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Saturday, September 09, 2006

Catching Up....

Yes, it's been a few days since I last posted and I AM home now, but it's been end of month for work and that always keeps me busy for several days at a time.

Last weekend, being that it was a holiday weekend and all, I decided to take Cherissa out of town. The debate was between Phoenix to visit Grandpa and Aunt Lorrie's family, or California to visit Aunt Guido's family. However, I received a phone call from a good friend (Lonnie) who told me that he would be in Vegas, so why don't I come down? Thanks to my good friends at Harrah's who hooked me up with a room at Bally's on Thursday night for the entire holiday weekend, I said, Why not??

Therefore, Cherissa and I headed for Vegas on Friday afternoon, arriving at approximately 4pm. Friday night we headed to Excalibur and had dinner at the Tournament of Champions. Very similar to the Medival Times of California, but I had never gone to it while living in CA and thought it would be fun. It was! We had a blast, eating our whole chicken with our bare hands, sipping from beer steins, rooting on our Hungary player. Afterwards we walked over to New York, New York and paid $12.50 to ride the roller coaster, ONCE. Sure, it was fun, in fact I had a blast, but $12.50 for ONE ride? That's 1/2 the price of admission to a whole day at Magic Mountain!!

Afterwards, I dropped Cherissa off at the room and then met Lonnie and Fellknight (who happened to be in Vegas) for a night of clubbing in our private booth at a new club inside Imperial Palace. Sure, IP is a dive, but it's a new club, the music was awesome, the girls (waitresses/dancers) were hot and it was CHEAP compared to other night clubs in Vegas. We all had a really good time, tried to get some local RGP'rs to show up by posting a thread that night, but noone showed up. Everytime I post about having a private booth and to come over and party, noone ever shows up. I'm starting to think people are scared of me. LOL

Saturday had me and Cherissa sleeping in until about 1pm, then we hit the mall girly girl style! Cherissa had asked me previously if she could get her upper ear pierced, I said "Sure, why not?" as I had gotten my upper ear pierced years ago with my best friend. She told me that Christina (her best friend) was also going to get it done, but instead of getting it done with Cherissa, she was going to get it done with her cousin and split the pair of earrings with her. This meant that Cherissa needed somone to get pierced with, in order to share a pair of earrings and (sniff, I love my baby girl) she asked me. So, instead of waiting for her 14th birthday (10/6) as originally planned, we decided to get it done on Saturday while we were hanging out at the mall!

One word: OUCH.

I do NOT remember it hurting that bad when I got it done with Guido so many years ago, but we got titanium hoops vs. studs, so that might be the difference. Both our ears are healing well though and there seems to be no more (or not much) pain now.

After the mall we headed over to the Venetian to watch Fellknight at the final table of the daily noon tourney. He ended up busting out in 9th place (thank God for saves, eh Fell? LOL) and so Cherissa and I departed and went back to Bally's for dinner. Afterwards, I did a little gambling while she watched movies in the room.

Sunday we went to the Live Price is Right! show at Bally's. We had a GREAT time, it was SO much fun and YES, you KNOW it, "Come on down...Tanya...Peck!!" I got to go up to the stage and bid on a rolling suitcase. It was a small one, one that you would carry on and being that I was first to bid, I bid $50 and of course, everyone bid higher after me and it was priced at $139 or something like that. Go figure, that much for THAT little thing?? Cherissa told me later, "It's not a Wal-Mart suitcase, Mom." (I rolled, I thought that was hilarious)

Anywho, the show was great and we had a wonderful time UP until the point where they had their little "Showcase Showdown". I was severely, and I mean HIGHLY disappointed in how they did it. The basically call 2 random people up and then present ONE showcase with about 5-6 prizes and 3 of them being HUGE. Like a 7 day trip to Paris, France; a giant (huge!) screen TV; and of course, a new car.

HOWEVER...the only way to WIN the entire package is to come within $100 without going over. Otherwise, you simply win an office chair. WTF??? What a rip off! There's like practically NO WAY anyone is ever going to win the grand prize, so it seemed like a fisherman hanging his line with the worm on it and then charging us $49.99 to try and nibble it. I'm disgusted with them for that.

So that was the weekend, we came home on Monday and I've just been keeping busy with work and what not.

The GOOD news though: I have won another THREE qualifiers (one a day for 3 days in a row, so far!) to WCOOP events and am tickled pink. So far I am playing:

#4 9/19 NLHE Match Play $215
#5 9/20 Omaha H/L $530
#7 9/22 LHE $215
#13 9/27 PLHE $320

It is Saturday and I am currently playing in two more qualifiers right now and plan on playing a few more over the weekend and will see how many more WCOOP events I can win my way into. Since it's the 3rd day in a row that I've won a qualifier, I'm pretty pumped right now and feel like I'm "in the groove". I'll be even more ecstatic if I can win another (or dare I say 2-3 more??) qualifier today.

I'll be online on PokerStars almost all weekend, come say Hi and have a great weekend!!


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