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Sunday, October 09, 2005

The Party Is Over

And NO I'm not talking about PartyPoker and the hoopla that occurred with them over the weekend. It doesn't affect me, so I could care less...well, except for the fact that they screwed over tons of people and I think they're going to lose their placing as the #1 ranked poker site. However, I digress....

Cherissa's party is over and what a blast. About 25-30 of her classmates showed up and they had such a good time. It's actually quite cool to see a bunch of pre-teens/ teenagers having fun and just enjoying life. Reminds you of your own youth and how carefree those days were.

Highlight Of The Night:

One boy, who I could just TELL was going to be the one to watch out for, ie "trouble maker", came up to me and asked me innocently if the glow sticks I passed out were toxic. Now, the first thought in my mind was that he was planning on breaking them open, and putting the liquid in his mouth so that his mouth would glow and he would be "cool". (The owners of the building had almost forbade me to bring glow sticks as a previous teen party had destroyed thousands of dollars of carpeting and curtains by opening the glow sticks and splashing the liquid around the room.) So, I was deathly afraid that someone or someones would think to do this and I would be in deep shit trouble. So, I opened my mouth and told him, "Yes, they are very toxic, VERY." He got this very scared expression on his face, then opened his hand to me and showed me that one of the bracelets had leaked about a teaspoon of the glow liquid on his hand. Now, due to my response, he's scared to death and probably thinks he's going to die. I start laughing, and then tell him that I lied, and why, and to simply go wash his hands and I discarded the offending glowstick. Turns out the kid that I was worried about the most of being a trouble maker was just a kid who had a free spirit and wasn't bad or a troublemaker at all.

Low Point Of The Night:

Turns out I got a little carried away and ordered WAY too many pizzas. About 35 too many. I felt foolish, very foolish. However, all the guests went away from the party with a very cool goody bag and 1-3 large pizzas. ; )


After the party, I decided I wanted to show my family (who had come up from Phoenix) the nightlife of Kingman. Tough decision, we only have 3 bars and only had 3 hours until closing time, so which do I show them?? Well, the bowling alley of course! We stayed there until they closed, at 12:30am (they always close early unless there are 20 or more people still there) then headed over to Tequila Bob's. My sister, Patti aka P.J., made the mistake of telling me that she hadn't gotten drunk in almost five years. Therefore, I introduced her to apple martinis and she was feeling NO pain by the end. EVERYONE got hammered, it was good times had by all and I literally crawled into bed with Bill taking care of me until I fell asleep (past out??).

Next thing I know, there's a knock on my bedroom door at 8:30am and Cherissa tells me that the family is all there. We had all agreed to meet for breakfast at 9am the night before, what morons!! Had a pleasant meal though, then the family took off and I crawled back into bed until about 3pm. Ran some errands, got caught up on RGP (I would have loaned money to EstebanAA. What true poker player has not needed to get a float or loan at one point or another? Maybe I'm wrong, but I don't think it's that big of a deal and as long as you feel you know the person and are comfortable doing it...DO IT. Geez), updated my blog and am now about to play some poker while munching on a club w/ bacon sub from Subway, BBQ pringles and iced tea. Life is good.


Blogger Shelly said...

Glad the party was a success! And your low point was probably a high point for everybody else. Nobody is disappointed about a free pizza or two! :)

10:35 AM  

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