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Monday, October 10, 2005

Back to Poker

Let's see....

As far as poker goes, I haven't made any huge "scores" lately, but I have come in the money several times over the past week. Just nothing to really write home about.

However, I still have pride in how I finish as sometimes these events I enter have 1000+ entrants, and to make the money still shows me something.

Tonight I played in the $3R on PS, 10K guaranteed. About 2200 entrants, and I ended up getting 115th place, good for $28. I spent $18, so wow, a profit of $10. See, this is an event that I normally wouldn't even talk about, but again, the finish is something (IMO) due to the large number of entrants.

The other tournament (so far, as I am currently playing in a $3R for a seat into Sundays 500K event) that I played tonight was the RGP NLHE on Full Tilt. I ended up placing 2nd to Suited6s. I can't even remember the hand that gave him 1st, but when we got heads up, he had me 6:1, then he had me about 35:1 and I just simply couldn't recover or "get lucky".

EDIT: Couldn't "get lucky" ANYMORE that is, as I did get extremely lucky when I moved all in with my 10,10. I was called by not ONE but TWO players. MrJaffa with A,A and GentleBen (FT name??) with K,K. Of course, (as Ron Dworkin put it...) "T flopped a T". Mwa ha ha ha. END EDIT.

However, I won $75 for 2nd place and $80 in last longer bets, making my win $155 for this event and Suited6s only won $125. So PFFT to him!! (lol, just KIDDING darling)

Suited6s has recently volunteered to be the President of my fan club. He wanted to know the benefits and I explained them all on RGP. Check out that thread for a LOT of laughs. ; )

OH! And may I point out that I placed 2nd in the RGP event with not a single drop of alchohol in my body.

However, I do have 1 apple martini under the belt now, about to get my limit for the night (2) and finish off this satellite for Sunday's event. ONE day I will score big in that damn tournament. Good night all!


Blogger Ben said...

WHAT? no mention even of your TT blasting Jaffa's AA and my KK? LOL, congrats. I hope to get into the Sunday event this week too.


4:34 AM  
Blogger "MissT74" said...

SEE, Jaffa got on me about that on RGP already this AM, so I edited. ; )


7:42 AM  

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