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Monday, July 11, 2005

WSOP Watch

I know it's been awhile since I've posted, and I have some great posts coming up after this weekend.

I will be leaving for Vegas on Thursday, returning on Sunday and this will conclude my whirlwind 6 weeks of poker. Technically, the WSOP is officially "over" for me, but I will be in Vegas for the ITH ( convention, and will be dropping in Benny's Bullpen to witness a little bit of final table action if I can.

I have been following the WSOP coverage like a mad woman, particulary sweating Fellknight (Jordan Devenport) due to my having 8% of his action. Day 1 was so phenomenal for him, he kept hitting trips, doubled up pretty early and ended the day at about 65K if memory serves, which was in the top 25.

Unfortunatly, Day 2 wasn't as kind and he was eliminated around 11:30pm, at about 625th place, when his Preso (5, 5) was called by A,J and a J came on the turn. (My numbers may not be exact, but you get the drift).

Soooooooo close to the money, 560 get paid, I was crushed for him. However, he did make it to almost the 10% percentile, so I'm extremely proud of him and I think he did an amazing job. He outlasted all other RGP'rs too, so that's worth mentioning, right??

Another friend that I have in the event is Matthew Hilger, he's the owner of ITH, he placed high last year earning 80K (I believe....I think he got 30th place?? something like that) Anyways, it would be very, very fitting if he could make the final table since he has a boatload of ITH'rs planning on being there for the convention. We've already discussed that if an ITH'r made it to the final table, then we would cancel our private tournaments and sweat our fellow player in droves. I do believe he is our last chance for that.

Matthew ended Day 1 with about 91K in chips (MOST excellent!) but just like Fellknight, he was hit hard with the deck and ended Day 2 with about 60K in chips. I'm sure he'll make the money, but let's hope he can rebuild his stack, have a better Day 3 and be on his merry little way to Day 5. Go Matthew!!!

That's it for now, I'm going crazy at home trying to catch up on a LOT of work for one of my biggest clients, but the damn internet kept going down all weekend and there is nothing more frustrating then when you are ready to really start working, and you can't. Bleh. Internet seems OK today though, so we'll see how much work I can get done today. I have to meet with this client on Thursday, so I might have to pull an all nighter or two before then.

Not much poker playing due to work, however I did make time for a $30 HU SNG, and busted him in about 5 minutes, it was too easy. I may have to keep playing those to see if it's me or if it was just him. LOL


Blogger Fat Dan said...


keep up the good work. As a man, I feel that your points on Women Only Events are extremely true. I see it ias discrimination to have a Women's only event. I think that one of the beautiful things about poker is that everyone is equal when the cards are dealt. There are no races, ages, or genders. Just cards on felt.

Keep up the good fight.


7:24 PM  

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