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Friday, September 09, 2005

Work and Poker

It's Thursday, it's about 5am and I'm just now heading to bed. I still consider it Thursday night, since I haven't slept yet, lol.

I played a few tourneys today, just finished a $50 NLHE,108 players, top 18 got paid, YEP, I placed 18th for $64.80. Woot!! Which was actually OK because I thought I might bubble! I got a nice stack, but then got cute with Ac2c when the board came 3c,4c,7...then nothing, nothing and he had K,K. Soooooo, I lucked out and was able to slide into the money.

I also played a $100 PLHE, 54 entrants, I made FT and ended up in 7th place for $297.00.

I also played Kansas City Lowball over at GamesGrid.....only the 2nd time I've played that game, I must say, I don't like it. I find it boring. However, I ended up chopping 1st for $76 or something like that, only about 14-16 players?? I do not like GG software at ALL. Hate it. Icky. Gross. Almost as bad, if not equally bad, as Absolute Poker. Yucky. HOWEVER.....they have KCL, they have Dealer's Choice tournaments, and it's home of the RGP Open (or whatever the hell Fellknight is calling it) and I heard their customer service is good. So, I'll put up with it for a little bit longer and see if it grows on me.

I played some others...but these were my only cashes. I played while I worked, AGAIN, and am almost done and ready to complete my month end. Ohhh...almost forgot, I also got my PS bonus released today, which was almost like cashing in a tournament, $120!!! I love their bonuses, and I always reload to the max when they're offered. Easy to release when you play there almost exclusively like I do.


Blogger EC said...

I can't agree with you any more on GG. I played it once for their deposit bonus and I felt like I was playing an 80's Atari game with the outdated software look. I can't stand the table being on the left and the lack of people drives me nuts. Okay, I'm sorry, just had to vent, lol.

7:41 AM  

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