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Monday, March 07, 2005

Angel Investors Needed

Due to a few mistakes that I've made recently, but have been able to admit....I find myself in need of a few Angel Investors.

Here's the scoop: We were about 3 weeks away from having 8K to use as a down payment for our new home. Then the pregnancy news hit us, along with the fact that we don't have medical insurance to cover the pregnancy. Therefore, we have to pay the OB/GYN $2500, and the hospital $3000 up front. We can make payments, but have to make a hefty down payment to both.

The house that we want can be found at and is the 1900 link. It's an awesome floor plan, we've walked through models, and we love this house. Due to both my husband and I working from home, we need two home offices, a master bedroom, a room for my daughter, and a nursery. The 1900 floorplan is perfect for us.

It will take about 6 months for the home to be completed from the time the paperwork is signed. The estimated delivery date of the baby is 10/19/05 at this point. (Ultrasound may change that...) We need to sign the papers immediantly so that the home can be started, as it will be impossible to move into the new home being 9 months pregnant and about to deliver, or having a 1 week old newborn.

We are looking for an Angel Investor(s) who would be willing to help us out temporarily with a very, VERY high interest short term loan. We are offering 20% with the loan being paid off in 6 months max.

I am putting out this call to my fellow poker players, people who know me, people who can trust me. I would prefer accepting a loan from someone who knows me, or by being referred to me by someone who knows me. This way I don't feel like I'm begging...LOL.

I have already been able to secure 1/2 of the money needed, 4K. I am in need of 4K more. If someone is willing, they would be paid back at $800 a month for 6 months which equals $4,800 with 20% interest. If we are able to, our main priority and goal is to pay off the loan sooner then 6 months, but 6 months would give us breathing room.

I would like to point out that this is not something we are desperate for. We do have a home that we live in and we are currently renting. It is not like we will be out on the streets, we will not. I simply would love the opportunity to own our own home before the baby is born, and be able to have the chance of decorating the nursery.

We would be able to come up with the money ourselves in less then 6 months time, but again, this request for help is all tied up to the baby's due date as I would prefer to move before the baby is born. Timing is everything they say, and I would have to agree.

Do NOT see this post as a form of begging, I do not beg. I have no problem in asking for help though, and although I have pride, I don't find it offensive in asking for help in case someone is listening/reading that is able and willing to help. I also feel that it is my responsibility to try and secure the down payment since I have spent quite a few dollars on poker in the past 6 months. I feel duty bound..must be the protective mother coming out of

The 4K that I was able to secure is from another (anonymous to you) poker player that knows me from one of my frequented forums. I'm hoping that with my ability to secure 1/2, I can get someone else who knows me to be willing to secure the other 1/2 for me. I can be contacted privately at and would actually prefer no comments be left on this blog message.

"It Never Hurts To Ask" may be my new quote on my forum signature lines!


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