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Thursday, May 25, 2006


Well it's time again for another 3 day weekend thanks to Memorial Day. I plan on going to Laughlin with Cherissa on Sunday and stay over to Monday because...OK, now sit down for this....

Boyz II Men will be performing IN LAUGHLIN!!!

WOO HOO!! I LOVE them! And to think that they are so "old" and "not cool" now that they have to perform in Laughlin? Where is this world coming to?

I was going to make Bill go with me (and he was DREADING it) but then it turns out that Cherissa DOES know who they are, and loves their songs and there is no age restriction, so we are outta here!

We have to wait until Sunday though because she has a pool party to go to on Saturday. There is officially only TWO days left of school and then it's summer break. The girl is busy this summer. Cherissa will be going to a 1 week summer camp while I go on a 7 day cruise with her aunt, my sister Patti (PJ), then she comes home on a Saturday night to fly off the next morning to Canada with Grandma for two whole weeks. Then her aunt in California (Jennifer, whom I rarely speak about, in fact, I don't think I've ever mentioned her on my blog) wants to have her for a little bit, and I'm sure Aunt Corrie and Aunt Lorrie will want her for a little bit too. Then we spend a week in Greer, Arizona (White Mountains) as a family in August.

BUSY summer ahead of us, both for her, and then for me with the WSOP, ITH 2nd Annual Convention, and BARGE. Looking forward to it!

As you can tell, I have nothing much to write about, I guess I should talk a little about poker so here goes:

Played in the $150 on PS last night, was chip leader for a nice portion of the event and then crashed and burned in 47th place for $297 after deciding to move all in with KhQh (de), however.....he had AK, oops. I was short stacked at that point, so I don't really feel I have a choice but a Q on the flop would have been nice!

I haven't been playing much poker lately, haven't really felt like it. I've been in kind of a funk lately. Due mostly to my work/job, I feel like I'm getting so burned out and I would love nothing more then to quit, but know that I can't due to finances. It's basically like I'm stuck because I make really good money and to leave it would be to really cut my family's income, so I feel stuck...that I can't leave, EVER. It's depressing sometimes.

I do, however, have coals in the fire and I have some plans building in my mind, so we'll see what I can do about that depressing and "stuck" feeling in the next 6 months.

OK, enough rambling for now. I'm just basically trying to kill time before I have to pick up Cherissa from her last play performance and RGP is boring tonight. LOL

WAIT!! A few pics from my NEW camera!! (I LOVE it!!!)

A picture of Oscar just taken today after the visit with the groomers.

A picture of my "ride". A 2005 Hyundai Tucson, the "little brother" of the Santa Fe. I bought it in 2/2005 when it had only been out for 2 months, Hyundai introduced this make/model in 12/2004. I feel like I'm ready for another new car now though, but I'll probably wait another year. I'm the type of person who will ALWAYS have a new car. I figure that's one reward I can give myself for always working so damn hard. ; )

My baby girl from last night, fresh from the shower. Notice she's wearing an America's Card Room tshirt that I picked up for her in St. Maartin's (Thanks, Phil!)

OK, that's enough from me for now, but I have two questions that maybe an experienced blogger can help me with. Feel free to email me at so that my comments page doesn't turn into a HELP page. LOL

1. Every time I put a website address on my blog, or email address, it doesn't automatically "link" it for me, how can I do that?

2. How can I link to a page by using a word instead of the actual long link?

Thanks all!


Blogger FellKnight said...

Have a great time in Laughlin with Cherissa!


12:02 AM  
Blogger Jestocost said...

To post a live link, you need to get the right html code in there. Just above the window where you enter text--on the same line as the button to post pix--is a little button that looks like a chain link. Click on that and a window will pop up into which you can type or post the URL. After you click OK, it will drop the html string into your text window. You may need to cut and paste it from the bottom of the window to where you want it.

To get a word or phrase to appear instead of the actual URL, just type what you want in between the >< that will be near the end of the html string, like this >word or phrase<.

I'm not entirely sure how to do the email links, however.

9:17 AM  
Blogger "MissT74" said...

Thanks, I've gotten some help via email, so I believe I'll be set to go in the future!!

9:36 AM  

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