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Friday, September 22, 2006

It's WPS Time!!! St. Maartens....WOOT!!

The World Poker Showdown (WPS) has scheduled their next event, and it is back in
St. Maartens 11/4/06-11/18/06. That's a full two weeks, but a lot of players
come and go different times during those two weeks, so whatever schedule works
for you is good!

As you may recall, I went to the WPS in St. Maartens in April and was lucky
enough to donk (or is that drank??) my way into 1st place in NLHE and 4th place
in PLO. I'm hoping for some kind of repeat, obviously. LOL

The restaurants are close by and delicious, lots of fine dining to be hand, but
also some casual dining with a Subway 5 stores down from the casino, and a
grocery store with a deli 5 stores down the other way.

The pool has a swim up bar which was loads of fun. That would have to be the day
that I got a little too much sun, lol. The pool area has entertainment with
daily Bingo, Trivia, a life size chess board/game, and of course, music.

The ocean is the bluest blue I've ever seen, and the sand is almost white. It's
just simply gorgeous.

Don't worry about your spouse or SO getting bored while you're playing poker, on
the island, life doesn't seem to begin until about 2-3pm, so you'll have all
morning to hang out with her/him and then you can head over to the casino for
some action.

The nightlife is FANTASTIC!! There's a club that is opened most of the days
right above the casino, so no walking far! There is also 2-3 more clubs within
easy walking distance and the music/dancing is wonderful.

With WPS, I've gone on a 7 day cruise, I've gone to St Maartens in April for 10
days, I've gone to Costa Rica for 5 days, and I'm about to go back to St.
Maartens again in November for (hopefully) the full 14 days, but will adust my
schedule as needed.

This year I plan on taking my daughter and my mother (as the "Nanny" : ) and I
know they will simply LOVE it.

Anyone wanting information about rates on hotel rooms, airfare, etc. contact
Trina Jackson, she's the WPS Travel Agent at 800-582-8069 and you can also go to for more details.

If anyone has any questions about anything relating to St. Maartens or the World
Poker Showdown, feel free to email me!!


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