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Friday, March 10, 2006

A Sonnet For Tanya

As one of my favorite ITH'rs (Bullajami) reached his 4,000th post, he put up a poll to see how he should celebrate it. "A Sonnet To Tanya" won hands down and so here it is:

From whence came this radiant red vision?
That leaves my heart and stacks alike, empty.
Mind like Curie, body like mortal sin
Dauntless beauty for all the world to see.
Like that Eye of Heaven shining so bright,
So does her brilliance run its timeless course.
And though my M.T.T. game is weak-tight
I'd let her steal my blinds without remorse.
Her scent is like to fill my head with fog
This summer in Vegas should be a blast
'Til then, satisfied I'll be with her blog
And Bull's ensign must remain at half-mast.
When we two meet, the times will not be dull
Especially if found by Mrs Bull!

sniff, brought a little tear to my eye and everything, sniff.

Thank you Bull!


Blogger Danny said...

Thats cute.

9:51 PM  

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