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Monday, September 12, 2005

Viva Las Vegas

So I took Cherissa to Vegas this weekend, as a surprise, to see Kelly Clarkson. Bought 2 tickets off of eBay, $350 (!!!), for a birthday gift. I then called my sister, Corrie, in Northern California to have her fly into Vegas Saturday to see the concert with her.

Corrie and Cherissa have this special "Kelly Clarkson" connection, so I found it fitting to have Corrie take her.

I told Cherissa that we were going for office supplies. (Yes, the printer I just bought from Fry's Electronic in Vegas is SOOO new and advanced that NO store in Kingman sells ink for it. Good Grief.) I then told her that we had to pick up a friend of mine from the airport, take her to Bellagio, drop her off, then have a "Mother-Daughter" night.

I started off the surprise by getting a limo to take us to the airport, was going to get them to drop them off at concert too. Once she saw Aunt Corrie in the airport, I handed her the tickets and her eyes grew SO large, she was SO very excited.

So we drive over to Aladdin and when we pull up to the Valet/Limo Drop off, we get a huge shock. A big sign posted: "Kelly Clarkson concert has been postponed due to illness."

Talk about devastation. My poor daughter held it together, she didn't cry, but she was so totally devastated and disappointed, it was heartbreaking. I felt sorry for the Valet and the staff that works outside there, because they were seeing faces like her's all day long.

So, after a heated discussion with the Valet manager in regards to getting my sister's airline ticket refunded, we left with the casino manager's phone number, and we went off in pursuit of another show they could go to. Couldn't find one that she wanted to see, so I had the limo drop them off at New York, New York and I got dropped off back at Harrah's. Jumped in my car and made it to Binion's in time for the 8 pm tourney.

Of course, I can't remember any key hands, but I ended up in 3rd place. Which was nice, because I wanted 3rd before I wanted 1st, as 3rd place would get me even for the gambling that I had already done that day (well, that plus a little bit extra to get through the night.) Payday: $1000.

Played some slots, hit a NICE jackpot, had a wonderful time.

Came home Sunday, stopped at WalMart on the way home and decided to splurge with the poker winnings. I called Bill and told him what I was doing and asked him what he wanted, all he could think of was sweatpants (splurge??) so I bought him 6 pair. Got myself 2 pairs of shoes, 2 shirts, 2 bottles of Apple Puckers, 1 HUGE bottle of the BEST Vodka they had. Bought Cherissa a DS player (Nintendo?), 5 games for it, and a portable DVD player. They were extravagant gifts for her, but it was for her birthday gifts, and if you can't splurge your poker winnings on your family, then why play?

The total was MUCH less then I thought, so I still have funds left over to take to Vegas tomorrow as I am going back!

I have to go to Seattle, WA for a consulting job. The plane leaves Wednesday PM sometime, so I worked very hard today to get everything done and it worked! I am done! I have 2 meetings tomorrow with clients, and after those meetings I plan on going back to Vegas to have a little fun before running off to work.

I shall be back next week sometime, and will not give a trip report as really, how boring could a consulting job trip report be?? However, I have heard of some casinos up there, so if I can get away to play poker, I shall try and will report on where I go, IF I go.

Have a great week all!

Song of the week: The Ying Yang Twins "The Whisper Song", that's hot.

Saying of the week: "That's Hot" (used to describe anything sexy. I was told this in Vegas while giving The Plaza some green action on the Let It Ride table by two college boys as they were playing single red chips, I was flattered. LOL)


Blogger ukpoker said...

I've got to hand it to you Tanya. You really are a gambling nut!

I live & work in Ireland where playing cards ain't as easy as visiting Vegas every 5 minutes.

You lucky moo :)

Mark S.

1:18 AM  

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