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Thursday, April 07, 2005

It's My Birthday!!

Well, it was, yesterday 4/6. I received this awesome necklace/bangle/earring set from Bill and my daughter. It's heavy silver with mother of pearl opals and is quite beautiful and I absolutely love it. So I was all dressed up, wearing my new jewelery with nowhere to go. Until Bill said I can go to Laughlin for the rest of the day!! What a husband, I love that man.

So I headed to Laughlin and was able to play in RiverPalms NLHE tourney at 6:30pm. $10 buy in, $10 rebuys 1st 2 levels (T 1K), $20 rebuys 3rd and 4th levels (T 2K), $30 add on at break (T 5K). We had 85 entrants, and I got away with spending a total of $70.

The first hour was great, I get getting called by at least 2-3 people when I moved all in and I would win, so I had a very, very nice stack at the breaktime. I had pp 10's about 4 times in this tourney, and they won all 4 times, which was very nice as I always seemed to flop a 10 when I had them, would go all in, and would get called.

At the final table I was probably 2nd or 3rd in chips, but thanks to me, some short stacks got doubled up and I ended up in 7th place with horrible suck outs. A shame too as 1st paid $1300, but you can't win them all. I should have placed better, but there was a brief moment when I was almost down to the felt and thought I was going to go out in 10th place for $189, but ended up lasting a little bit longer and came in7th for $313.

All in all, a very nice birthday. I apologize to RGP'rs for not attending last nights RGP tourney. I had requested Limit HE to Perry, he granted my request, and then I didn't show up. However, given the chance to play live, I'm not going to turn that down, so I'm sure (being poker players) that they can all understand.

The day before (Tuesday) I had played some more on PS and didn't do too well, in fact, didn't win a damn thing and ended up spending more money. I played the following:

1. $5/$.50R, Turbo, WSOP DS Satellite, 338 entrants, I placed 140th, $20.50 spent.

2. $3R, $350K Satellite, 420 players, I placed 158th, $9 spent

3. $10/$1R, $350K Satellite, 114 players, I placed 29th (ohhhh SO close!!!), $21.00 spent

4. $15/$1 Turbo 9 player SNG, placed a dismal 6th.

I will be going to Phoenix for the weekend. There is a huge woman's expo going on at the Civic Center, so I decided to go see some family, go to the Expo and then play a little poker at CasinoAZ. I will give full trip report upon return, but this is probably last blog until Monday as I'll be leaving as soon as I can tomorrow.

Have a great weekend!


Blogger Felicia :) said...

Good job, Tanya.

You know that a player like you is going to have some volatility. If I ever went to the final table with your chips, I'd squeak into 3rd, but I'd never HAVE you amount of chips going into the final table!!! So we each have our own catch-22.

Happy birthday. I wish I could have stuck around to sweat you and cheer you on, but I truly felt kind of out-of-touch in Laughlin with the other thing going on, so I just wanted to go home.

10:07 AM  

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