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Monday, January 23, 2006



My code of the BARGE Geeks from:

What's yours???

The excitement is building as ATLARGE approaches and the smack down talk has already started for BARGE, which doesn't happen until August, how fun is that??

I am a virgin, although I won't be an -ARGE virgin at BARGE due to my going to ATLARGE, I will still be a BARGE virgin, or does your virgin state go away once you attend the first -ARGE event? Hmm...I need to find out so I don't go around BARGE declaring myself a virgin and then find out that I'm not really due to my ATLARGE attendance. I'll find out for sure while there....

As you can see, I'm a little bored today. My neighbor called and told me that her new puppy, a scottish terrier, was diagnosed with Parvo, so I called my vet and it appears our dogs (Mohave and Oscar) are months behind on their Parvo shots, so Bill and I get to spend the afternoon at the vet. Oh. Joy.

Once I get back I plan on spending some time on the 180 person $20 SNG's on PS. I finished in 8th last night in one, after making a very bad read on the 3rd place person when I was in 1st in chips with 12 people left. Sigh. I HATE when I do that, WHY do we do that? I had TPGK and should have laid down, but he moved all in in 1st position with the turn card putting the flush out there and how can I put him on the flush? I was right, he didn't have the flush, but had TPBK. Sigh. What a waste of hours when I was SOOO close to winning another one of those. Oh well, live and learn.


Blogger DaVoice said...

A++ G++ PKR+ PEG- B-- TB-- ADB+ M++

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