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Wednesday, March 23, 2005

My Apologies.... "the husband" A.K.A. Bill. My husband reads my blog every once in awhile and found it quite humerous that I referred to him as "the husband" instead of "my husband" or by his name in one of my last posts. I figured that noone knew his name, so this will be a proper introduction to him. His name is Bill, he is a very successful web designer and his work can be found at . I met him online about 5 years ago (Thanks Yahoo! Chat Rooms!!!) and we've been married for about 3 1/2 years. He is very supportive of me and my whims, and has become much better in supporting my poker dreams (habit??) then he was 2 years ago. I promise to never refer to him as THE husband but instead, will simply call him Bill from now on and assume you all know who I'm talking about.

So tonight saw RGP's Wild Card Wednesday, and the game was 7 card stud. I'm usually not THAT bad, but managed to place about 24th out of 33, or some obscene number like that. I just couldn't hit a damn thing. I would start OK with the first 3 cards, then brick, brick, brick. Frustrating. I will personally try and get next Wednesdays game to be Limit HE, I'm going to post to Perry Friedman on RGP, and since I may be the first one to post, hopefully, I'll win!!

Next, I moved on to my freeroll STEP 2 at PP, I can't believe the hands that I was getting that went nowhere but downhill, and FAST!! I don't feel I played poorly at all, just couldn't get my hands to hold up. I ended up busting out in 9th place, and that is HORRID in my opinion. But again, I don't think I played poorly, just unlucky tonight.

I will be in Vegas tomorrow, I am taking my daughter to the airport, she will be flying to Sacramento, CA to spend 4 days with her Aunt Corrie, my sister. She is very excited about this trip and feels very grown up at the age of 12 for being allowed to fly alone. I'm simply scared, but will have faith in SWA, and my sisters' cell phone number on speed dial on my cell phone. I'll be back in Vegas on Sunday to pick her up. Vegas is only 1 1/2 hour drive, and much closer then Phoenix. I'm going to try and stay at least a few hours and play some Omaha HI at Boulder Station (LOVE that game!!! BEST place to play this game in Vegas!) but we'll see if that will be possible.

Only one other new item for the day and that's that I've finished my first draft of my new business plan, and have placed my Vice President, and will be looking to place my Board Members in the next month. I already have the 4 board members picked out, I just need to see if they are interested. I'm a great salesperson though, so I'm pretty confident that I can sell them on the idea, and I'm also convinced that I'll be able to sell my ideas for the business PERIOD, thus allowing profit for the company and my pocket!! WOO HOO!!


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