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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

So I Lied....

...really, who's surprised out there??

Anyways, I ended up playing poker all day yesterday (Monday, Labor Day!) while I was working though, so because it was Labor Day and I was working, shouldn't I do something to offset the work and enjoy myself as well??

Big News: Thanks to Brian Cashman of I am registred and playing in the WCOOP Event #3, NLHE Heads Up. It has been sold out for awhile and this was one event that I wanted to play due to my experience and luck so far in HU competitions as previously reported. He unregistered and let me have his seat, what a doll!

If anyone needs to buy/sell/trade W$ or T$ from PokerStars...he's your man. He's the only one I use! There, my pimping is done and he didn't even ask me!

OK, let's hope for a win, if I do cash well, I can't say that I won't continue playing and put the Hiatus on the backburner, if I don't cash, then I can say it. I'm tired of depositing!!!

GL to everyone who plays the WCOOP! See you online.


WCOOP #3 NLHE HU Update:
Well, the first match lasted about 48 minutes. I was never in the lead, got crippled when I hit my flush on the river, but he had hit his boat on the turn with J,2. He showed me about 5 full houses in the first 20 mins. How to compete? Got down as low as 210 chips,then was able to make a comeback to 1400 when two of my all ins got called and I got lucky. First time I had K,J; he had A,5 and the K came on the flop. The 2nd time I had K,3 and he had 9,9 and both K and 3 came on the flop. The last hand was me holding 2,5; flop came 3,4,5. I moved all in, he called with 5,Q and I couldn't finish my straight. So, out in 562nd place, not bad with 1024 entrants starting, it sure did last forever. Bleh.


Blogger TuscaloosaJohnny said...

Sorry to bust your bubble Tanya, but 526th is no different from 1024th. Everyone lost in the first round :)

12:46 PM  
Blogger "MissT74" said...

Well DUH Johnny...LOL, it just sounds better that I lost after a ferocious 50 minute game vs. losing in 2 mins.

Personally. LOL

12:52 PM  

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