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Monday, March 07, 2005

PokerClan March Jam

Hosted by Linda G. of and held at her home in Las Vegas. I arrived around noon on Saturday PM and helped wherever I could by making dip and basically just getting in the way of Linda and her sister. LOL.

I did have one mishap before other guests arrived and that was tripping over the step in her sunken living room and looking like a complete moron as I stumbled and fell into her dining room set. LOL...I'm OK, just a little rugburn on the knees and one of my forearms as I rolled while falling so as not to land on my stomach. I'm such a doofus.

People started arriving around 5 pm and we ended up with about 25-27 people with 20 playing poker. I had brought my 2 10 player table TOPS (seems I forgot to tell Linda that they were just table tops and had no legs...we made do though.)

FOOD...I have never seen so much food in a backyard at one time. There was food galore and we all munched out and pigged out before playing, and then again after playing.

We played a $20 NLHE tourney, and I didn't do too bad, but didn't win any money. I believe I finally busted out in about 5th place and I blame Ari for that. I can't remember the exact hand, but I was ahead preflop and he ended up making his hand while I couldn't make mine. I ended up going all in with 10,J and he called my all in with K, 6 and no help for me so IGHN.

A dealer's choice game had started on the other table (since it was empty) and I played for about 10 mins, but then decided to head over to The Plaza to play their midnight tournament. I always seem to make the final table when I play their tournaments and tonight was no exception. I arrived at the final table being the chip leader and I had two hands that crippled me.

I was in the SB, the blinds were 1000/2000, by the time it got to me there were about 6 limpers. (WOW!) I looked down to Kc8c and while it wasn't good enough to make a move and steal all the limpers money, I was able to call the other 1000 and see a flop. The flop came K, 5, 8 and after about 3 second pause, I moved all in. There were two hearts on board, I had to get the heart draws out. I had one caller, and then almost another caller, but he finally decided to fold.

I turn over my K,8 and say, Two pair, Kings up. He turns over his pocket 5's for a flopped set and I just doubled him up. Turns out the other guy who thought long and hard had K, Q and the Q came on the turn along with the flush, but no flush draws hung in. He thought I had hearts, I knew he had a K and wanted him to call, but glad he didn't after the Q showed up.

2nd hand that crippled me was when I moved all in with AQ on the button, and the BB called with AJ...sure as shit, the J came on the flop. ARGGGGHH!!

Couldn't make a comeback after these two hands and ended up busting out in about 4th or 5th place for $240. I then proceeded to play a little slots and then drove straight home where I crashed and slept until about 2 pm.

Special kudos to Linda for a most excellent party...kind of makes me want to throw one once I move into the new home to show it and the baby off. I'll claim dibs to the PokerClan March Jam for 2006!! (if not sooner!!)


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