

Enter the following:
Step 1: Rio 6/5/05
Step 2: Main Event
Step 3: LH15_R057

I am number DSC_0011 and DSC_0012

Step 1: Rio 6/10/05
Step 2: Main Event
Step 3: NLH20_S006

I am number DSC_1306 and DSC_1308 (eyes closed, what a winner, lmao)

Just in case anyone really wants to go through the hassle to see what I look like at the table, if not, move along people, nothing to see here.

Yet ANOTHER WSOP Interlude....

DAMN...what is going on? Back to my little "rush" I guess.

As posted on RGP:


Just took down the $25,000 guaranteed on UB with 4,6os.

I started the final table in 3rd position in chips, ended up in 10th position in
chips, and proceeded to fight my way up to heads up play.

Last hand I get dealt 4,6os in the SB, I HAVE to call the other 4K (4k/8k

Flop comes 4, J, 6. He bets 8K, I raise pot, he raises all in, I call.

He shows A,A and ARLO cracks them baby!!!

(Can you tell I'm jazzed? Damn, I'm good!)

Thanks Arlo!

Monday, June 13, 2005

Brief MJ Interruption

The verdict is in, I know you've all heard it.

Not Guilty on ALL 10 counts.

That is one lucky dude.

Lucky, because the American Justice System actually worked for him.

"Innocent Until PROVEN Guilty"

I don't know if he did it or not, I wasn't there, I have no opinion, I wasn't involved, my family wasn't involved, it has nothing to do with me at all.

However, I do have an opinion on the family of the accusor, and with all the lies and switching stories and taking of money years ago, etc. etc. How can I, if I was a juror, possibly believe them and take their word for PROOF of MJ's guilt?

I can't, and therefore, according to the law, I must find MJ not guilty and agree with the verdict.

I know most don't, and won't, but that's my opinion. We weren't there, we have no idea if it actually happened or not and unless there is adequate proof, we have to find him not guilty, it's in our country's bylaws.

Would one of us have been found not guilty if we were in MJ's exact position, with the exact same testimony? More than likely not, and I admit that, but that is also the American way, and we (as Americans and being "Star Fu**ers") did it to ourselves. The rich and famous will always be treated differently, and that's simply just the way it is. Again, IMO.

Sunday, June 12, 2005

WSOP Report #2

I wasn't going to leave for Vegas until Friday AM, but I had nothing else to do after 8pm Thursday, so I just headed out that night.

When I got to town, I went to Plaza and played the midnight. HATED it. I no longer endorse the Plaza tourneys. The people, players, were the rudest people I had ever played with before. Usually, the people are nice but something was in the air this night. I was actually happy to bust out around 1:30AM so that I could then run over to Binion's to play their 2AM tourney. Was doing pretty well, at least staying average, until about 4 AM, I can't remember what I lost with. I then played a little slots and Blackjack and went to bed right around 5AM, then waking up on Friday at 10AM.

Played the $2K NLHE event, I believe there were 1400, give or take, entrants. I played very well, was very pleased with my play. I took detailed notes on this tourney:

LEVEL 1, 25/25 blinds:

As7s LP, raise to 75, BB calls. Flop is K, 7, 3, he checks, I bet 125, he folds.

6d7d BB, a raise to 75, I call. Flop is 3,4,10, raiser bets 75, I call, turn is 9, raiser bets 125, I call since I now have a double gutshot. River is blank, and I lose 275 on the hand.

AsJs in LP, 3 limpers in front of me, I raise to 250, they all fold.

KdQd UTG, I rase to 75, 2 callers. Flop is Ad, 7d, 9d. I check, check behind me, LP bets 200, I call, other guy folds. Turn is x, I check, he bets 200, I call. River is 8d. I bet 500, he folds after thinking, I show my hand, he had A, K.

6,7os on button, I limp in with 2 others. Flop is Q, 6, 2. BB checks, MP bets 75, I raise to 150, he calls. Turn is x, he checks, I bet 300, he folds.

LEVEL II, 25/50 blinds:

Ad10d, raise in front of me to 200, I call. Flop came with 2 diamonds, he bets 400, I called. Turn is 4d, he checks, I check. River is Q, he bets 500, I raise to 1000, he thinks and folds with 600 left. I tell him, but don't show what I have 10 mins later.

A,A MP (A,A #1: I decided to count how many times I got A,A over the weekend. I ended up with them 6 times, and they actually held up every single time) I raise to 150, all fold, I show.

AJos UTG, I raise to 250, 1 caller. Flop is A, K, 8. I bet 1500 since he only has 1000, he calls and shows A,Q. No help to me and I am down to about 1725 now from 3800. Sigh.

K,K MP, raise to 150 in front of me, I reraise to 450, 2 callers. Flop is 10, 10, x. Both check, I move all in, they both fold, I show.

J,J MP, 1 limper in front, I raise to 500, all fold and comments are made about how much I bet in a 100 pot, but I did not show this hand.

LEVEL 3, 50/100:

A,K MP, I raise to 300, 1 caller. Flop is A, 2, 5, we both check. Turn is x, I bet 400, he folds.

3,3 MP, raise to 250, I call, heads up. Flop is 7,7,A. He checks, I bet 250, he raises to 600, I fold.

K,10 os, I raise to 300, 2 callers. Flop is K, J, 7, check in front of me, I bet 300, both fold.

A,Jos, a raise to 350, I call, guy behind me moves all in. Think Tank, but I dump it.

A,Qs, 1 limper, I raise to 600, all fold.

10,J EP, I raise to 300, 2 callers. Flop is A, 8, 9, I bet 300, he raises to 800, I call, we're heads up. Turn is 7, I check, he bets 1000, I hesitate then move all in for 875 more (Hollywood), he calls, I double up and knock him out with his A, Q.

A,J MP, Raise to 350 in front of me, I reraise to 850, he folds.

Ad10d SB, Raise to 350, I call. Flop is 10, J, x. He bets 300, I call. Turn is x, he bets all in, I call 2500, he has A, A. He had raised 3 hands in a row, new to table, very aggressive, I truly thought my 10 was good. Oops.

Last hand of the day:
K,K MP, a raise to 300 in front of me, 1 caller before me, I move all in, the original raiser folds, but the caller calls and shows 10, 10. Flop came 10, 7, 4. Turn is 7. River is J and IGHN, out around 3:20 pm. Sigh.

I take a little break and then jump into the 3pm super satellite. I sit down and hand #2, I get K, K. I raise to 50, guy behinds me moves all in, I call. He shows A, K and spikes an A on the river. No help to me and I am so disgusted, frustrated, on tilt, that I do NOT do a rebuy and I'm done in that tourney in less then 3 mins.

This is when I get depressed. I called the husband and spoke to him about it and I KNOW that all you poker players know what I'm talking about, but simply don't discuss it or want to talk about it. I was ready to quit, my mental state was so depressed and upset over these losses, and the accumulation of my other losses from the previous weekend. Every single time I lost, I had the best hand 95% of the time and I can't catch a break, the other guy gets lucky and just like that, I'm out of a WSOP tournament. It's depressing! So I decided to unwind by playing nickel slots and started drinking. Four hours later and after many drinks, I'm thinking about going home. However, I stop back in the tournament room and decide to play one more $50 satellite.

I ended up winning it, so I played another and another and 5 hours later, I'm 4 for 5. So I decide to put 3 horses in the 11PM Second Chance tourney, and played myself as well. We all bombed, but by this time, I am feeling no pain and am being called "The Drunk Lady" by the players in the satellite area. I play another $225 satellite and end up winning the whole thing by myself when my AsQs flopped the nut flush against his K,K. This was the very first hand of heads up play, so we didn't even have time to try and chop, I would have, I only had him by about 1000 chips or so.

Next, we (3 of us) decide to play some cash game and drink, we jump into the 4/8 and we're acting the part of drunk fishies and having fun. We ask the floor to start a $100 freezeout tourney in the cash area, as the tournament area was now close. I think it was 5AM. He agreed, and we actually were able to get 10 people to play, although we thought it was only going to be us 3. We all got 100 $1 chips, blinds started at 1/2 and maxed out at 8/16. About 3 hours later, 8 AM, we still had 5 left, so we decided to stop playing and keep what we had in front of us. I had about $115, so better then losing it all, and it was fun.

I play a few more $50 satellites, as by this time, the tournament area was starting to play again. Next think I know, it's 10:30 AM and time to join the Roshamba (sp?) Contest. I had a blast! Ended up being pulled aside by Clonie Gowan and we practiced with each other and I won. I was put against someone with the last name Levy, and I had him 3-0 when he made this miraculous comeback and beat me by getting the next 4. Arg!! Before we played, ESPN had come over to us, and he talks into the camera that "Great, I KNOW I'm going to lose because I'm playing against The Drunk Lady, how can I possibly win?" The cameras swung to me, and I stated, "Hey, I prefer the word inebriated" and that was that, it will be interesting to see if that makes the cut and if I make it on TV. LOL

So, I'm STILL drinking through all of this, no sleeping, and my mantra becomes "If I can't win sober, maybe I can win drunk" and I play for another 12 hours, finally stopping around 1 AM Sunday AM where I have to DRAG myself home after almost falling asleep at a satellite table. Everyone was really nice to me though, they knew I was drunk, they didn't care, as a poker player, I'm sure they LOVED to see me at their table.

Trying to think if I missed anything else for Friday through Sunday early AM, but don't think I did. I finally did get to meet DaVoice for the first time in person; hung out with Matthew Hilger for a while, he sweated me in a satellite; had FellKnight sweating me in a satellite, finally met Wampler and VeeRob in person (VeeRob was all decked out in Golden Palace crap for the Roshamba event, they paid his entry fee for the TV time since he made the 2nd or 3rd round, pretty funny stuff). Also met Jennifer Tilly; talked with Greg Raymer for about 15 mins along with Howard Treesong (great guys, both of them). Due to my less inhibitated state of mind due to alcohol, I was NOT shy and was going up to all the pros and started talking with them. Spoke with Carlos Mortenson for about 10 mins, was with Clonie for 10, smoked a cigarette with Annie Duke (but we just stood next to each other, never said a word to each other, LOL) All in all, I had an absolutely great time, and hopefully didn't make too much of a fool of myself, although I don't think I did as everyone knew I had been drinking for about 35 hours straight. I always had a drink in my hand, and never got DRUNK but kept a pleasant buzzed the whole time. OK, maybe a few times I was DRUNK, but it only lasted about 20 mins, then I was back to just being buzzed.

Sunday AM, I woke up at 9:30AM, couldn't fall back asleep so headed back to Rio's to play a few more satellites and ended up chopping a $325, good for $1500, and I felt it was a great way to end the day, so I left and arrived at home around 6:30PM. I decided to type this up right away so that I wouldn't forget a lot of stuff, and there you have it!

Looking forward to the $1500 NL Shootout next Friday, already registered. I will also play a little online this week and hope to get some more bankroll established as it's almost depleted. I will be leaving for Vegas Thursday night.

Thursday, June 09, 2005

WSOP Real Report #1

DISCLAIMER: As I reread my little report, my time line is off whack and all helter skelter but it doesn't take away from the story and I don't have time to fix it, so screw it!!

Well, here it is Thursday late afternoon, I leave for Vegas early tomorrow AM (decided to leave then instead of today to get some extra work done) and I'm JUST now getting to my first weekend trip report.

I arrived in Vegas Thursday PM, first stop was Dillard's to get a new MAC compact (it's a woman thing), stopped at the bank, then went to my bed and breakfast that I stay at to check in. Grabbed my key, dropped of my stuff and headed straight over to Rio.

I already gave my impressions of Rio, but again, it was fantastically huge, bright lights hanging down, hundreds and hundreds of people milling around, very, very long lines. I stopped at Will Call first and picked up my registration card and my #2 Event card, piece of cake, took me 5 mins.

I jumped into a $50 satellite, just to play and to warm up a little bit. The very first hand I'm dealt KQ, (my favorite hand as you all know) guy in front of me raises, I call. Flop came Q, 7, 3 He bets 300, I raise to 600, he moves all in, I call, he has QA. LOL..oops.

Play a few more $50 satellites with no luck, so I decide to just buy in directly to the last chance tourney that started at 11pm. Didn't do to well there either, can't remember the hand anymore that knocked me out and I only lasted about 45 mins I think, but I promise I will take better notes this weekend and all future weekends of all tournaments, satellites included. I headed home and was in bed by 2am.

Friday: Dance #1, $1500 NLHE. This was the only tourney where I took notes so here they are:

Level 1, AQ LP, I raise to 250, button calls, flop comes 10,7, 6. I bet 250, he calls. Turn is Q, I bet 250, he calls. River is Q, I check (to checkraise duh) and he checks, shows his slowplayed KK and I take down the pot.

Level 2: 9,J UTG, I limp in, flop comes J, 10, 4. BB bets 200, I raise to 400, he calls. Turn is an A, he bets 300, I call. River is J, he moves all in, I call, he shows Q, K. OOPS.

Very next hand: 2c3c BB, 3 limpers, I check. Flop is 10, 2, 2. Blinds check, bet of 125 behind me, I move all in, 500 or so more, he thinks and decides to call. I show the 2 and I double up. He had 10, J.

Very next hand: A,10 SB a raise to 150 in front of me, I call, flop is A, 10, 9. I check, he bets 200, I move all in, he folds.

UTG, A, A. I raise to 150, all fold to the SB, someone I happen to know from Laughlin who just happened to be seated at the same table as me, what a coincidence indeed!! He moves all in for 125 more, I call. He shows 10,10. Fop is K, Q, 7. Turn A, River A. Fricken QUADS and all I get is a measly 250 chips from him, although I did knock him out.

BIG HAND: A little bit after break, I get AQ LP, I'm sure I raised, but not in notes, and there's 3 of us in the pot. Flop is K, 2, 2. Check in front of me, bet 400, I call, 2nd guy calls. Turn is 7, check, check in front of me so I bet 600. 2nd guy folds, 3rd guy goes into think tank. He's debating, he asks for a pot chip count (which I didn't know was allowed because I've never seen anyone ask for it. He calls. River is 3c, bringing the flush draw it's flush, although I didn't see it until dummy me bets 1000 after he checks, then he moves all in and I have to fold with only 850 chips left because I didn't have SHIT. Bad hand on my part, or just unlucky with the flush? He didn't show, but unless he was really really slowplaying and hollywooding a boat, I can only put him on the flush.

Next hand I get K, 10 and I feel I have no choice so I call the BB raise of 300, the flop brings a K, he moves all in, I have to call. He shows K, 9. I am feeling pretty good about this hand until the turn brings a 9. Sigh, out at about 3:45pm, almost made it to 2nd break.

Oh well, so I headed to a sushi bar where Felicia Lee and some bloggers had planned on eating dinner together. I was the only one who used a fork, and one of the few 2-3 who didn't eat sushi. Felt so unsophisticated, but had some good conversation, great meal, good times, good times.

I then headed downtown where I played a few satellites at the Horseshoe, ended up chopping one and 4th place in the other one, but I had a $100 last longer with this older local chump (the kind of local who thinks he is the poker king, you know what I'm talking about. Shirt unbuttoned, gold chains, rings, designer sunglasses with a fedora) so it ended up an even wash for me.

I then headed to Plaza for the midnight tourney, but found out that due to dealers calling in sick (I know for a FACT that there were 3 Plaza dealers at the WSOP that were calling in sick to play, lol) I was #25 on the alternate list. Yeah, right. So I started playing some slots, my favorite $1 Video Poker at the Plaza, did nothing on the first one, moved to the 2nd one and played on the same $100 bill for about 2 hours before I finally hit the granddaddy...the Royal Flush baby!!! I was so excited, I jumped and scared the little old lady next to me out of her skin, she moved away right away, but I think she was just jealous. LOL. I cashed out and went back to the Rio in order to buy into the $1500 LHE #4 event for Sunday.

I then ended up at the Let It Ride table where I met 3 really cool people, made it a fun as hell table and those kinds of tables, you don't care how much you spend, you just stay while the party is there. We all ended up leaving around 5-6AM. At this point, I figure there is no way I can sleep for 2-3 hours before the WBPT tourney (bloggers) so I decided just to stay up. I ran home, changed, threw on some deodarant and perfume, fixed the hair and headed over to Aladdin.

I will never, EVER gamble at the Aladdin again. I feel that they deceived me, they deceive their players, and due to the sheer principle I am boycotting the Aladdin. Here's the story: I had about $61 in the slot slip, put it in a blackjack slot and got it up to about $150, walked over near Starbucks and saw a game that I like in slots, forgot what it's called. Anyways, it was multi denominations, and so I decided to play $.10. Now this game, everywhere, and I mean EVERYWHERE usually only has a maximum bet of 45. You can bet 5 coins on 9 lines, and that's the max. So there is nothing flashing at me that this machine is different, there is no sticker or sign on the machine or anything to indicate to me, as a player, that this machine is different. So, I hit the Maximum Bet button. My money starts disappearing, and disappearing, it won't stop. 270, 270!!!!, coins later, the reel spins, nothing comes up and I just lost $27 in ONE frickin spin. I was pissed. I called the floor over to complain. Now, I KNOW they are not going to recoup me $27, but I felt I had to say something and let them know that I found them deceitful, tricky, and for that I would never gamble at their establishment again and I AM a gambler, so they will be missing out. It just really chapped my hide, especially when the slot attendant was telling me that they have people bitching ALL THE TIME about those particular slots and how there is no sign anywhere on what the maximum bet is. Again, it's the principle and therfore, I will never ever put another dollar into that casino.

So, onto the bloggers tourney, had a great time, sat down next to, Pauly, I think?? Anyways, had a blast, he is ONE awesome guy, I loved him, didn't tell him how much I liked him, but I would really, really like to get to know him and hang out with him and be his friend. He is THAT cool. Course, I can't really remember his name, but I'm pretty damn sure it was THE Pauly.

So after I busted out, I headed back to the Rio, played satellites until about 11 pm and then made myself go to bed for the LHE event the next day, and due to the fact that I haven't slept since Thursday.

(This is when my report starts winding down because I have to leave in 15 mins to take my dog to the vet, anywhoo...)

Sunday, I enter the LHE event and am seated in #4. I feel a tap on my shoulder, look up to see Humberto Brenes staring at me and telling me that I was in his seat. What a moron, turns out I was assigned to seat #7 and now I look like a TOTAL fish. Oh well, I played like it too because my K8s and 74s beat Humberto and he just smiled at me, said Nice Hand. I would call his raises almost all the time, if I had any paint, usually a K, and the K would always come on the flop, so then I would bet, he would fold and then say to me, "Always hitting the K, huh??" Also, when he raised, he would look at me, say "Sexy Raise" then show the Ace when we all folded. If he said it, he had the ace, so it was a nice tell for us, but he finally stopped doing it. LOL.

The last hand, critical hand was when I had AK in EP, raised, Humberto and Idiot (well, that's what I'll call him since he is the cause of my demise, lol) called. The flop came blanks, I bet out, Humberto raises, Idiot calls the 2 bets, I re-raise, Humberto calls, Idiot calls. Turn is blank, I bet out, they both call. River is blank, I bet out, Humberto folds and the Idiot thinks. And Thinks. Then decides to call me down with a pair of 4's. The lowest card on the board, I'm representing a high pair, and he calls me down. Sigh. Good call on his part, I know, but if I HAD had the hand, it would have been a fishy play, so I'll just call it fishy from the beginning. Cost me a great chance to triple up as blinds were at 100/200 and cost me all my chips.

Ces La Vie. I am leaving tomorrow EARLY AM and will play the $2K NLHE, and try to win some satellites to get into the $2K LHE event on Saturday and/or the $2K PLO event on Sunday. ( I THINK that's what's on the schedule for Saturday, but no time to look now). I have been publicly offered to be backed in the Ladies Event by the infamous Russ G. of RGP, I asked him if he would back me in Razz instead and he agreed, so I am officially playing the Razz event, as I feel I can win my own way into the Ladies Event with the super juicy soft satellites that will be available that weekend.

Ok, that's it for now, my fingers are bleeding, sorry it took so long, I still left out A LOT as I'm sure you can imagine, but it's so hard to remember everything. I am absolutely going to do better about recording my voice during the weekend on the cool little recorder I got, I promise not to blow it off like I did last weekend.

Tuesday, June 07, 2005


Well, I played the $80 MTT for 650W$, top 3 got seats, 4th got $450, I got.....5th. Sigh.

However, this was after I placed FIRST in a $50 MTT this afternoon, so the WSOP bankroll is looking pretty damn good and I was tickled pink.

Just a brief interlude to my WSOP posts!

Monday, June 06, 2005

WSOP Trip Report #1

I am back, Sunday night around 11 pm.

I drove home bummed out and depressed. The weekend just didn't seem to go well for me. No big wins to report, no big wins to put in the bank account, sheesh, what happened to my gold bracelet this weekend??

Oh well, now I feel better and I know that as much as I WANTED to win and take the bracelet, we ALL want that. Just doesn't happen that easily, duh. LOL

I have so much to say and report, how do I possibly get it all down in writing? I don't, well not right away. I have a new recorder that I can talk to (instead of typing) and then it puts the recording on the computer, in a file, (something like that, I'm no computer geek, I'm clueless) and then there's a program that will even transcibe it for me. This is way cool, and so I was walking around the WSOP talking into my fist, reporting everything that I was seeing.

My highlight of the trip was probably my 3 hour game with Humberto Brenes, great guy, very nice to fishies (I HAD to be a fish to keep calling his raises with hands like 4,7s and K9s, right????) He always seemed to raised my blinds, and I just felt I had to defend, and then I just kept hitting my hands with him. He called his raises "A sexy raise" whenever he had an Ace. What a tell. LOL When I beat him with crappy hands, he would look at me, give a smile and say, Nice hand. (This was LIMIT by the way, lol)

My other highlight was hitting a Royal Flush on the Video Poker, but I put that money back into poker. Satellite after satellite and I only took 3-4 out of God knows how many. sigh.

I did make ONE final table this weekend, it was the super satellite for the 10K seat, top 4 got seats, I placed 9th. BLEH.

Oh well, on to weekend #2. I am registered for the $2000 NLHE and want to play the $2000 LHE on Saturday if I can win a satellite, I will not buy in directly. (oh, and if I'm not at the final table from Friday's NLHE)

I will be busy working all week long to make up for not being here on weekends, so you won't be hearing from me again until I return from the next weekend trip.

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

WSOP, Ready, Set, GO!!!

It's here! It's arrived! The WSOP is on and officially starts for me tomorrow afternoon around 3 PM. I had planned on arriving in Vegas closer to 8 PM, as I am leaving town directly after a meeting with one of my clients. Luckily for me, instead of meeting at 5 PM, we will be meeting at noon, so I will get there a little earlier then previously planned.

I will be posting twice a week for the next 6 weeks. Once before I leave and then when I return, from each individual trip. I plan on going every weekend, and that will only change if something stands in my way.

This weekend:

6/3 $1500 NLHE
6/5 $1500 LHE

Plus, satellites galore! I simply adore satellites and find that I usually have good luck with them, if not winning outright, then at least chopping which is good too!

I'm sure you will all wish me well as I begin my 2005 quest for the famed WSOP gold bracelet, and an ESPN appearance. See you upon my return!!