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Sunday, April 02, 2006

Saturday Results

So Saturday starts off with a different twist, I wake up at 7am ready to take Cherissa to Flagstaff for her pageant, when it turns out she doesn't want to go and would rather stay home and do a car wash with her youth church group. Fine by me, I go back to bed.

I wake up a few hours later and take her to the car wash, and then come home and play in a few events to kill time (on PS, of course) and I get invited to be backed in the Saturday $300 event on PS. I accept and I was determined to win!!

Well, the event went GREAT, I was literally in the top 30 for the ENTIRE event, but mostly being in the top 20 and then the top 10 more then the top 30, if that makes sense.

I made one critical mistake, a bad call, but I was conviced he was on a bluff. Hindsight, eh?

ActionJeff, I'm sure PS players are familiar with him, plays a very, VERY aggressive game. He is literally raising with ANY two cards and raising almost every hand. If you come over the top of him, he folds. Seems to work though as he will lose his raise if someone reraises him but most were simply folding to him so he was collecting a LOT of blinds.

So I was the BB and had J,2. He, of course, raised. I called. Flop comes 2, 7, 5. I bet, he raises, I put him on NOTHING and I call. Turn is a 5. I check, he checks. River is x, I check, he moves all in. The amount was not major, I had him covered, but by calling him and then losing to him, it put him at about 40K and me at about 17K. It was a big pot. Oh yeah, he turned over 2, 5. : (

Anwyays, that was the hand that put me down and I just couldn't climb back up. So instead of the $24K 1st place prize that I had already spent in my mind, I ended up in 16th place for about $1100. A win's a win, eh? Disappointed I was, very.

So, Cherissa and I headed off to Laughlin where we were fully comped at Colorado Belle. I mean FULLY comped, I have NEVER been treated the way I was treated at any other Laughlin casino then I was last night. SUPERB service. A fricken GIFT basket with wine, Perrier, fruits, cheese, crackers, wine glasses awaited Cherissa and I when we got into our room. We also received a "meal pass" that allowed an appetizer, main course, and dessert for two people for EVERY meal until we leave. Talk about service! It was very impressive, and Cherissa thought I must be famous in Laughlin, LOL.

After registering, she asked me to play one of those HUGE slot machines by the registration desk, so that she could watch. You know the ones, they're like bigger than a car?? Anyways, I put $20 in it and told her she would get 1/2 of whatever I won. It's $1, 3 credit pulls. The very FIRST pull, we hit 3 red 7's, good for $100. So, I cashed out at $100 and put the $20 back, giving us an $80 profit and $40 to Cherissa.

I took her to the pool, she went swimming for awhile, then I dropped her off at the hotel room while I went to go play some poker and gamble. I started off with Let It Ride, did no good there, so then went over to a new game called Poker X or something like that. The only place I had ever seen this game was in the Red River Rock Casino in Vancouver. I was able to play there for almost 4 hours on $100, was a nice time killer and got the lovely free drinks and met a great guy who lives in Kingman.

His name is George and when he was 14 he blew up both of his hands while trying to construct a pipe bomb. So he has 2 fingers on his right hand, and 3 on his left hand. At one point, the dealer, who was a major BITCH, snapped at him for telling her what cards he had (she couldn't read a poker board to save her life) and so he looked at me and said, "Shit, I'm scared. I better shut up as I can't afford to lose any more fingers." What a character! Turns out he loves poker, so we ended up playing $4/$8 with a full kill. I told him about the St. Maartens World Poker Showdown coming up and it turns out he may go. Since he's a commercial land developer, I told him he has plenty of time and money on his hands, so just get off his ass and go! It would be great to get him there along with a few other friends from Kingman who don't even PLAY poker, but would go just "to go".

Cherissa called me around 1:30am and then we went to go eat dinner and then headed to the room to crash for the night. Woke up around 9am, or is that 10am today (???) and headed home after counting the funds, turns out I won $565 bucks to add to the St. Maartens Poker Bankroll, WOOT!! That's $1600 earned in one day specifically for the BR, good day. Right now I'm playing in a MissT74 WSOP qualifier and will just hang out on PS for the rest of the night, come look me up if bored. : )


Blogger EC said...

Sounds like a great weekend! That $1100.00 win doesn't sound too bad ;) Congrats!

10:06 PM  
Blogger Mom said...

Hey said if I could find someone on your blog to contribute $2,000 I could go with you to St. Marteen...well if you won $1,600 I can swing the other $400...what do you say?

And about "George" did you mention you had a single mother who lives in Kingman? If he's going to go, he has to pay for double occupancy anyway....hello....he could take me? How much did you have to drink that you didn't think of that?

Love You

9:46 AM  
Blogger "MissT74" said...

LOL, nice try Mom, but I need the funds for myself. You're not going, get used to it.

George is too young for you, although you guys would hit it off if you don't mind robbing the cradle, he's 42.

9:54 AM  
Blogger Mom said...

Tanya...I am only 52....what's 10 years?????

Look at you and Bill and you guys do age is just a number, and I may be 52, look 42 and act like 22....don't ask about the


1:47 PM  
Blogger Ken said...

Tanya, the River Rock Casino in Vancouver is a beautiful casino with a very nice poker room and lots of action. I spent some time there in August 2005 and thoroughly enjoyed my poker sessions.


10:59 PM  
Blogger onlnpkr said...

Tanya...let george decide fer himself....Take your mom....but get the $400 first ...

Dont be a hard ass.

4:48 AM  
Blogger "MissT74" said...

LOL, I'm NOT a hard ass, I swear!!

Mom's going to Canada in a month too, so she'll wait for that trip. She only gets so much vacation time, her boss is a real piece of work!!

: )

7:29 PM  

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