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Sunday, June 12, 2005

WSOP Report #2

I wasn't going to leave for Vegas until Friday AM, but I had nothing else to do after 8pm Thursday, so I just headed out that night.

When I got to town, I went to Plaza and played the midnight. HATED it. I no longer endorse the Plaza tourneys. The people, players, were the rudest people I had ever played with before. Usually, the people are nice but something was in the air this night. I was actually happy to bust out around 1:30AM so that I could then run over to Binion's to play their 2AM tourney. Was doing pretty well, at least staying average, until about 4 AM, I can't remember what I lost with. I then played a little slots and Blackjack and went to bed right around 5AM, then waking up on Friday at 10AM.

Played the $2K NLHE event, I believe there were 1400, give or take, entrants. I played very well, was very pleased with my play. I took detailed notes on this tourney:

LEVEL 1, 25/25 blinds:

As7s LP, raise to 75, BB calls. Flop is K, 7, 3, he checks, I bet 125, he folds.

6d7d BB, a raise to 75, I call. Flop is 3,4,10, raiser bets 75, I call, turn is 9, raiser bets 125, I call since I now have a double gutshot. River is blank, and I lose 275 on the hand.

AsJs in LP, 3 limpers in front of me, I raise to 250, they all fold.

KdQd UTG, I rase to 75, 2 callers. Flop is Ad, 7d, 9d. I check, check behind me, LP bets 200, I call, other guy folds. Turn is x, I check, he bets 200, I call. River is 8d. I bet 500, he folds after thinking, I show my hand, he had A, K.

6,7os on button, I limp in with 2 others. Flop is Q, 6, 2. BB checks, MP bets 75, I raise to 150, he calls. Turn is x, he checks, I bet 300, he folds.

LEVEL II, 25/50 blinds:

Ad10d, raise in front of me to 200, I call. Flop came with 2 diamonds, he bets 400, I called. Turn is 4d, he checks, I check. River is Q, he bets 500, I raise to 1000, he thinks and folds with 600 left. I tell him, but don't show what I have 10 mins later.

A,A MP (A,A #1: I decided to count how many times I got A,A over the weekend. I ended up with them 6 times, and they actually held up every single time) I raise to 150, all fold, I show.

AJos UTG, I raise to 250, 1 caller. Flop is A, K, 8. I bet 1500 since he only has 1000, he calls and shows A,Q. No help to me and I am down to about 1725 now from 3800. Sigh.

K,K MP, raise to 150 in front of me, I reraise to 450, 2 callers. Flop is 10, 10, x. Both check, I move all in, they both fold, I show.

J,J MP, 1 limper in front, I raise to 500, all fold and comments are made about how much I bet in a 100 pot, but I did not show this hand.

LEVEL 3, 50/100:

A,K MP, I raise to 300, 1 caller. Flop is A, 2, 5, we both check. Turn is x, I bet 400, he folds.

3,3 MP, raise to 250, I call, heads up. Flop is 7,7,A. He checks, I bet 250, he raises to 600, I fold.

K,10 os, I raise to 300, 2 callers. Flop is K, J, 7, check in front of me, I bet 300, both fold.

A,Jos, a raise to 350, I call, guy behind me moves all in. Think Tank, but I dump it.

A,Qs, 1 limper, I raise to 600, all fold.

10,J EP, I raise to 300, 2 callers. Flop is A, 8, 9, I bet 300, he raises to 800, I call, we're heads up. Turn is 7, I check, he bets 1000, I hesitate then move all in for 875 more (Hollywood), he calls, I double up and knock him out with his A, Q.

A,J MP, Raise to 350 in front of me, I reraise to 850, he folds.

Ad10d SB, Raise to 350, I call. Flop is 10, J, x. He bets 300, I call. Turn is x, he bets all in, I call 2500, he has A, A. He had raised 3 hands in a row, new to table, very aggressive, I truly thought my 10 was good. Oops.

Last hand of the day:
K,K MP, a raise to 300 in front of me, 1 caller before me, I move all in, the original raiser folds, but the caller calls and shows 10, 10. Flop came 10, 7, 4. Turn is 7. River is J and IGHN, out around 3:20 pm. Sigh.

I take a little break and then jump into the 3pm super satellite. I sit down and hand #2, I get K, K. I raise to 50, guy behinds me moves all in, I call. He shows A, K and spikes an A on the river. No help to me and I am so disgusted, frustrated, on tilt, that I do NOT do a rebuy and I'm done in that tourney in less then 3 mins.

This is when I get depressed. I called the husband and spoke to him about it and I KNOW that all you poker players know what I'm talking about, but simply don't discuss it or want to talk about it. I was ready to quit, my mental state was so depressed and upset over these losses, and the accumulation of my other losses from the previous weekend. Every single time I lost, I had the best hand 95% of the time and I can't catch a break, the other guy gets lucky and just like that, I'm out of a WSOP tournament. It's depressing! So I decided to unwind by playing nickel slots and started drinking. Four hours later and after many drinks, I'm thinking about going home. However, I stop back in the tournament room and decide to play one more $50 satellite.

I ended up winning it, so I played another and another and 5 hours later, I'm 4 for 5. So I decide to put 3 horses in the 11PM Second Chance tourney, and played myself as well. We all bombed, but by this time, I am feeling no pain and am being called "The Drunk Lady" by the players in the satellite area. I play another $225 satellite and end up winning the whole thing by myself when my AsQs flopped the nut flush against his K,K. This was the very first hand of heads up play, so we didn't even have time to try and chop, I would have, I only had him by about 1000 chips or so.

Next, we (3 of us) decide to play some cash game and drink, we jump into the 4/8 and we're acting the part of drunk fishies and having fun. We ask the floor to start a $100 freezeout tourney in the cash area, as the tournament area was now close. I think it was 5AM. He agreed, and we actually were able to get 10 people to play, although we thought it was only going to be us 3. We all got 100 $1 chips, blinds started at 1/2 and maxed out at 8/16. About 3 hours later, 8 AM, we still had 5 left, so we decided to stop playing and keep what we had in front of us. I had about $115, so better then losing it all, and it was fun.

I play a few more $50 satellites, as by this time, the tournament area was starting to play again. Next think I know, it's 10:30 AM and time to join the Roshamba (sp?) Contest. I had a blast! Ended up being pulled aside by Clonie Gowan and we practiced with each other and I won. I was put against someone with the last name Levy, and I had him 3-0 when he made this miraculous comeback and beat me by getting the next 4. Arg!! Before we played, ESPN had come over to us, and he talks into the camera that "Great, I KNOW I'm going to lose because I'm playing against The Drunk Lady, how can I possibly win?" The cameras swung to me, and I stated, "Hey, I prefer the word inebriated" and that was that, it will be interesting to see if that makes the cut and if I make it on TV. LOL

So, I'm STILL drinking through all of this, no sleeping, and my mantra becomes "If I can't win sober, maybe I can win drunk" and I play for another 12 hours, finally stopping around 1 AM Sunday AM where I have to DRAG myself home after almost falling asleep at a satellite table. Everyone was really nice to me though, they knew I was drunk, they didn't care, as a poker player, I'm sure they LOVED to see me at their table.

Trying to think if I missed anything else for Friday through Sunday early AM, but don't think I did. I finally did get to meet DaVoice for the first time in person; hung out with Matthew Hilger for a while, he sweated me in a satellite; had FellKnight sweating me in a satellite, finally met Wampler and VeeRob in person (VeeRob was all decked out in Golden Palace crap for the Roshamba event, they paid his entry fee for the TV time since he made the 2nd or 3rd round, pretty funny stuff). Also met Jennifer Tilly; talked with Greg Raymer for about 15 mins along with Howard Treesong (great guys, both of them). Due to my less inhibitated state of mind due to alcohol, I was NOT shy and was going up to all the pros and started talking with them. Spoke with Carlos Mortenson for about 10 mins, was with Clonie for 10, smoked a cigarette with Annie Duke (but we just stood next to each other, never said a word to each other, LOL) All in all, I had an absolutely great time, and hopefully didn't make too much of a fool of myself, although I don't think I did as everyone knew I had been drinking for about 35 hours straight. I always had a drink in my hand, and never got DRUNK but kept a pleasant buzzed the whole time. OK, maybe a few times I was DRUNK, but it only lasted about 20 mins, then I was back to just being buzzed.

Sunday AM, I woke up at 9:30AM, couldn't fall back asleep so headed back to Rio's to play a few more satellites and ended up chopping a $325, good for $1500, and I felt it was a great way to end the day, so I left and arrived at home around 6:30PM. I decided to type this up right away so that I wouldn't forget a lot of stuff, and there you have it!

Looking forward to the $1500 NL Shootout next Friday, already registered. I will also play a little online this week and hope to get some more bankroll established as it's almost depleted. I will be leaving for Vegas Thursday night.


Blogger Scooby said...

My new goal in life: to see The Drunk Lady in action.

3:14 PM  
Blogger Welshman said...

That's a much better report thanks. This drunk lady sounds like a bundle of laughs, do you see her often.

8:38 AM  
Blogger "MissT74" said...

Not TOO often while playing poker. However, when not at the WSOP, Friday nights will see The Drunk Lady quite often. ;)

8:44 AM  
Blogger Dr. Pauly said...

Awesome recap!! Sorry about those KK getting cracked in the sat.

3:13 PM  

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