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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

A Nice Online Win, Finally!

Although I haven't been playing much online, I had played some when home in between trips throughout the summer and I never really cashed in anything much. Looking at, I haven't had a "nice" cash since 4/22/06 ($1908). Good grief, what the hell is going on???

It's finally nice to report SOME kind of win. I played an Omaha 8/B satty into the WCOOP Event #5, priced at $500/$30 and I WON, not only did I win one of the 6 seats given out but I totally dominated and decimated the final 2 tables. On the bubble I busted out the 7th place and the 6th place in the same hand. I think I ended with about 50K compared to the 18K that 2nd place had.

There are 18 WCOOP events, with the first one being Razz on 9/16/06. Since I am officially "home", I plan on playing as many of these as possible, making the next 18 or so days dedicated to winning qualifiers.

Day 1: 1 for 2. I busted out seriously from the HORSE satellite. I don't know why I try to play it, I can't seem to get the knack of that game. I play WAY too many hands, and I KNOW this. I MUST work on my strategy for this game. I MUST so I WILL.

Still, 1 for 2 with the 1 being a $530 event is NOT bad IMO. I'm excited and can't wait to see how many events I can qualify for vs. buying in directly.

Once the WCOOP events start, I will blog full and complete tournament reports like I used to. Last year I did pretty well in the PLHE event, but that was the only one I can't WIN if you don't PLAY.

: )


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