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Sunday, October 23, 2005

Back From Vegas

Vegas was a blast.

Turns out, I couldn't take Cherissa because the school bus ran late and instead of getting back into town at 8pm, it wasn't going to arrive until 1am. So, my mom and her boyfriend (Dane) got to my house around 8:30pm, and we decided to go ahead and go to Vegas without her.

Turned out OK with Cherissa as she had a birthday party on Saturday night that she really wanted to go to, and so was OK in missing out on Vegas.

We arrived in Vegas around midnight, and I went my way, they went theirs. I ended up gambling the night away at Harrahs, got DRUNK off my ass (really, what else is new?) Met a cool group of friends, kissed a girl, crawled into bed around 7am with a profit of $200 after all was said and done.

OK, let me back up. I didn't "kiss" kiss a girl, but I did give her a smack on the lips, as she leaned towards me....when I hit a big hand on Boston Stud Poker. She was funny, I was funny, we were having a great time together, and we simply smacked lips. Nothing different from me kissing my family members. Belinda was her name and she was a riot.

So, on Saturday, woke up and did a little more gambling at Harrahs, then headed over to RIO to buy tickets for Mom and Dane for the Tony and Tina's Wedding show that they have. I spent $300 on VIP tickets, but hey, it was Mom's birthday and she REALLY wanted to see it.

Not many know, but I was actually in a show similar to Tony and Tina's called Joey and Maria's Italian Wedding that ran in Laughlin. I was in it for almost a year, and I was AWESOME. I love acting, and I have had so many people tell me how wonderful I was. Turns out, I'm better at improv then I once was. Too bad the new owners decided to ax the show.

Anyways, after buying the tickets for them, I headed over to Binions. Stopped at Plaza to say Hi to my friends there, and then joined the 8pm Binions tournament. I can't remember exactly how many people, but I think it was 7-8 tables. I ended up making the final table, but BARELY. I was the shortest stack there, and only 7 places got paid.

Luck was on my side Saturday night as I proceeded to claw my way up to 4th place, good for $585. I tipped $35 and then signed up for the 2am tournament that would be starting 20 mins later.

The 2am tourney had about 45 entrants, and I AGAIN proceeded to make final table. I was very stoked about this. 2 for 2, how awesome is that. This time, I was NOT a short stack and was sitting very pretty and ended up getting heads up to try for first. He had me outchipped by about 4-5 to 1, so I knew I was in push mode. I looked down to J9 and decided to move all in on the SB, he looked down to KK and was happy to call. IGHN in 2nd place, good for $895. I tipped $45 and left one very happy, but exhausted, girl at 6am. I had been drinking throughout the night, but did not get "wasted", simply maintained my buzz and of course, played my "drunkedness" off on the other players which is probably why I was getting my all ins called by K, 10; A,7; etc.

Crawled into bed Sunday AM around 7am after eating a delicious breakfast of fried calamari, hash browns with cheese (I kept talking about the hashbrowns from about 4am to 6am, craving them like mad...but turned out to be not that tasty. The calamari, however, was delicious even without the marinara sauce since my waiter couldn't "find it" in the kitchen) and sourdough toast. Woke up around 12 noon, Mom picked me up and I let Dane drive so that I could sleep in the backseat.

One bad part of the weekend was that on Friday night, my right eye was getting very sore and tender. The bright lights in Vegas was making it hurt as well. So, I figured there was a piece of dust/dirt on my contact. When I took them out to clean them, that piece of dust/dirt scraped against my cornea and I was blinded for almost all of Saturday. If you've ever scratched your eye, you know how bad it hurts, and my eyes were totally bloodshot. I wore sunglasses ALL day/night long, and sometimes couldn't even open my eye for almost 2 minutes, it would hurt so bad. It made the day somewhat miserable. (My eye is starting to tear up just talking about it) Luckily, it felt better today and should be completely healed by tomorrow as when eyes get scratched, they heal in about 24-48 hours.

So, now it's Sunday night and I've been playing poker online at PokerStars since about 6pm, but only after watching the Blogger event finish up. I had a friend play for me since I knew I wouldn't be home in time and out of 1400+ entrants, "we" placed about 250th or something. I did get to see quite a few of my friends play very well and end up with some prizes. Special shot out to XaQMorphy, Bivy, and Tuscaloosa Johnny from RGP; and Matt from ITH who ended up in 4th.

So, I played in a $27R for a seat into next Sunday's WPT (Bahamas)event, and just BARELY won! I was getting a little panicked towards the end, but luck prevailed and I am the proud owner of $650W, or the seat, haven't figured out what I'm going to do with it yet.

I then played in the $11R event, about 1300 people, placed 138...THREE spots away from money. I got a couple of bad beats, and ces la vie. IGHN.

I am now playing in a $11R for the Monte Carlo EPT event, not that I plan on going, but because if I win, I can simply take the $650W. Right now I am 8/12 and top 2 get seats. I shall make a move soon! EDIT: Ahhh...the move of the night. I have K,Q sooooted and called the big stacks OVERRAISE of ALL IN to find him with A,9 of spades. Flop was 4s,6s,J. Turn was 7c, River was 10d, and IGHN. THIS is how you WAY overplay K,Q and why it was named after me. However, let the record show that I did have two live cards and I could have easily have hit any one of them. A, 9. Pfft, I knew he was full of shit!!

I also played in the 6K event on FullTilt and I was doing pretty dang good for awhile, but ended busting out about 85th place just about 40 mins ago....about 10 mins after busting from the $11r on PS, so it must have been a "tilt" thing.

So, that's it for now, I will see you online!


Blogger Pinky said...

Ahhh, I need to go to Vegas!

Good to bump into you lat night at the blogger event. See ya 'round.

3:08 AM  
Blogger angel-fish said...

An entertaining read, as always. =) What happens in Vegas... gets blogged!

10:02 AM  
Blogger FellKnight said...

Sounds like a fun weekend!

Ah yes, calling an all-in with KQ vs A9... I busted the same way from the $1500 NLHE WSOP event. :)

Keep up the good work!


1:03 PM  
Blogger Matt7184 said...

Thanks for the comments Tanya see a lot of the bloggers are making remarks calling me a pushy aggressive scot tee hee hee

2:32 AM  
Blogger Fat Dan said...

It is good to see that you are still playing poker. I know from your blog and from the ITH boards (I am dansensel there) that you were close to calling it quits a few times.

I will be making my Virgin trip to Vegas in March. I hope that I can have as much fun as you seem to have every time you go. Without the scratched eye of course.

keep up the good work.

7:25 AM  
Blogger "MissT74" said...

Matt....YOU.....push aggresive?? Nooooooo. LOL, was a great game and a good run.

Dan, there were times when I took "breaks" for sure, and the other times when I thought I would be quitting wasn't due to my poker playing or tilting, it was due to compromises made with the husband. However, we're re-negotiating. ; )


7:55 AM  

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