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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

A Favor....

Dan Goldman, of PokerStars dot NET, has always been a true friend to the poker masses. Both with RGP (BARGE and other ARGE sponsorships I'm sure, I just haven't been to any others) and allowing me to have my MissT74 Qualifiers, and of course the RGP homegames and a friend to bloggers as well.

Here's a chance to (kind of) pay him back.

Apparantly, some dear friends (Jaime & Irene) of his are in a contest to win a $102,000 Beverly Hills Wedding.

All they need are votes.

Sooooo, I figure if we get this out in the poker community and even if Jaime & Irene actually win, how cool would it be to know that poker players are the ones that allowed them to win the wedding of their dreams.

So go here:

And VOTE for Jaime & Irene.

And fellows...this girl, Irene? One Word. DAMN.

Now go look. ; )


Blogger EC said...

Voted, and will put it on my blog tomorrow morning!

12:03 AM  

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