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Monday, July 04, 2005


Sorry it's been so long since last post, I've been extremely busy with work right now. The end of the month is always busy for me due to closing of the months for my clients, and I don't get paid until I finish so you better believe when I try to finish as quickly as possible. Especially since I only get paid once a month.

So, let's take you back to last week, the week of Razz.

I left for Vegas Tuesday afternoon with daughter in tow since I was going to be taking her to the airport to catch a flight to Phoenix in order to stay with my sister, Lorrie. We arrived in Vegas around 2 pm and had a few hours to kill, so I took her to the WSOP and let her see where "Mommy plays". She thought it was pretty awesome and was a little starstruck when she saw Moneymaker, Raymer, Evelyn, Danny N. , and met Matt Savage. I then took her over to Circus Circus where we won a boatload of stuffed animals.

After getting her on her flight safely, I headed back to Rio and played in 2 Razz satellites. Pretty interesting as both tables were filled with a bunch of named pros, and I found it amusing that they were playing $210 Razz satellites with the "peons".

In the first one I played with Miami John, who actually remembered me from last years WSOP. I had played a super satellite with him, he was in the 1 seat, I was in the 2 seat and we had chatted up quite a storm. I actually didn't recognize him until he came up to me and started talking to me like he knew me, turns out, he did. (lol) There was also another woman who I didn't know the name of, but could tell she was either a pro, or married to a pro. Speaking of marriage, this was the tourney where I sat with Katrina Jett and WOW that girl can TALK. I liked her A LOT. I think she would be pretty fun and cool to hang out with at a bar. She was bad mouthing Kathy Liebert like you would NOT believe. I heard some pretty not-so-pretty stories about her, believe you me. At one point I told her not to be "catty" and this was before I knew who she was, she just poo-pah'd me and told me that Kathy was well aware of her dislike of her. Anyways, I ended up busting out in 3rd place and Katrina ended up chopping it with some guy who kept talking to her like she was some GOD, it was embarrasing.

In the next one, which I had already bought a seat into while playing the other one as I could see that I was going downhill pretty darn fast, I jump into my seat (#3) and lo and behold, who do you think is in the #1 seat? Yep, Kathy Liebert. It was hilarious, I had to jump back out of my seat and go to the other table where Katrina still was, I told her "Take a look at the #1 seat in my new tourney" she turned around and almost busted a gut laughing so hard, it was pretty funny, but you might have had to have been there. I busted out early in this one, finishing about 4th or 5th as memory serves.

Next, it's off to the 11pm Last Chance Tourney. About 170 players and I ended up in 9th place!! Woo Hoo! My best placing in these damn events. Where there were about 13 players left, I went on a streak that put me from the shortest stack to the chip leader. Then I fucked up. Majorly. I played 3 key hands that I had no business in and ended up at the final table (9 handed) with only 10K in chips, when I should have had about 40K. I won't go into gory details about the hands, as then I will get severly punished by the poker community, and I've already been chastised enough by two friends that were sweating me that night. Needless to say, I moved all in with AK, one caller with A10 and he ended up hitting a 10 on the flop. Ces la vie. Out in 9th place around 5:30AM for a prize of $685.

I then gambled a little bit in the pit, playing 3-5-7 and headed for bed, crashing around 7-8AM.

Woke up at noon, the Razz event didn't start until 2PM, so that's why I was able to stay up a little bit later the night before, knowing that I would be able to sleep in a little later then other events.

I gave a little Razz report before, and I won't go too much into it, but I was SO dominating my table, it was awesome. My mistake was not adapting to the player to my right who learned from my aggresive behaviour and brought it back to the table after the first break. He played MY game, and since he was to my right, he took all my moves and I was forced to be like the other passive idiots at the table. Thus, I lost all my power and was reduced to being knocked out right before 2nd break, and this was after being chip leader at my table at 1st break! Heartbreaking I tell ya.

By the way, I have a collection of decorative pill boxes that I use as card protectors. Anyone who's played with me live have seen them, and I get a lot of recognition from them as they are pretty unique. I have a crown, a fly, a ladybug, a high heeled shoe; and they are all bling bling, decked out in jewels, making them all sparkling and pretty. Well, I told my sister Corrie (Corrie is Lorrie's twin, Corrie lives near Sacramento, CA and Lorrie lives near Phoenix. Cherissa went to stay with Aunt Corrie last month, I blogged about it, and she is with Aunt Lorrie this week...but I digress...) about my collection, and promised her that I would try to look for a frog pill box in honour of her and Corrie, I found it honey. I bought one on my very first day at Rio and I blame YOU for all the bad luck it's brought me. Naw, just kidding. I am always asked if it's my "Lucky Charm" but I always reply, "Nope, it's just my card protector." Besides, being a gambler, I'm not superstitious, it's bad luck.

Get it??

Anywho, after playing the Razz event, I played in a few more satellites. To be quite honest, I have no idea if I won/chopped or lost. I guess that's what I get for not typing up my report until a week later, or even 1/2 a week for that matter.


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