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Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Another New Year!!

I perused my blog entry dated 12/29/04 to see if I had met any of my goals set for 2005.

They were written as:

For 2005, I hope to accomplish quite a few things. Some goals might be harder to reach then others, and maybe even considered "unrealistic". However, if I don't set these goals, I can't accomplish them. Mind over matter. My goals:

1. To lose 60 lbs by June 1st. That's about 12 lbs a month, which is certainly "doable"
2. To completely train my contractor and move her into Management position, so that I can work less.
3. To become "officially" a professional poker player. This is in direct relation to #2, because without her, I can't do it. I have no plans on selling or quitting my business, it's too lucrative. I just don't want to work anymore, so I'll let her and other staff do it.
4. To win a WSOP bracelet.
5. To win my way on board the PPM IV Cruise.
6. To win 3 or more tournaments that have results published in magazines or on their website.
7. Successfully master the STEP tournaments offered at

OK, now that 2005 is over, I can reflect on the past year, my goals, and what was reached or done for that goal.

1. I did not lose the 60 lbs, probably even gained 10lbs, however, I put this goal back on the slate for 2006. The only difference is I only really want to lose 40 lbs, but should lose 60-70 to be considered in the "perfect" body weight range.

2. My contractor, my Manager, has been completely trained. I have added 8 more employees through the past year, and she is ready to "take over". I don't see it being official until March 1, but it's on the right track and I can see the light at the end of the tunnel!

3. I did not become "officially" a professional poker player, but it's still on the goal list and a lot more attainable in the next 2 months due to being in direct relation to #2 above.

4. Ah, if only I could have won a WSOP bracelet this year. Goal not reached, but definantly still on the list. I did play in more events then I had ever played in before (9) and I did do very well in the satellites (approx. 30K), so this year, the goal is to do better then what I did in 2005.

5. I did not win my way on board the PPM Cruise, but I did get to go on a poker cruise with the WPS II, as Head of Public Relations. Still a free cruise, still played poker, just had to work a little was all!

6. I don't believe that I was listed in any magazine or website for any major wins this year, however, publicity was what I was going for and I can confidently say that I have achieved that. I've become very well known on the internet through RGP, ITH, and WPC, and I even have a regular column in the Women's Poker Player Magazine published bi-monthly.

7. Pfft. Mastering the Party STEPS was damn near impossible after I got the cash out curse from last year's STEP successes. However, I'm happy that I found a different "home" and for 2005, PokerStars was the site for me. The goal will be to do well on the TLB on PS for several different weeks, or at least one month of the next year. Not neccessarily the top, but damn near close is all I want.

Accomplishments for 2005:


Went from 1 employee to 9.
Went from 4 clients to 6.
With those clients, went from 7 providers to 13 providers.
Trained my Manager to take over about 90% of the business, leaving me with only 10% to do, which is only about 3 days a month.
Net income tripled.
All in all, a very good year in business.


Had a great year with a (now) teenage, straight A's, she-is-her-mother's-daughter
Became closer, better connected, with Bill, as we suffered through the miscarriage, and compromised on poker and traveling, together.


I was doing very well at the end of 2004 and beginning of 2005 in tracking my financials for poker, but then dropped the ball and gave it up in Feb/March. I do know that I am in the black for poker/gambling, and have been extremely lucky with the slot machines this year (getting about 6 W9 tax form thingys), and have won about 4 major MTT's this year (5K +),finished the year with a BANG with a MTT win, and cashing quite often in MTT's throughout the year. I have mainly stayed away from online cash games and don't usually play SNG's. So, in the end, I can't give an exact figure, but estimate a 25-35K profit.

Other Goals for 2006:

To go on as many cruises as I possibly can.
To continue working for The WPS and traveling around the world with them.
To continue writing for WPP Magazine, and perhaps another media outlet?
To be officially semi-retired in the next 2-3 months from the business.
To officially become a professional tournament poker player.
To play more live tournaments in Vegas.
To continue my pursuit of reaching fame and being well known in the poker world.

I feel very positive about 2006, as 2005 was a phenomenal year. I've met a lot of great new friends, traveled quite a bit, it was an AWESOME year.

Even if 2006 only equals 2005, it will be fantastic, but I believe it will surpass!!

Happy New Year to EVERYONE!!


Blogger Shelly said...

Happy New Year! Here's to a great 2006 :)

5:13 PM  
Blogger Mom said...

Yes, I hope you accomplish ALL your goals and then for New Years, you mentioned nothing about the aweesome weekend we had in Vegas. What a time to be had, and I owe it all to you. A great place to stay..paid for by you, great food, also paid for by you (but really I don't think I want to see a buffett for awhile), lots of fun gambling and my "daily allowance" was quite nice, and of course you buying me an awesome computer with all the trimmings, which is already hooked up and ready for me to get started with my 2006 goals. All in all a GREAT start for 2006...spending the weekend with 2 of my dalring daughters was a GREAT time, now if only we can get your other 2 sisters to join in and party once in awhile...LOL Thanks again Tanya, You're the best!
Love You......

6:21 AM  
Blogger "MissT74" said...

Trust me Mom, the trip report is coming, but I was sicker then we thought and came home early Tuesday to see the Dr. On antibiotics and Nyquil now, so I'm all groggy and fucked up.

I will write the report later, for sure.

Love you too, T

8:16 AM  

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