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Monday, June 27, 2005

WSOP Ladies $1K NLHE

The Facts:

601 women, 54 get paid, I was out in about 160th place, right before 2nd break (3:00 pm ish), it started at 11 AM, 1000 chips to start.

The Hands:

LEVEL 1 25/25:
10dJd in the BB, one MP caller, SB calls, I check. Flop comes 6, 10, 10. SB checks, I check, MP bets 150. SB folds, I call. Turn is J. I check, she bets 300, I call. River brings forth a 9 with 3 clubs now on board. I bet out 150 trying to represent the flush, she raises to 300, I re-raise to 600, she moves all in, I call. She shows 6,6 for a flopped boat, I show the bigger boat and I double up at about 40 mins into the event.

LEVEL 2, 25/50:
8sQs in the BB, MP raises to 300, everyone folds to me, I call because I have the chips and because I think I can try to outplay her to win the pot. (she knows this, she's my friend Elizabeth from WPC!) Flop comes 5,7,6 with 2 spades. I am open ended and on a flush draw. I bet out 600, she raises to 1200, I call. Turn is x, I check, she checks (ohhhh free card!!) River is 9, I bet 200 (to make it obvious I wanted a call) she reluctantly calls and shows J,J and admonishes me for calling a preflop raise with 8,Q; but she's joking due to our friendship and I reply, "But they were sooooted!!"

LEVEL 3, 50/100
10,J on the button, EP moves all in, I decide to call, she shows A,K. Flop is blank, but turn brings me a 10, then river brings me another 10. 4th player I've knocked out so far.

LEVEL 4, 100/200
JUST moved to a new table, I arrive in UTG position, I am dealt in while I settle in and I look down to K,K before my chips are even out of the rack. I put my bling-bling frog on top of the cards and take the time to take all of my chips out of the rack. I then proceed to raise to 900. 3 seats down is a girl that moved with me from the last table, she calls and then tells the table that "She's just a bully, she bully's the table" (but had a smile, I don't begrudge her at all for her comment). Then the BB calls and the BB has MONSTER chips, like MAD, CRAZY stack. I had about 8000 and I was well above average, she had to have about 30,000. Flop comes 4, Q, 7. BB says, "I'm all in". I say, "I'm all in". Other girl folds her J, J upright. BB turns over A, Q. I show the K,K. Turn is 9.

River: A

The Emotions:

How many TIMES am I going to lose a WSOP event with K,K??? I was so emotionally devastated. I stood up from the table, not saying a word EVEN THOUGH the woman who knocked me out had jumped up, whooping and hollering and slapping hi-fives with about 3-4 women on that side of the table, railbirds were oohing and aahing and it was a horrible, horrible, scene with no apologetic look that are usually given with suck outs, no shaking of the hand, not even a glance. No class what so ever, and it was just plain tacky.

I don't fault her play AT ALL..I would have made the same moves she did, she played fine. It was the display that got me to not like her, the Ace coming was just luck...had nothing to do with her or my skills.

Dr. Pauly had come over because he heard the commotion, saw that it was me, I briefly explained it and then told him I had to leave. I walked out to the hallway down by the bathrooms and called my husband on the phone to come meet me. (He had come down for the Ladies Event to shadow me with his cameras, I will talk more about that in the real trip report #4 coming later) I know that because he was there, and because he's a sympathetic shoulder, I will admit to letting a few tears out. I wasn't crying or bawling or anything, but I was so frustrated and saddened.

I had played flawless poker, I was on fire. I made NO mistakes, I got the table to fear me....I knocked out 4-5 of the original 10 at our table, it was MY day, I felt GREAT, I was going to go far.

To see that Ah peel off the deck and show up on the river was so heartbreaking, it broke my spirit.


Blogger Easycure said...

You need luck to win one of these things.....she got it that hand, you didn't. Chin up. You played it right.

7:50 AM  
Blogger FellKnight said...

Ouch. You played it great, bad luck on that river :( Are you still in Vegas or at home and going back on Wednesday for the Razz event?

Best of luck!


1:01 PM  
Blogger Ramjac7 said...

Tanya...Whaddya gonna do? You play it perfectly and get greased by the gods of poker.

Hold your head up and know that you are better than the weak player that sucked out.

10:13 PM  

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