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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Holiday Weekend Report

Has anyone else noticed that there hasn't been much poker on my blog lately? I think I need to get back to the roots of the blog and start posting some tourney blogs more often. My apologies to those who are looking for poker content, but getting personal bullshit instead.

Anywho, for those that do care in reading about my life....

Sunday afternoon Cherissa and I headed for Laughlin. We arrived around noon and headed straight for the outlet mall there for some clothes shopping for summer/next year for Cherissa. She wears uniforms at her school, so the basic premise was clothes for the summer as the girl has some serious plans this summer and will hardly be home, thus, new clothes are in order.

We shopped for a few hours, had some lunch, then headed over to Riverside to check in and so that I could play a little poker before the Boyz II Men concert.

I sat down in a $2-$6 LHE game (which I HATE, but it's Laughlin, what else can you find?) I started talking to the guys around me, told them I was going to be going to the B2M concert and one guy told me, "Oh, there over there at that table behind me playing NLHE". I looked and sure enough, both Nate and Shawn were at the NLHE table.

"I'd like to play with Boyz II Men please"
"You're in luck, we have one seat open"

So, I headed over to the table and the seat that was available was to the left of Nate. (OMG!!) So I sat down, played and chatted with them non chalantly for a good hour before I let them know that I knew who they were. Told them that I was looking forward to their concert and that they still have fans even if it is 2006, so they needed to keep their website updated as it hasn't been since 2005.

They promised to check into that. (ha ha ha)

Anywho, after playing and joking with them for another hour or so, I felt comfortable enough to ask them to say Hi to Cherissa during the concert. I just knew that that would blow her away, they said they would see what they could do.

By this time, it's time to leave, they left about 30 mins before I did, but then I headed to the room to tell Cherissa the news, and she about blew a gasket. It was all very cool and exciting.

During the concert, Shawn came up to Cherissa and asked her her name, then asked her age, and then they asked about 2 other girls their names and ages and made a point of saying how appreciative they were that they still had fans, even NEW fans from a different age era and how cool that was. I say kudos to the parents, because these kids would never have heard of B2M if it wasn't their stupid Moms/Dads still playing 1990's music in the car. LOL

During one song, they passed out roses, and Cherissa got one from each of the guys. Here's some pics from the concert:

This is Nathan aka Nate, he's the one that was seated to my right in the poker game, great sense of humour, we laughed a lot together. He liked to make fun of Sean's poker game, because Shawn didn't have one. LOL. Nathan played pretty well.

This is Shawn. No poker player is he, but he was very nice and he's the one who remembered to come up to Cherissa, so that's an extra niceness bonus IMO.

This is Wayne. He's the lead singer, or at least was back in the 90's. Michael, the deep voice one, is gone now, so it's only these three now, but Wayne is still very into the music and you can see it in his face and demeanor as he performs. Way cool.

This is a good one that I got of all 3 of them. (Not counting the guys head in front of me, but it was the best I could do.)

At this point, my camera battery died and dummy me left the back up one in the room. Sigh.

After the concert, I went back to play some poker and so did Nate. However, they were due to leave around 12:30am to head for Vegas and he could only play for a little bit and ended up not playing at all as he was waiting for a NLHE seat and none became available for him. I chatted with him a little bit from my 4/8 seat while he waited.

I ended up leaving after about 45 mins, very tired and went to bed around midnight. VERY early night for me, very weird too.

Monday AM, Cherissa and I woke up, headed back to the mall for lunch, a movie, some more shopping, another movie, and more shopping. We then headed home and spent 3 hours cleaning out her room and her closet in order to fit all her new clothes in.

I love my daughter to death. I live for her. For anyone else to think otherwise or to imply otherwise, simply does NOT know me or even TRY to know me, as anyone would 1/2 a brain would know how much I care/love/live for Cherissa. (Gary Carson is an asshole btw, LOL).

Anyways, we're onto a new week now, it's end of month again so I may not have much time to play poker but I promise to start including more poker in my blog and will focus on trying very hard to include some tourney reports as I did in the past.


Blogger "The Rake" said...

Poker or no poker - Your site is still a good read. I check it often. I also started a poker blog that turned into a family/poker blog. Seems out of town family needed updates more on family than my poker prowless.
Thanks! Keep up the great job and I know you love your daughter - just like I love mine.

6:06 AM  
Blogger change100 said...

"I'd like to play with Boyz II Men please"

Genius. Awesome story. ABC...BBD.

3:34 PM  
Blogger "MissT74" said...

ABC...BBD...ahh, takes me back to the day.

I will admit to having about 5 sex on the beaches before making that comment, but was nowhere near drunk. LOL

3:48 PM  
Blogger Krazy's World said...

I love your blog...just love it!!

I finally took the plunge and began one my self...if your interested.

Tommorow I am starting a three part series..about being lucky.


8:43 PM  

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