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Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Accomplishments Feel Great

I absolutely love it when I accomplish something. The feeling is so refreshing, it helps clear the mind and put me right back to where I consider myself, which is ahead of the game.

I have "caught up" in my work, my employees are doing excellent jobs, I don't have to meet with one client until the end of next week, and thus I have a little bit more free time this week then I thought I would have.

I was planning on going to Vegas on Thursday to pick up Cherissa from the airport. The plan was to drive there, pick her up, drive right back home. Due to the circumstances surrounding my work right now, and due to my ever loving and oh-so-generous husband, I get to go tomorrow afternoon and stay for one night.

I will be leaving around 11 AM, meet with one of my clients, then head to Vegas from there. I do not plan on playing any super satellites, in fact I really have no intentions of going to RIO at all, as IF I was to play and win, I couldn't stay for the Main Event anyways, so why torture myself?

I will then be back in Vegas from 7/13-7/16 for the ITH Convention ( and to hopefully, I pray, sweat someone at the final table....if I know anyone at the final table that is.

After that weekend, my WSOP is officially over. It's actually probably already "officially" over, but hey, it ain't over until the fat lady sings, and I have not sung yet. Once I consider it over I will be doing a summary WSOP trip report. That one should be a doozy.

The weekend after the ITH Convention, I will be going to Phoenix for my daughter's pageant. Then I come home and the very next weekend, Bill and I leave for a 10 day vacation/cruise to Alaska. I'm really looking forward to it, but we're also very nervous as we have never left the office for that length of time before. Kind of scary.

Anyways, no real meaning to this post....just wasn't ready for bed yet so I decided to grace my readers with my presence today.

Lastly...well wishes to Felicia Lee who begins her chemo therapy this week. I'm sure she knows how much the poker community is wishing her well. Best wishes to you Felicia.


Blogger Easycure said...

"Best wishes to you Felicia."

I echo the sentiment......

12:43 PM  

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