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Sunday, April 03, 2005

Sunday Poker Report

Hit PokerStars around 7pm and quit around midnight. I played the following:

1. $10/R/AO: 1164 players. I ended in 441st place when UTG raises 3X, I moved all in with K,K and he calls with 5, 5. Presto rules as a 5 came on the flop and as if that wasn't enough, on the turn as well. Losing to quads, what an icky feeling. Total spent: $31

2. $15/$1, 9 player Turbo SNG: 7th place when my A, 10 went against Q, Q and I got no help.

3. $3/R/AO: Satellite to WSOP $615 Sunday qualifier. 197 players, ended getting sucked out on with my 9,9 vs. 8,8 and an 8 came on the turn. Finished in 44th place and only top 3 got seats.

4. $12/$1, 6 player Turbo SNG: 6th place when my Q,J went atgainst A, Q. Yuck.

5. $5/RB/AO: Satellite to WSOP $160 Double Shootout. 298 players, I got extremely lucky in this one when I moved all in with J,J and got called by 2 players. One with K, K the other with A, Q and my J came on the river. I ended up coasting into the top 29 in about 12th place when it finished. Unregistered from the DS though and now have $160 in W money.

6. $6/$.50, 9 player Turbo SNG: Came in 2nd for $16.20, but should have come in 1st. 2 bad beats is all it takes. I had the best hand preflop and he gets lucky, what can you do?

7. $15/$1, 9 player Turbo SNG: Couldn't get many hands, ended up out in 5th place.

SO for today, Sunday, my summary:

T money: $85.50
W money: $160.00
Real money: $43.20
Total: $288.70 for a gain of $53.20.


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