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Saturday, October 29, 2005


So I've made a few come backs in my poker playing days. Two in particular that I can always spout off out the mouth when asked, well before tonight that is. I can now add a third.

Feeling MUCH better today, should totally NOT play if and when I ever feel that bad or that bitchy, but ces la vie. I drove Cherissa 1/2 way to Phoenix, to a town called "Nothing, Arizona" population: 4. My sister met me there to take Cherissa for the weekend, in order to take her to the Arizona State Fair. After getting home around 8:30pm, I fired up the old PokerStars and played about 6 tournaments tonight. Only cashed in one and here's the report:

$73/$7 NLHE PCA Satellite
Top 3 places get $615/$35 seat to Saturdays Event
4th = $195.00
28 Players

It gets down to Final Table, 9 left

Seat 1: misst74 (2715 in chips)
Seat 2: AngryCLEC (2475 in chips)
Seat 3: rngnt99 (2840 in chips)
Seat 4: GROGAN (4545 in chips)
Seat 6: Arawak (5920 in chips)
Seat 7: socram80 (3700 in chips)
Seat 8: Bigboy2307 (16010 in chips)
Seat 9: demonseed14 (3795 in chips)

I am on the button and get dealt As Jc. Folded to me, so I raise to 500.
SB moves all in for 2475, I call.
He shows A,Q...I get no help and find myself DESPERATE at 240 chips, it's almost comical. LOL. I tell Fellknight, who's been sweating me, that I am going to play a game of patience, waiting, even if I get blinded off. No deperation moves for me.

I change my mind when I get As 6h on Hand #71, I move all in. Grogan raises (protection!) and we flip our cards. He shows Ac 3h and with the flop of 7h 9c 2d, turn of Jc, and river of Qh, he gets helped and we end up chopping. I am now at 315.

Hand #75, I am at 315, I get dealt 8s 8d on the BB. AngryCLEC raised to 450, everyone folded, I called, he shows Ah Jd. Flop is Tc Jc 6s, turn is Ac, OMG, and river is.....8c. What a suck out. I double up and am at 705 now.

Hand #80, I am at 630, I get dealt Ac Js in UTG+3, I move all in. socram80 calls and shows As 8h. Flop comes 6d 9c Ks, turn is 5h, river is 4h and I double up again. I am now at 1335.

Hand #87, I am blinded down to 1110, I get dealt Kh Js MP, I move all in, they all fold, up to 1335. Wee! I have fold equity now. ; )

Hand #96, I am blinded down to 1110 again, I get dealt 3h 3d UTG +2, I move all in, they all fold, up to 1335 again.

Hand #105, I am blinded down to 1035, I get dealt Ad Ac UTG +1, I move all in, and I get called by BigBoy2307 who shows 9h 8d. Flop comes 9d Kd 5d, turn is Qc, river is Js, I double up to 2170.

Hand #106...we lose a player when his A,A doesn't hold up against Presto! (5,5) when a 5 comes on the flop.

Hand #111, I am blinded down to 2070, I get dealt Kc Kh UTG, I move all in and everyone folds, up to 2370 now.

Hand #115, I am blinded down back to 2070, I get dealt 7h 7c UTG +2, I move all in, and everyone folds, back up to 2370.

Hand #117, I am still at 2370, I get dealt As Jd UTG, I move all in, everyone folds, up to 2670.

Hand #119, I am at 2770, I get dealt 6c 6h in LP, GROGAN raises before me to 600, I re-raise all in, he calls and shows As Kd. Flop comes 9h 7h 5s, turn 3d, river Jh and I double up to 5740.

So, basically, there you have it. I got all the way down to 240, fought and clawed my way back up to about 7000, let them bust each other out and snuck into 3rd place when the final hand occured:

Hand #141

Seat 1: misst74 (6990 in chips)
Seat 2: AngryCLEC (7040 in chips)
Seat 7: socram80 (3290 in chips)
Seat 8: Bigboy2307 (24680 in chips)

I am UTG +1, get dealt 7d 9s, BigBoy raises in front of me to 600, I fold easily, AngryCLEC calls. Flop comes Ad 8c 3d. Angry checks, BigBoy bets 1000, Angry calls. Turn is 3c. Angry checks, BigBoy checks. River is Tc. Angry checks, BigBoy moves all in for 23055, Angry calls with 5415.

Angry shows As Jc for two pair, Aces and threes
BigBoy shows Ts Td for full house, tens full of threes.

I actually missed the final hand as I was busy playing in 3 other tournaments at the same time. I get AIM'd by Fellknight who's typing in "!!!!!!!!" frantically, so I know SOMETHING happened, and I go to the table to see "Congratulations, you have won the tournament!"

WOOT! So now, I am registered to play in the WPT PCA Satellite tomorrow, Saturday, at 5pm EST, $615/$35 buy in, 1 Bahamas package for every $12,000 in the prize pool. I belive that's about 1 every 19-20 players. Wish me luck! I will have a full tourney report tomorrow once it's over, hopefully I'll be on my way to the Bahamas!


Blogger Corrie said...

GOOD LUCK on the Bahamas tournaments. If you win a seat, I am coming with you :-)

6:51 PM  
Blogger Mom said...

Tell Corrie she can go with you but she pays....If it's a trip for 2 I'm your partner. After all I'm more fun...Good Luck!

6:29 AM  
Blogger Corrie said...

I beg to differ, who wants to be seen with their mother. Besides we have never gone out and partied together we just call each other when we are drunk. I think I know how to have fun after all who has earned the beeds!!!

7:04 PM  

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