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Sunday, August 28, 2005

Marathon City

Boring entry, but it details ALL the poker I played this weekend. Yeah, I probably should have been working, but I'll just pull an all nighter next week to get 100% caught up.

On Friday, I worked until about noon, then decided to donk the day off playing poker.

17 hours later here's the scoop:

I played 20 different tournaments and kept track of them all.

1. $20/$2R, LHE, $1050 WCOOP satellite, 34 people, 10th place.
I had 4,4 vs. K, 10. The flop was 8, 7, 3. He bet, I raised, he called. Turn was a 10 and I'm out.

2. $27/$2, NLHE, $215 WCOOP SNG, 9 people, 5th place.
Made a move with 2,2 got called with 10,J and a J came on the flop.

3. $20/$2R, NLHE, $1050 WCOOP satellite, 53 people, 27th place.
Made a bad call here, got confused, thought it was a R/B tourney and lost on As3s.

4. $10/$1R, PLHE, $215 WCOOP satellite, 78 people, 8 get seats. During this tournament I made a donkey move. My computer has a habit of crashing randomly, it has to do with all the crap that the newsgroups put on my computer, but I digress....So, my computer crashed, I rebooted, which usually takes close to 5 mins. SLOW ass system. Once I got back online, I proceeded to check out my forums, going to RGP, etc. Totally forgot about the two tournaments I was in. When it finally dawns on me, I rush onto PS and see that I am still in this tournament, there are 17 left, and I'm in 15th place.

I proceed to get hit with the deck. 10,10; 8,8; A,J; I am like a whirlwind and I proceed to move up to 4th place in 15 mins. I'm able to hold it and at bubble time, it was left to me to take out the short stack. I have A, 10 and I raise, he flat calls. Flop comes 9, Q, 4. He does a Stop and Go and moves all in on the flop. I think and debate and finally say, FUCK IT. I call, he shows J, 6 and I take down the win for the table. Winning a seat into the WCOOP #4, PLHE, on 9/7/05.

5. $20/$2, LStud8, 128 people, ended up in 107th place, this was the 2nd tournament I was playing when I "forgot" to play.

6. $50/$5, PLO8, 85 people, 5th place for $340 prize. Lost with 2, 3, 9, 9 when he had A, 2, K, 5. Flop was 4, 7, 8; turn J, river K. The river K brought him the 1 of 2 higher hands to beat my 9's so I was out.

7. $150/$12, NLHE, 326 players, out in 93rd place. Lost with K, J vs. Q,Q. J on the flop, but no more help and I was out.

8. $30/$3, LHE, 180 players, 108th place. No notes.

9. $30R, 50K guarantee on Paradise, 542 players, out in 98th place when I was slowplayed with A,8 vs A, A. Well played, Sir!!

10. $0, RGP satellite to 1 Million Freeroll on Paradise. 184 people, 100 get seats, do you think Tanya could beat 84 people to get in? Nope. LOL. Out in 173rd place, what a disgrace.

10. $5/$.50, NLHE, SNG on FullTilt, busted out in 9th when my A,A ran into 4,4 with a 6,6,4 flop. Oh well!

11. $10/$1R, LHE, $215 WCOOP satellite, 74 players, out in 51st place.

12. $20/$2, PLHE, WCOOP SNG, 12 players. I ended up bubbling in 2nd place good for $25 when I flopped TP and he flopped a straight. (oops!)

13. $30/$3 R, NLHE, no notes, but ended in 182nd place.

14. $30/$3, LStud8, NO notes whatsoever, but I know I lost, lol.

15. $30/$3, PLO, 127 people, out in 120th place with the following hand. I have 5, 9, Q, K. Flop is 10, J, K, I'm betting, he's calling. Turn is x, I move all in, he calls with KK in his hand and yep, the river is a 10, pairing the board and I'm out.

16. $10/$1 NLHE, 707 players, out in 361st place.

17. $20/$2, LHE, 129 players, no notes, but I know I lost, lol.

18. $20/$2, HU NLHE, Some unknown RGP'r challenged me and I wiped the floor with his ass. +$40.00.

19. $50/$5, NLHE, 189 players, I ended up in 10th place when my AK ran into KK and no A help for me. Earned $113.40, ended at 5am and I dragged myself to bed.


OMG, what is wrong with me? I only played in FOUR tournaments the entire day. However, I did have a lot of fun sweating a good friend from RGP in the Paradise Million. He did extrememly well and ended up in the money, so congrats to him!

1. $50/$5, LO8, 90 people, 38th place.

2. $20/$2, NLHE, WCOOP Test, 1100 people, placed 319th.

3. $10/$1R, NLHE, 25K guaranteed, forgot how many people, but it had to be a lot because I got 967th place, LMAO. IN A REBUY. Sigh.

4. $30/$3R, NLHE, $2600 WCOOP satellite, ended up in 66th place.

OHHH, now I remember what I did Saturday night. Instead of playing, I simply railtarded all night long and chatted on AIM with an awesome bunch of peeps, and decided to make some Apple Martinis for Bill and I.

For one of the first times ever, Bill and I stayed home and got drunk off our asses. Those Apple Martinis are the BOMB! If you've never had one, I highly recommend them. We crawled into bed around 2 am after cooking up some scrambled eggs with toast.


Woke up early, no hangover OF COURSE! I'm one of those lucky ones that never gets hung over, so it's off to poker!

1. $10/$1R, NLHE Turbo, Satellite to the $215 $500K guaranteed on PS. I ended up busted out after spending $81 and with a little encouragement from a few friends decided to just buy in directly and play.

2. $200/$15, NLHE, $500K Guaranteed, 3307 people. Placed 116th for a prize of $661.40 and here's a little info:

278 hands played and saw flop:

- 4 times out of 31 while in small blind (12%)
- 17 times out of 32 while in big blind (53%)
- 25 times out of 215 in other positions (11%)
- a total of 46 times out of 278 (16%)
Pots won at showdown - 10 out of 17 (58%)
Pots won without showdown - 35

Yes, folks, yours truly only played 46 hands, and still ended up in 116th place out of 3307 people. I'm awful proud of myself right now!

3. $10/$1, LO8, $530 WCOOP Satellite, 68 players. This is the last tournament I am playing for the evening, as I type this entry out. 11 players left, 3 get seats, I end up out in 8th place good for $22.

4. $20/$2, LO8, 170+ players, out in 158th place.

5. $20/$2, PLO, no notes but out in 60th place.

6. $10/$1, HU Stud, only 6 players, it was a private RGP tournament, but I did manage to win my second round, then proceeded to lose the third round which put me in 2nd place, since I had a bye for the first round, te he he. Won $15. Woot!

So that's it, it's about 1AM and I am headed to bed, time to start another work week. All in all, I ended up ahead over the weekend, even with all my buy ins, due to the wins I was able to pull off, but nothing major to take home to the bank.


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