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Friday, October 28, 2005

Horrible, Horrible Day

I know you've all had them...those days where you really shouldn't have even gotten out of bed, let alone played poker.

I played about 7 tournaments tonight, lost FOUR of them by making a move against someone holding A,A. Good grief.

I bubbled 3 times in those stupid satellite thingys for 650W$...THREE times.

I'm in a very bad mood, I'm taking it out on my loved ones and I just feel plain icky. The PMS is not helping much either, in fact, I KNOW that's what's causing the horrible feelings I have towards poker, towards players, towards my loved ones, towards life in general.

My mood sucks today, and I'm hoping it will be better in the AM. THIS is a side of Tanya that not many people see too damn often.


Blogger Fat Dan said...

Maybe you should only play poker 3 weeks a month. :) Feel Better and get back on that horse.

4:48 AM  

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