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Monday, June 06, 2005

WSOP Trip Report #1

I am back, Sunday night around 11 pm.

I drove home bummed out and depressed. The weekend just didn't seem to go well for me. No big wins to report, no big wins to put in the bank account, sheesh, what happened to my gold bracelet this weekend??

Oh well, now I feel better and I know that as much as I WANTED to win and take the bracelet, we ALL want that. Just doesn't happen that easily, duh. LOL

I have so much to say and report, how do I possibly get it all down in writing? I don't, well not right away. I have a new recorder that I can talk to (instead of typing) and then it puts the recording on the computer, in a file, (something like that, I'm no computer geek, I'm clueless) and then there's a program that will even transcibe it for me. This is way cool, and so I was walking around the WSOP talking into my fist, reporting everything that I was seeing.

My highlight of the trip was probably my 3 hour game with Humberto Brenes, great guy, very nice to fishies (I HAD to be a fish to keep calling his raises with hands like 4,7s and K9s, right????) He always seemed to raised my blinds, and I just felt I had to defend, and then I just kept hitting my hands with him. He called his raises "A sexy raise" whenever he had an Ace. What a tell. LOL When I beat him with crappy hands, he would look at me, give a smile and say, Nice hand. (This was LIMIT by the way, lol)

My other highlight was hitting a Royal Flush on the Video Poker, but I put that money back into poker. Satellite after satellite and I only took 3-4 out of God knows how many. sigh.

I did make ONE final table this weekend, it was the super satellite for the 10K seat, top 4 got seats, I placed 9th. BLEH.

Oh well, on to weekend #2. I am registered for the $2000 NLHE and want to play the $2000 LHE on Saturday if I can win a satellite, I will not buy in directly. (oh, and if I'm not at the final table from Friday's NLHE)

I will be busy working all week long to make up for not being here on weekends, so you won't be hearing from me again until I return from the next weekend trip.


Blogger Felicia :) said...

Just shake it off and get right back into the hunt.

Tourneys are so volatile. You still have what it takes, it just might be a long time in coming.

4:41 PM  
Blogger Welshman said...

Good to hear from you at last.Kept looking for your name to crop up somewhere but it didn't, you need to become a party girl for that I guess.

Just keep plugging away and it will come.

7:02 AM  

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