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Sunday, March 27, 2005

I hate weekends

Most people love them, most people live for the weekends. I have found that I, now, cannot stand them. I try to work, but find that I am distracted and can't concentrate properly due to the mentality of it being the weekend, and I should be out doing something or doing something constructive around the house. So I end up sitting in the recliner all weekend long watching movie after movie on TNT or TBS, which I've seen 10-20 times before.

Bill says that only boring people get bored. I have to disagree though because I am constantly bored on the weekends now, and I certainly don't feel I'm a boring person.

Oh, well. I'm leaving for Vegas in a few minutes to pick up my daughter. I'm not going early like I wanted to, I have no funds in my poker bankroll, and I haven't been able to replenish the bankroll yet. Hopefully Bill will have pity on me next week when both of our clients send us checks, and grant me some moolah for the BR.

What a shitty weekend. Sigh. To think I actually look forward to tomorrow, the beginning of a new week, so that I can "go back" to work. I am pitiful. Even online poker has no interest to me on the weekends.


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