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Sunday, March 13, 2005

Back To Poker....

So I decided to pony up for the $200K guaranteed at Full Tilt yesterday (Saturday) and I didn't do too shabby, although I didn't cash, so I'm still a loser. LOL. I ended up in about 240th place out of 1100 entrants, and I can't even remember what I went out with, but it wasn't a bad beat, or something memorable I'll tell you that much.

However, I did play a SNG satellite for the $50K guaranteed event today at FullTilt and was able to win that, so I will be playing that event today, which turns out, will be -EV for FullTilt as they hardly have enough people entered (at this time) to pay for $25K, let alone, $50K. Goodie for us players!!!

I also played in the finals for a $2K trip to the WSOP for the Ladies event on PokerHost.

Let's talk about PokerHost for a minute. I would strongly, STRONGLY, advise against ANYONE playing on this site. The cash out requirements are ridiculous. Why play on a site that DEMANDS you play raked hands in order to cash out? That's right, I tried to cash out from a tournament win there a few weeks back, only about $300, and they refused the cash out saying that I had to play raked hands that equalled my cash out in order to cash out.

You have GOT to be kidding me. I ended up striking a deal that I would forfeit my initial deposit bonus ($25) in order to cash out. Then they sent me an email trying to tell me that I then had to pay 10% fee for withdrawing before I played my raked hands, in essence, raping me twice. I complained, and they acutally waived the 10% due to my giving up the $25, but OMG..the hassle. Unbelievable.

As you all know, I am a member of WomensPokerClub and PokerHost was so kind as to sponsor the WPC showdown in Atlantic City next month. This is the reason why I downloaded and deposited on the site. Well, the head honchos over at the site decided that if ONE woman's club is good enough for the site, then TWO women's clubs' would be good for the site.

BIG MISTAKE. You get these two groups of women together and it is constant battling. The other group is headed by Lupe and is known as I used to be a member, and I just basically lost interest in that group and stayed with WPC as I found Maryanne, Goddess, of WPC to be more ethical in terms of business.

So now, anytime you have a Ladies event at PokerHost, it's filled with bickering and bitching amongst the women. I hate it. THIS is the #1 reason why I HATE women's events. Good grief. Like we don't have enough drama in our lives, our "real" lives, to have to play poker and deal with it? I don't think so. I played the final event with my chat turned off, as I didn't even want to listen/read it.

I ended up being crippled when my A, 10 met up against A, Q and then my next had was A, 5 and was called by K, x and 2 K's came on the flop. No big deal, out in about 55th place out of 75. That was embarrasing. LOL. Turns out there was, of course, drama at the final table and all spectators had their chat banned. A WPC member ended up winning the event, kudos to mysuv from WPC!!!

On another note. On the WPC forum, on mysuv's congratulatory thread, a player bemoans her fate that she lost the tournament due to disconnection. She strongly feels that PokerHost should have recognized that she was disconnected and should have stopped the tournament to wait for her to reconnect. She is demanding that they give her a $2K prize package as well. (LMFAO)

I'm sorry, but I feel this is so ridiculous. If ANYONE understands the frustration of disconnecting, I think it's me with my whole saga/story regarding the PPM cruise and the D/C I had, but in no way or at any time did I ever feel that PP should have STOPPED the tournament for me. What kind of ego is that?

The #1 risk of playing online is losing a pot or a hand due to disconnection. It's that simple. You, as an online player, are assuming the risk that your connection may be disrupted, and you have to deal with it if and when it happens. (Keeping in mind, that if it was the site that went down, it's a completely different subject). While I feel sorry and empathize with this player, I can't help but feel that she is acting a little bit unsportsmanlike, and if anything, should have vented her feelings on a different thread, not the thread that was being used to congratulate the winner. Just my personal opinions, and I'm sorry if it offends any WPC member, including the mentioned person.

So it's a beautiful Sunday morning, I woke up at the ridiculous hour of 6:30 am. I plan on playing 4 STEP 1's today, and hopefully can turn that into SOMETHING. Next blog entry will let you know how I did today.

Side Note: Due to the generousity of my friends in the poker community, I have been able to raise more then enough money needed for the house, and am simply in the process of waiting for the home builders to finish the contract and make a move....we'll see what happens. Seems it would be a real shame to me if I am still unable to get my home built, even with my being able to raise the money. A few more days, and I'll know what's going on 100%.


Blogger Scooby said...

Great news on the house monies!

7:59 AM  
Blogger Irongirl01 said...

Great news on the house front. Big Amen sister on your comments about 1)Disconnection problems on PH (lmao big time on that, not to belittle anyone) 2)The pettiness of women and why I would rather play men 3)Poker Host raked hands requirements, not to mention the RNG sucks. I have been dealt AQ three times in a row.. When I was playing in the Freeroll Fiasco (2 at once before disconnecting!!) I had the same hands dealt on both tables at the same time multiple times.. Whats up with that?

4:42 PM  

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