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Sunday, April 03, 2005

A Taboo Subject

"Are online poker sites rigged??"

Ahh, that one question alone is enough to drive all online players crazy, not to mention start a slew of flaming posts on RGP. I have always been an advocate of online poker rooms, I have always stood up for them, am pro-online gaming 100%!!


I must comment on PokerStars. I have only played there for about 4-5 days and I must say I have never, EVER, in my online poker career seen so many bad beats, action flops, runner runner, miracle one outers, etc. etc. , then I have in the past 4-5 days as I have on PokerStars.

I have downloaded probably up to 40 poker websites, have deposited, played for money, lost the money or cashed out, and I have NEVER seen what I have seen here. I have played online poker for the past 4 years, with the last 2 years seeing me play online for about 6-9 hours per day, 50-60 hours per week, and I have NEVER seen what I have seen here. I am simply befuddled.

Now, before you go on thinking, "Oh, she's venting, she's been bad beat and whining about it". Acutally, right this moment, it's not the case. I have been the subject of these bad beats, sure, like when my AA all in preflop is called by the 6, 10 os and he gets 4 cards on the board to complete his straight. However, I have also done it to others like when my all in J, J preflop is called by K, K and A, J came on the river. I have seen it happen countless times in hands/pots that I'm not even involved with. I have lost some tournaments, but I have won some tournaments.

This is NOT a whining post. This is a post being written very matter of factly with no ill feelings towards PokerStars at all. I just had to say something as I cannot fathom, cannot comprehend, cannot believe the number of suck outs I see on this site. Again, let me remind you that I am an online "pro", I AM an online player so spare me the "Oh, but you see so many hands per hour...blah blah blah" No shit. I play my ass off online, I KNOW about the statistics and every response ever made to anyone questioning the integrity of online poker.

I just don't know if I will ever be able to, in good conscience, make another deposit on this site. I will play out what I have on it, and hope that I can continue my run for awhile and maybe even win a WSOP out of the site, but due to all the action (ie suck outs) I see, I'm not holding my breath. Just too weird for me, and I am not one of those complainers/whiners that bitches about something but then does nothing about it. Due to my questioning of this site, I will have to leave it. At least, once my tournament dollars are used up. A shame too.

I do not question PokerStars integrity at all, or their customer support/service. I feel they're service/support is excellent, however, I just feel something is a little "weird" with their RNG and have never felt this way about any other site, so I feel hypocritical if I stay at a site that I feel is "weird". Maybe my mind will be changed in time, as I'm an open minded person, but for now I'll just say, "We'll see."


Blogger jimpepper said...

Hi Misty,
interesting observation,one I have made on many sites over the years.
Just a very wierd thing that i am
sure will rectify itself.
Party,was once the land of miracles.
riverstars,bodog paradise.Doesn't matter.I will say this about pokerstars,toughest site to cash out from.Many good players.

3:16 PM  

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