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Thursday, June 09, 2005

WSOP Real Report #1

DISCLAIMER: As I reread my little report, my time line is off whack and all helter skelter but it doesn't take away from the story and I don't have time to fix it, so screw it!!

Well, here it is Thursday late afternoon, I leave for Vegas early tomorrow AM (decided to leave then instead of today to get some extra work done) and I'm JUST now getting to my first weekend trip report.

I arrived in Vegas Thursday PM, first stop was Dillard's to get a new MAC compact (it's a woman thing), stopped at the bank, then went to my bed and breakfast that I stay at to check in. Grabbed my key, dropped of my stuff and headed straight over to Rio.

I already gave my impressions of Rio, but again, it was fantastically huge, bright lights hanging down, hundreds and hundreds of people milling around, very, very long lines. I stopped at Will Call first and picked up my registration card and my #2 Event card, piece of cake, took me 5 mins.

I jumped into a $50 satellite, just to play and to warm up a little bit. The very first hand I'm dealt KQ, (my favorite hand as you all know) guy in front of me raises, I call. Flop came Q, 7, 3 He bets 300, I raise to 600, he moves all in, I call, he has QA. LOL..oops.

Play a few more $50 satellites with no luck, so I decide to just buy in directly to the last chance tourney that started at 11pm. Didn't do to well there either, can't remember the hand anymore that knocked me out and I only lasted about 45 mins I think, but I promise I will take better notes this weekend and all future weekends of all tournaments, satellites included. I headed home and was in bed by 2am.

Friday: Dance #1, $1500 NLHE. This was the only tourney where I took notes so here they are:

Level 1, AQ LP, I raise to 250, button calls, flop comes 10,7, 6. I bet 250, he calls. Turn is Q, I bet 250, he calls. River is Q, I check (to checkraise duh) and he checks, shows his slowplayed KK and I take down the pot.

Level 2: 9,J UTG, I limp in, flop comes J, 10, 4. BB bets 200, I raise to 400, he calls. Turn is an A, he bets 300, I call. River is J, he moves all in, I call, he shows Q, K. OOPS.

Very next hand: 2c3c BB, 3 limpers, I check. Flop is 10, 2, 2. Blinds check, bet of 125 behind me, I move all in, 500 or so more, he thinks and decides to call. I show the 2 and I double up. He had 10, J.

Very next hand: A,10 SB a raise to 150 in front of me, I call, flop is A, 10, 9. I check, he bets 200, I move all in, he folds.

UTG, A, A. I raise to 150, all fold to the SB, someone I happen to know from Laughlin who just happened to be seated at the same table as me, what a coincidence indeed!! He moves all in for 125 more, I call. He shows 10,10. Fop is K, Q, 7. Turn A, River A. Fricken QUADS and all I get is a measly 250 chips from him, although I did knock him out.

BIG HAND: A little bit after break, I get AQ LP, I'm sure I raised, but not in notes, and there's 3 of us in the pot. Flop is K, 2, 2. Check in front of me, bet 400, I call, 2nd guy calls. Turn is 7, check, check in front of me so I bet 600. 2nd guy folds, 3rd guy goes into think tank. He's debating, he asks for a pot chip count (which I didn't know was allowed because I've never seen anyone ask for it. He calls. River is 3c, bringing the flush draw it's flush, although I didn't see it until dummy me bets 1000 after he checks, then he moves all in and I have to fold with only 850 chips left because I didn't have SHIT. Bad hand on my part, or just unlucky with the flush? He didn't show, but unless he was really really slowplaying and hollywooding a boat, I can only put him on the flush.

Next hand I get K, 10 and I feel I have no choice so I call the BB raise of 300, the flop brings a K, he moves all in, I have to call. He shows K, 9. I am feeling pretty good about this hand until the turn brings a 9. Sigh, out at about 3:45pm, almost made it to 2nd break.

Oh well, so I headed to a sushi bar where Felicia Lee and some bloggers had planned on eating dinner together. I was the only one who used a fork, and one of the few 2-3 who didn't eat sushi. Felt so unsophisticated, but had some good conversation, great meal, good times, good times.

I then headed downtown where I played a few satellites at the Horseshoe, ended up chopping one and 4th place in the other one, but I had a $100 last longer with this older local chump (the kind of local who thinks he is the poker king, you know what I'm talking about. Shirt unbuttoned, gold chains, rings, designer sunglasses with a fedora) so it ended up an even wash for me.

I then headed to Plaza for the midnight tourney, but found out that due to dealers calling in sick (I know for a FACT that there were 3 Plaza dealers at the WSOP that were calling in sick to play, lol) I was #25 on the alternate list. Yeah, right. So I started playing some slots, my favorite $1 Video Poker at the Plaza, did nothing on the first one, moved to the 2nd one and played on the same $100 bill for about 2 hours before I finally hit the granddaddy...the Royal Flush baby!!! I was so excited, I jumped and scared the little old lady next to me out of her skin, she moved away right away, but I think she was just jealous. LOL. I cashed out and went back to the Rio in order to buy into the $1500 LHE #4 event for Sunday.

I then ended up at the Let It Ride table where I met 3 really cool people, made it a fun as hell table and those kinds of tables, you don't care how much you spend, you just stay while the party is there. We all ended up leaving around 5-6AM. At this point, I figure there is no way I can sleep for 2-3 hours before the WBPT tourney (bloggers) so I decided just to stay up. I ran home, changed, threw on some deodarant and perfume, fixed the hair and headed over to Aladdin.

I will never, EVER gamble at the Aladdin again. I feel that they deceived me, they deceive their players, and due to the sheer principle I am boycotting the Aladdin. Here's the story: I had about $61 in the slot slip, put it in a blackjack slot and got it up to about $150, walked over near Starbucks and saw a game that I like in slots, forgot what it's called. Anyways, it was multi denominations, and so I decided to play $.10. Now this game, everywhere, and I mean EVERYWHERE usually only has a maximum bet of 45. You can bet 5 coins on 9 lines, and that's the max. So there is nothing flashing at me that this machine is different, there is no sticker or sign on the machine or anything to indicate to me, as a player, that this machine is different. So, I hit the Maximum Bet button. My money starts disappearing, and disappearing, it won't stop. 270, 270!!!!, coins later, the reel spins, nothing comes up and I just lost $27 in ONE frickin spin. I was pissed. I called the floor over to complain. Now, I KNOW they are not going to recoup me $27, but I felt I had to say something and let them know that I found them deceitful, tricky, and for that I would never gamble at their establishment again and I AM a gambler, so they will be missing out. It just really chapped my hide, especially when the slot attendant was telling me that they have people bitching ALL THE TIME about those particular slots and how there is no sign anywhere on what the maximum bet is. Again, it's the principle and therfore, I will never ever put another dollar into that casino.

So, onto the bloggers tourney, had a great time, sat down next to, Pauly, I think?? Anyways, had a blast, he is ONE awesome guy, I loved him, didn't tell him how much I liked him, but I would really, really like to get to know him and hang out with him and be his friend. He is THAT cool. Course, I can't really remember his name, but I'm pretty damn sure it was THE Pauly.

So after I busted out, I headed back to the Rio, played satellites until about 11 pm and then made myself go to bed for the LHE event the next day, and due to the fact that I haven't slept since Thursday.

(This is when my report starts winding down because I have to leave in 15 mins to take my dog to the vet, anywhoo...)

Sunday, I enter the LHE event and am seated in #4. I feel a tap on my shoulder, look up to see Humberto Brenes staring at me and telling me that I was in his seat. What a moron, turns out I was assigned to seat #7 and now I look like a TOTAL fish. Oh well, I played like it too because my K8s and 74s beat Humberto and he just smiled at me, said Nice Hand. I would call his raises almost all the time, if I had any paint, usually a K, and the K would always come on the flop, so then I would bet, he would fold and then say to me, "Always hitting the K, huh??" Also, when he raised, he would look at me, say "Sexy Raise" then show the Ace when we all folded. If he said it, he had the ace, so it was a nice tell for us, but he finally stopped doing it. LOL.

The last hand, critical hand was when I had AK in EP, raised, Humberto and Idiot (well, that's what I'll call him since he is the cause of my demise, lol) called. The flop came blanks, I bet out, Humberto raises, Idiot calls the 2 bets, I re-raise, Humberto calls, Idiot calls. Turn is blank, I bet out, they both call. River is blank, I bet out, Humberto folds and the Idiot thinks. And Thinks. Then decides to call me down with a pair of 4's. The lowest card on the board, I'm representing a high pair, and he calls me down. Sigh. Good call on his part, I know, but if I HAD had the hand, it would have been a fishy play, so I'll just call it fishy from the beginning. Cost me a great chance to triple up as blinds were at 100/200 and cost me all my chips.

Ces La Vie. I am leaving tomorrow EARLY AM and will play the $2K NLHE, and try to win some satellites to get into the $2K LHE event on Saturday and/or the $2K PLO event on Sunday. ( I THINK that's what's on the schedule for Saturday, but no time to look now). I have been publicly offered to be backed in the Ladies Event by the infamous Russ G. of RGP, I asked him if he would back me in Razz instead and he agreed, so I am officially playing the Razz event, as I feel I can win my own way into the Ladies Event with the super juicy soft satellites that will be available that weekend.

Ok, that's it for now, my fingers are bleeding, sorry it took so long, I still left out A LOT as I'm sure you can imagine, but it's so hard to remember everything. I am absolutely going to do better about recording my voice during the weekend on the cool little recorder I got, I promise not to blow it off like I did last weekend.


Blogger RockSteadyPoker said...

think we can get more pics of you?

2:10 PM  
Blogger "MissT74" said...

Don't know why you would want them, I'm a happily married woman so it doesn't matter what the hell I look like.

However, I do have photos now on the WSOP website, so I'll post links in my next update.

7:02 PM  

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