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Friday, March 09, 2007

ATLARGE Trip Report

Took off for Atlantic City via Philadelphia on 3/1 but got stuck in Chicago overnight. Not too big of a deal as we found a nice hotel that had a lovely bar and restaurant. However, this did mean that I would miss the Smoker's Dinner and that was disappointing to me.

Got an early flight to Philly Friday AM and after picking up the rental car, finally made it into AC around 3pm. That day's tourney had already started so we missed that one, so we hung out at Showboat for a little bit playing 2/4 LHE and just basically hanging out. Finally got registered for ATLARGE and found out there was a banquet that night, so we headed over there. Food was great, the guest speaker was Nolan Dalla...absolutely loved him, but he was struggling up there. Good thing everyone had a great sense of humour and he got heckled quite a bit, from me included.

This is where I ran into Eric from the 8-2 MD club, we went out for a smoke and while we were gone, Nolan finished his speech and everyone had headed downstairs to play the pink chip game. We started making our way down to the poker room ourselves, but then got stopped at a bar. Eric stated "There is no way we can walk right by this bar without getting a drink!" I concurred. We got our drank, finished it, and started heading towards the poker room again where we came upon a dance club. "There is no way we can walk right by this dance floor without dancing!" is what I claimed and so we sat. Ended up staying there for several hours, well into the night. Eric drinking beside me, me dancing with others out on the floor and I will state that although he only drank beer (2 to my 1 martini) Eric can absolutely HANG!! Loved him, had a great time. Headed to bed around 2am.

Saturday found me lazy and not really wanting to get up and hurry to get showered and dressed to get to the tourney for the day, so I lounged in bed until about 2pm then went downstairs to sweat Omaholic in his 2nd final table for ATLARGE. He had finished 4th place in the Friday HOE tourney and then ended up out in 7th (I believe) in the NLHE Saturday event. Finally ran into Elg (Eric) on this day and after the tourney, we went and had a drink. Then Fellknight, Omaholic and myself went to dinner at the Chinese restaurant that The Taj has where Eric met up with us, then we went over to the pink chip game where I lost my buy in. Then we all headed upstairs and played some private poker games in Omaholic's room. Go Slomaha!!

Sunday I had to do my room reviews so 3 of us headed over to The Borgata. LOVED it! This is my 2nd favorite room so far. It was absolutely gorgeous, and the Bellagio of AC. Fellknight found a very juicey 10/20 Stud/Omaha game and ended up winning an insane amount of money. Omaholic and I went over to the Tropicana so I could do that room review, then we went right back to the Borgata where he then jumped into the game with Fellknight and I found myself playing 10/20 LHE. I don't know WHAT I was thinking playing that level, but I won! (Sidenote: the games are absolutely juicy on the weekends, during the week...very dry just a note for you all)

Monday we headed out to Foxwoods. Ran into snow in New York but I also got to see the Empire State Building in the skyline and I was tickled by that. I have never been out on the east coast, so it was all very new and exciting to me. That Empire State Building sure is tall, LOL, it was pretty cool seeing it against the other buildings in the skyline. Got to Foxwoods about 7pm, IIRC, and it was already dark so of course, I got lost. LOL. Missed the entrance to the hotel room, we stayed in the one that is seperate from the casino. Took the shuttle over and then I went to work and tried to do my poker room interview. I said "try" as this was the 2nd casino that refused an interview in regards to rake/structures, etc. Said I would have to contact their PR department. Sigh. I don't get it, this information is public knowledge, why make me jump through hoops to get it???

Met another RGP'r, dougmanct, had a drink or two with him, taught him how to play Crazy 4 Card Poker then went and sweated him and Fellknight in a single table sattelite. Once that was over, I figured it was time for 4th meal and had some delicious spaghetti and meatballs, then crashed into bed around 2am.

Tuesday we headed back to AC as we decided that we really much rather preferred Borgata over Foxwoods. We were supposed to stay there until Wednesday before heading home, but got a free room at Borgata so figured why not go back to the poker room we liked? Didn't do too well there that night though, but still a lovely casino and the rooms are absolutely gorgeous.

Wednesday I woke up to about 3 inches of snow blanketing the area....who woulda thunk? The sun was out and shining the day before!!! Got to the airport and after no mishaps at the airport(s) got into Vegas around midnight, stayed over because I was absolutely exhausted and then headed home back to work on Thursday.

It's Friday now and I'm just getting caught up on work, my clients, and home life. It's been a pretty stressful and hectic time the last few months with all my traveling and some situations at home. However, I am a firm believer in positive thinking and found out Oprah is too when she recommended "The Secret". This is a concept I TOTALLY believed in, just didn't know what it was called as I never heard or read about it, just knew that that is how I try to live my life. I recommend everyone get this book, and with an open mind, you'd be surprised at what you can positively attract.

San Francisco/Bay Area Trip Report

"Finally", you're saying to yourself, "Finally she's updating her damn blog"

San Francisco was a very, very nice weekend. Landed in San Jose on Friday 2 hours late but then checked into the hotel and my sister, Corrie, picked us up and we went down to Pier 29 (I'm pretty sure that's the pier, the famous one??) Anywho, enjoyed a nice dinner with my sister, did a little shopping, was surprised and happy to see a Michael Goddard gallary on the pier, an original is only 40-50K but ONE day I WILL own one (or two : )

Saturday saw us going to Lucky Chances casino to do my review on the room. You'll have to wait for the book to get all the juicy details, but let me just say that this is, by far, my favorite casino/card room that I've reviewed so far. The dealers knew what they were doing, the floor knew what they were doing.....there for about 6 hours and only heard 1 dealer call for floor once during the whole day/evening.

I did get spanked in the 1/2 NL game though, but it really wasn't all my fault. I kept getting awesome hands, but the opponent always had better. Flush? No good! Full house? No good! So I moved down to 3/6 LHE and had much better luck/time there.

Sunday we headed to the wine country and spent the afternoon/evening with Dr. Gary Furness from RGP, had a lovely time meeting him and his wife and his 2 adorable children. We really enjoyed ourselves this day and low and behold I FINALLY found a wine that I liked. Of course, I couldn't tell you the name or even the vineyard but I LOVED it! Turns out it was a dessert wine and that's why I liked it due to it's sweetness, had a pear like taste to it and so I bought a bottle.

Monday found us at Bay 101, which I absolutely HATED. I don't really want to go into to many details but the floor was very condescending and rude to me, IMO, and also refused to give an interview for the book. This was the first time I had run across this and it kind of shocked me. The information that I'm looking for is not a secret, they actually had print outs with the information I needed, but they just simply refused to talk to me. That set me off to begin with, but then it got worse when the floor cut me off after a few shots and then the floor manager looked me right in the eye and stated "Oh please, you were drunk when you got here, you absolutely reeked!!" This stunned me as I had had only 2 drinks before getting to Bay 101 and that was at least 2 hours prior to getting there!!

Those 2 drinks were had over dinner with Porsche Dan from RGP, always nice to meet a fellow RGP'r and this was no exception. He made the reservations for a lovely restaurant not too far from Bay 101 and after a good meal and great conversation was when we headed to the card room.

Traveled home on Tuesday and got ready to head to Atlantic City with ATLARGE.