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Friday, December 21, 2007

Merry Christmas!

Today we leave for California, specifically Palm Springs area. Shopping ALL day long on Saturday, Disneyland on Sunday, back home on Monday, then probably Laughlin on Tuesday for Christmas movies and Christmas Dinner.

Have a wonderful holiday season and take care of yourself! Will post pics of trips and other stuff when I return!


Monday, December 10, 2007

Holiday Season!

Christmas is almost upon us and I am 99% done with my Christmas shopping. Only last thing to do is to run to Safeway to buy a few gift certificates from their gift certificate wall. Cherissa and I ran to Vegas for a quick and last shopping trip. She brought her friend Larry with her and we hung out shopping for about 4 1/2 hours before finally heading home. That was a long day!

The family recieved some awesome news this weekend and that's that my dad finally proposed to his g/f Colleen, now fiancee ldo, and she happily accepted! I'm very happy for them both as I think they are great together and although I don't know Colleen that well, I feel I know her well enough to know that she will be great for my dad, and vice versa. I will admit to being extrememly disappointed though that I don't get to go to the actual wedding as it will take place on a cruise that he's had planned for a long time, right after Christmas. Well, at least it gets them married before the year is over for tax purposes and they will hold a reception when they get back. Although I was upset when I first heard about it, as I would REALLY like to be there, I'm over it now and wish them nothing but the best and a wonderful day that will be theres forever.

My sister Corrie called me and told me that she found a condo to buy, you GO girl! So she's happy to be moving and getting her own place, but Lorrie is missing her built in babysitter already, LOL.

I will be in Palm Springs from 12/21-12/24 for Christmas, anyone out there who wants to meet up, let me know. I already plan, hopefully, to run into Slim1Der, Omaholic, and will spend time with my best friend, Guido. I, of course, will also stop by and see my sister Jennifer and her family for a little bit, drop off gifts, etc etc. then Cherissa and I will be home for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, then it's back to work as not only is it end of month but end of year as well. Then we'll be going to Vegas for New Years as tradition dictates with friends Lonnie, his girl Gail, and Omaholic is going with his wife Cheryl as well. This will be the 3rd year, so it's tradition now and I plan on continuing it for as long as possible!

Hope everyone is doing well in their lives/jobs/home/health/holidays and have a great next couple of weeks!!