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Tuesday, February 07, 2006


As posted on Dr. Pauly's blog:

"Twenty years ago, the kids from a tiny suburban neighborhood rallied around their sick classmate Ferris Bueller. That was 1986 when Abe Frauman was the Sausage King of Chicago. Today, I'm trying to rally all the bloggers to help me Save BG.

If you don't know, Boy Genius aka BG ( has a tear in his colon and had surgery on Monday. He's going to be out of work for the rest of the month. When he gets out of the hospital, he's gonna have a ton of medical bills. That's where I'm asking you to help out.

I'm asking you to please donate $20 to BG.

Where do I send BG the money?

GamblingBlues = Full Tilt
HeyKidsItsBG = Poker Stars

If you have an online poker account, please transfer $20 to one of BG's online poker accounts. If you don't have an online poker account and still want to help, then please shoot me an email ( and I can tell you about alternative options.

And you don't have to give $20. That is just a suggested amount. Feel free to donate as much as you want. But if I can get 100 bloggers and readers donate $20, then that's $2,000 less that BG has to spend in medical bills.

BG is not just a good friend, he's one of my favorite writers and bloggers. Yeah, one of our own is sick. I'm asking every blogger to help out in some way. Donate what you can and please spread the word about the Save BG fund.

If you have not done your one good deed of the year, here's your chance to do something altruistic. I kinda feel helpless, but this is the least I can do to help. So help spread the love and show BG how you appreciate him and donate to the Save BG fund!

Feel better soon BG!!!


Blogger Ignatious said...

what do i have to do to get a link?

10:33 PM  
Blogger "MissT74" said...

A link to Pauly's blog? To get that link you would have to tell me why web site addresses don't show up AS links when I type them. Check out the first sentence, it has his website address, but doesn't link. I'm a donkey, and I'm clueless, what more can I say.

2:22 PM  

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