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Friday, March 25, 2005

Touche, Touche....

A PM sent to me on the WPC forum due to my previous post regarding the player who was D/C on PokerHost and complained about it. After finding out later that it was the site, I did apologize on the link for misunderstanding, but failed to post the apology or the extenuating circumstances on my blog, and therefore was called out on it.

I do aplogize for the error in communication, however, I still stand by my feeling of unsportsmanlike conduct for posting on the congratulatory thread of the winner. I believe a new thread would have been more appropriate, and that's just my opinion.

"Just so that you are aware. I am the "other player" that you misjudged on your blog site and you did not inform people that it was not a disconnection. I was blocked from my seat. Most likely because of chatting. After an investigation was complete. Poker Host admitted to several discrepancys with my account on thier end during that tournament. I have also been given a seat for the event. I wasn't acting like a poor sport, just pissed off at the site for what happened. So judge me all you like, as you have on your blogger site, like I claimed immediately after finally being unblocked from my seat Tanya, Poker Host owned up to it and is paying my way too. They wouldn't do that if it was bull****. You yourself complained about being hassled over a simple withdrawl. It was on thier end, they admitted it, I was blocked from my seat. Very different from your accusation. I find it amusing that someone that hates LADIES ONLY events is part of a ladies only league and has stirred up a story without the clear facts of the situation (As if we need anymore drama) Similiar situations have happened to other players since that event and I'm glad I opened my mouth. If for no other reason than so it doesn't happen to someone else because the whole situation sucked. And now I'm labelled a concieted, poor sport for saying something. Yes, you are entitled to your own opinion, but get the facts first please. If it happened to you you're telling me you would let it go? When you know for a fact it wasn't a computer or connection issue on your end."

I have sent the following response:

"I do not feel that I "stirred" up a story, and I did apologize on that thread after you CLARIFIED your story. From your first post, it wasn't clear, and I said as much. Again, I do apologize for the misunderstanding on my part.

You are correct about my not making further note about the incident on my blog, and have therefore corrected that.

I understand your amusement from my hating Ladies Only Events, but participate in a ladies only FORUM (You said Ladies League, but please be advised that I do NOT play in any WPC league. I rarely play in WPC events, and only play in WPC events for bigger tournaments, such as the Showdown or the WSOP.)
I participate on WPC because of the friends that I have made, mainly Goddess, who all know how I feel about Ladies Only Events and are OK with that, because I never cause harm and my purpose is to learn, help teach, and socialize. If my reasons are different from yours, or from other WPC'rs, then that's just the hazard of living in the world today that's made up of all kinds and types of different people.

I'm very happy for you that PH is providing a seat for you, I find that very generous and surprising due to the previous posts regarding PH and their horrible customer service. I wish you luck."

So, there you have it.

NOTE TO BLOG READERS: All forums that I belong to and this blog are SEPERATE ENTITIES. If you see something that you disagree with, get upset over, or in general just want to reply to on this blog....then do me and the other readers a favor, and click on the "post comment" button and put it out there. I have stated in one of my very first blogs that I will be blogging/writing about items that I may not write about on my forums. To be specific, mainly the WPC forum. Search my archives if you need to see my disclaimer again in writing.


Blogger EC said...

I for one agreed with both your reply before she clarified and the blog that you wrote. I also got a PM but not from her regarding my opinion on the situation. You have every right to express your opinion, and furthermore just because you don't like ladies only events doesn't mean that you can't join a ladies only forum. I feel you are doing that out of respect because lets face it, some of us aren't that good and you'd pretty much wipe the floor with us, lol, also, it shows that you have respect for people that are learning and aren't comfortable with "heavy hitters" so to speak. So keep expressing your opinion both on the forum and on you own private blog!

10:25 PM  
Blogger EC said...

Just to say this, even after she clarified I still thought she was being a poor sport - you don't take away a great win from someone just because you feel you have been wronged. Like you said she should have started a new post and then worked it out privately with PH and not start arguments with other members. But that is just my humble opinion.

10:27 PM  
Blogger "MissT74" said...

We've cleared our differences, I believe, and there are no hard feelings from any party.

6:51 AM  

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