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Friday, March 04, 2005

Another Day....

Well, since discovering the pregnancy I decided to stop smoking and drinking caffeine immediantly. BIG mistake. I was 1 pack of cigs a day smoker and a 1/2 gallon of iced tea a day drinker and after two days passed I noticed a change in my attitude.

I turned into a bitch.

I decided that I didn't want to be a bitch and it's unfair to my body to stop both caffeine and tobacco all in one fell swoop, and my doctor pointed this out to me. Therefore, I am drinking caffeine free tea, but will allow myself regular tea when not at home and will simply water it down. As far as the smoking goes, I will allow myself 3-4 drags off 2-3 cigs a day AS PER the doctor's instructions. He states that as long as I only smoke the first half of the cig, I will be fine as the last half is the half that has all the bad stuff in the filter.

So, I'm feeling a little bit better now and I know that I won't need those drags or that watered down tea in a few weeks, but to quit both cold turkey was a stress that my body and mind just doesn't need right now.

I've been trying to play a little bit of poker since the news, and I find myself bored almost. I played the RGP HORSE event on Wed and found myself relieved when I busted out fairly early. I played another private HORSE event on Thurs, didn't fair too well that night either. I played a private Clan tournament on Paradise Poker and did end up in 3rd place, which was nice for $43 and bragging rights...Hey, I made the money!! But at the same time I was playing in Paradise's 50K guaranteed. $30/$3 to enter and unlimited rebuys and one addon for the first hour. I ended up rebuying once and did the addon. I was feeling pretty good about this event, I was average in chips the entire way when this hand happened.

I get 9d 10d in UTG, I limp for another 100, noone had called up to me, SB folds, BB raises for another 200, I call. Flop is A, 7, 8. I am open ended, BB bets 200, I call quickly. Turn is A, he bets 200, I call quickly. River is a blank, he checks. I cannot put him on an Ace, the only way to win this hand is to bluff it, so I move all in. There is a possible flush out there, he checked, showing weakness, so I figured it's the only way I could win the pot. He thinks and thinks and ends up folding. I show my bluff. I have a very nice chip stack now.

About 30 mins later I get A, A in LP. It's raised two times before me, but only the minimum, so I simply move all in for 30K in chips, I get two callers, one is short stacked, I have other covered by 20. I see 9, 9 from the short stack, and J, J from the big stack. Of course, a J comes on the flop and I'm toast. This hand really pissed me off.....what did he think I had?? Obviously he didn't think, and that's what gets me. How come I can lay down pocket K's preflop but others can't lay down pocket 9's or pocket J's.....GRRRRR people who can't play, it gets me!!!

Right now it really gets to me because I need to raise 7-8K in 2 weeks for the down payment for our new house. In order for it to be built, we have to put down 7-8K and it will take about 6-7 months to be built. Due to the pregnancy, I feel a serious time crunch as I cannot move into a new house when I'm 9 months pregnant, nor can I move into a new house with a 1 week old. So, I either have to put the money down NOW and get the house started, or we have to wait to move until the baby is about 3 months old. I don't want to wait. I want to be in my new home before the baby is born. Thus, the need for 7-8K within 2 weeks. The part that's really annoying is that between Bill and I, we'll have that money in 4-6 weeks, but by then it will be too late.

Unless someone knows someone who has a big heart and 7-8K to loan out for a quick turn around investment with interest (of course). Let me know. Otherwise, I'll be plugging away trying to win a multi or STEP for the down payment, but with the pressure of trying to do that in 2 weeks might already have me in a negative spin. Then again, we're talking about ME, and I'm rarely negative!!


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