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Monday, February 20, 2006

Change of Plans

Check out it's been updated!!

In regards to the MissT74 2006 WSOP Qualifiers:

Instead of having satellites for a specific event, the satellites will be ran for buy in amounts for WSOP events, and the winner will get to choose the event of his/her choice, for that dollar/buy in amount, that the winner would like to play in.

The winner will be bought into the WSOP by myself, with receipts and proof being given, as to insure that the winner is actually using the winnings for what it's intended for, which is a WSOP event.

Before I can make a schedule of dates and times, I need to make sure that I have enough players for each event. Therefore, from the list below, you are to email me the events/amounts you would like to be put on the list for and once it's full, it will be closed, and another interest list for that event/amount will be started. Please keep in mind that if we do not get enough players for a particular buy in amount or game type, then that event will either be cancelled or other options will be discussed with the players on that particular list.

$1,000 WSOP Event (NLHE):
a. 20 people @ $50.00
b. 40 people @ $25.00
c. 50 people @ $20.00

$1,000 WSOP Event (7 Card Stud H/L):
a. 20 people @ $50.00
b. 40 people @ $25.00
c. 50 people @ $20.00

$1,500 WSOP Event (NLHE):
a. 20 people @ $75.00
b. 40 people @ $37.50
c. 50 people @ $30.00

$2,000 WSOP Event (NLHE):
a. 20 people @ $100.00
b. 40 people @ $50.00
c. 50 people @ $40.00

$2,500 WSOP Event (NLHE):
a. 20 people @ $125.00
b. 40 people @ $62.50
c. 50 people @ $50.00

$2,500 WSOP Event (6 Handed NLHE):
a. 20 people @ $125.00
b. 40 people @ $62.50
c. 50 people @ $50.00

$3,000 WSOP Event (NLHE):
a. 20 people @ $150.00
b. 40 people @ $75.00
c. 50 people @ $60.00

$3,000 WSOP Event (Omaha H/L):
a. 20 people @ $150.00
b. 40 people @ $75.00
c. 50 people @ $60.00

Lists are on a first come, first serve basis with another list starting as soon as the first one is filled and closed out. Once an event is filled, a choice of dates and times will be given and the majority will rule. If that date or time is not good for you then you can forfeit your place in line to the next person on the next list. This does present a logistical problem, but I don't think it will be that big of a problem, at least not at this point, time will certainly tell.

You can enter as many events as you like, you can request being put on a 2nd list for an event in case a 2nd event goes for a specific buy in amount tournament. You can enter them all. It all depends on you and how many you want to play in, in order to try and win a WSOP seat. I, personally, will probably play in almost all of them, at least once, to try for a shot at a WSOP seat.

You will be responsible for the juice that the site, more then likely PokerStars, will charge us. I have sent an email to Henry at PokerStars, who has helped me set up private events in the past and once our negotiations are done then I will let you know how the buying in and juice charges will work, etc. At this point, let's just concentrate on getting the games ready to go so that when it's decided how PS will help us, then we'll be good to go and ready to roll!

I will need your full cooperation in this in order to run these events and I ask that all communication be done via email to me at this address and together we can help send some of our "friends" (YOU!) to the WSOP!

So on a final note, after reading this email very carefully, please send me a list of the events that you want to play in, now that you know the buy in amounts. Keep in mind that if you win, you get to choose the WSOP event you wish to play in, and in fact, if you won a $3,000 seat and wanted to split that between 2 $1,500 events, that would be OK too, I'm flexible!! (insert your own dumb joke here).

Disclaimer: If Harrah's changes it's policy and starts to charge a juice on TOP of the entry fee, that will be the sole responsibility of the winner. As it is now, Harrah's simply charges the buy in amount and then takes the juice out as a percentage from the prize pool. I don't see them changing this, but wanted to make it known that if they did change it, I am NOT paying your juice for you. : )

Help spread the word!


Blogger Wwonka said...

I would love to play But I can not seem to find your email address.


6:38 AM  
Blogger "MissT74" said...

It's in the narrative, but I understand it is quite long. Email me at


8:01 AM  

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