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Monday, December 19, 2005

Final B.T.R.

WOW. Do I have a lot to report, but I don't even know where to start. I am home safely now. I traveled all day long yesterday, and was able to catch up on sleep on the 7 hours I was in the air, not to mention the 3 hours spent in airports. Let me just say that Philadephia has the absolute best airport I have ever seen. It's like a mall there, would be able to do ALL your Christmas shopping there, and then some! I was very impressed. Got home around 10pm.

OK, I left off last on Friday afternoon...

Was a day at sea so I worked the 1pm tournament, then worked as cashier, then dressed up for the formal dinner at 6pm. Got back to tourney room around 7 to register people for 8pm tourney, then was able to play in the event as well. Still did no good, didn't win a single tourney or place into the money at all during this week, bummer for me. Of course, after tournament was over we went clubbing and I ended up going to bed around 6am, there was another after party at the jacuzzi with Absyth (Absith??) brought by a dealer who had bought 6 bottles of it in St. Thomas...strange drink, I didn't like it. You have to burn sugar in it or something like that and it was pretty nasty tasty, IMO. Apparantly, they don't sell it in the states, that should tell us something. LOL.

Saturday, I woke up around 9am in order to register people for the 11am tourney, and then we added a Ladies event for 12pm, then we had the final table of the Main Event scheduled to start at 1pm. There was a farewell cocktail party at 5pm, then we all went back to the poker room to finish the final event which finally ended around 8pm. 1st place was 27K, 2nd was 19K. 2nd place finisher was a guy named Todd who had won his entry through ACR, and he brought his 4 year old son with him, Bobby, and he was SO adorable, everyone fell in love with him and he was able to watch his daddy win a lot of money, I was happy for Todd.

We then all worked together to get everything packed and closed up, tied up all loose ends, got paid, paid the dealers, etc. etc. Was finally able to break away and finish work around midnight, then went dancing until about 3am. No after party on Saturday as everything was closed, and I had to be up and off the ship by 8:30am. I woke up Sunday AM at 8am and was off the boat by 8:15am, then spent the whole day traveling and sleeping.

Today is Monday and it's back to the mundane tasks of work, I still have my sea legs and have felt like I'm still swaying all morning. Wonder how long it takes to get over that.

Still have seperate posts to make in regards to Victor and UltimateBet, and about the next World Poker Showdown, will get to that a little later.


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