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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Who, ME???

Posted on RGP:

"Arent you the same person that duped Premier for like $25k?" wrote Invisible Aces (

Um, huh??

"By duped, do you mean won or cheated? By Premier, is that a person or a thing? Sorry, don't know what you're talking about yet." wrote Tanya AKA misst74

"Premier...the player on pokerstars. Arent you the one that sole $25k
from him...i think you are." wrote Invisible Aces (

"I'm assuming you wanted to say "stole" and how does one "steal" from one on
PokerStars? How does one (as such said "Premier") get "duped" in today's day and
age? Regardless, wasn't I, but thanks for thinking of me." wrote Tanya AKA misst74

Next: Written by SdoubleOnPstars:

"Aight, my boy Tony Popejoy directed me here, because he had remembered the whole
Tanya stealing $25k from Premier thing....... Anyways the story goes as
follows....... Tanya13 on Stars or something (also had another name which I
forget), was playing one day on Stars, and had chatted with Premier. He asks me
to call her, so I do, he winds up getting on the fone, doing the same for a few
months. Tanya has a lot of problems with her bills and what not and asks Premier
for money etc etc, Premier does it, she pretends to be his "girlfriend" and
strings the kid a long, and figures she DOESN'T OWE THE MONEY BACK after Premier
"broke her trust" or something stupid. She obviously was in the wrong, and I DO
NOT know if this is the same Tanya...... or was it Tonya? Anyways, if anyone has
any information on who this Tanya person is, I will look into it and LYK if it
is the same person."

"IF it is the same person, PFFT, I wish. I would love to say that I was able to
con 25K out of some guy, however, as I have stated before, IF I was to do
something like that, you can bet your sweet ass I'd get way more than that." wrote Tanya AKA misst74 my dear husband Bill says, "There's no such thing as bad publicity."

What morons.


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