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Thursday, February 16, 2006

WPS Qualifiers Up and RUNNING!!!

You want some of this, trust ME.

WPS ( ) qualifiers are up and running on ACR ( )

Check it out:

Stage 1: Runs 3 times a day @ 3:10pm, 7:10pm, and 9:40pm EST, where 1 in every 9
players will advance to Stage 2. The cost is only $12/$1. They usually get
anywhere from 25-60 players.

Stage 2: Runs every Sunday @ 9:10pm ($100/$8), where 1 in every 20 players wins
a vacation package. Usually 15-40 players.

The package includes $750 for airfare, $750 for hotel, and $500 for spending.
The package does NOT include an entry into the WPS showdown because get this:

If you win a vacation package, then ACR figures you're good enough to win them
some money in the main event so they BACK you for the WPS Main Event
($2500/$100). If you win, ACR gets 50% of your winnings, so in essence, you'll
be getting backed just like the "big boys" do, but the vacation would be free!!

HUGE overlay, as you can see with the numbers, so jump on this!!!

Any questions?

OH yeah, but WAIT! There's more!! Act now and recieve a special bonus code to
enter upon your downloading of the ACR software. Enter 11PlayNow74 and awesome
things will happen to you!!!!

Now, if you've already downloaded ACR and have an account there, or if you don't
want to enter the bonus code that is FINE and DANDY with me, I just want some of
you fools to win your way to St. Maartens so we can party together!

OK. I'm done now. tyvm.



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