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Friday, April 08, 2005

WSOP Live Satellite

I went to Mohave Valley yesterday to meet with a client, and Bill had to go to Phoenix to meet with a client and would be gone all night, so I crossed the bridge and went into Laughlin to play in a WSOP $1500 event qualifier at Harrah's. I did not win. However, a few things happened that struck me as wrong.

1. The floor could not give a direct answer as to what the payouts would be prior to the event. They had a two table, 21 player maximum and it always fills up. The winner has the choice of choosing a $1500 event OR $1000 cash. If he/she chooses cash, then the other $500 gets disbursed to the other players, and it "usually pays down to 6, but sometimes 4, it just all depends". I ask, what's the juice? Again, no answer. Oh no wait, I get an answer, 40%. I about blew a gasket. HOLY SHIT!! I guess because of the stink I made, he checked again, and "Oh, no, wait, it's does that sound?" (lmfao)

2. Harrah's Laughlin does NOT follow TDA rules. I find this strange and interesting as the WSOP follows TDA rules, but here in Laughlin, they don't. The rule that struck me as the worse offender was the being in your seat by the time the cards are dealt. Nope, they wait until the action is on you, and if you can run into the room and say, "Wait, I'm here!" then they allow you the hand. I disagree with that, the cards should be dead by the time the 2nd round of cards are dealt and you are not in your seat.

3. Rebuys. There was 1 rebuy allowed, and to rebuy, you would pay the floor manager, who was walking around with a clipboard, and then the dealer would give you the chips. There was a player who rebought before the hand, she took the money, the rebuy...the chips...should have been in play for that hand. The dealer never gave him his chips. He ended up calling an all in to someone who had him covered AND had his rebuy covered, but since the chips were not handed to him and were not in front of him, he was able to lose the chips he already had, and then got his rebuy chips for the next hand. Now, this player is not "new" he KNEW he had rebought, he knew he was behind T 3K, and yet played the angle shooting role and the floor decision was that it was the dealer's error that the chips weren't handed to him during the hand, so they would NOT play in that hand, but would play for the next hand. IMO, the guy should have been knocked out and the winner of the hand should have recieved all of his chips, including the 3K in the rebuy.

This was my first time playing a tournament at Harrah's in Laughlin, and I was NOT impressed at all. Will I play there again? Sadly, probably..due to their satellites for the WSOP, unless of course I can have better luck online, but I simply prefer and love to play live. Oh, what a quandry.

So I got home early, around 8:30 and proceeded to play some tournaments on PS. I played the following:

1. $6/.50, Turbo 9 player SNG..busted out on the bubble. Typical.

2. $6/.50, Turbo 9 player SNG..busted out in 5th place.

3. $3R satellite to Sunday's WSOP qualifier, seat valued at $650, 2 seat would be awarded. 132 players, I spent W$15 and busted out in 57th place when my KK went against A, 10 and the board ended up reading 10, Q, 10, A, 6. Bleh.

4. My one success of the night: Played the $10/$1R satellite to the $350K Sunday tourney, 165 entrants, top 23 won seats, I ended up being able to slide into the win in about 5th place in chips. T $215 thank you very much, as I unenrolled from the event. When we got down to 26 players, the play was so tight, it was ridiculous and scary at the same time. The all ins kept winning, the antes were 1000 with blinds of 10K/20K. I should have easily floated into the spots, but then all of a sudden it was my BB and I had 11K left after posting. This meant that if I lost this hand, then the SB would take 10K from me on the very next hand, and I would be all in within TWO hands due to the antes and blinds...OMG..I didn't realize this until it was my blind and as the action went around the table and everyone was stalling the full 30 seconds, I was PRAYING that the SB would fold to me, he had enough chips to make 1-2 more rounds, so he could easily fold, He had to fold in order for me to make it into the win, and thank the lord above, he did. To be fair though, we never, EVER saw a flop unless someone was forced all in by the ante or the blinds. Pretty tense for a few minutes there.

W$: $1.50
T$: $204.00
Real $: $52.20

So that's it for now, I am leaving for Phoenix in about an hour and will return on Sunday, so no posting until then, but I hope to play at Casino Arizona, so will report on that upon my return.


Blogger RockSteadyPoker said...

Wow, pretty unusual about the rebuy being not in play...I know what you mean about the $11R to the $215, it can get pretty tense around the bubble, on thing I notice is that they always end just about 1hr 30mins in. Check out what lakefront has to say about them

6:17 PM  
Blogger RockSteadyPoker said...

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6:18 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've always wanted to be a part of the WSOP. Guess I should schedule my next gambling trip to Vegas before the event.

4:49 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've always wanted to be a part of the WSOP. Guess I should schedule my next gambling trip to Vegas before the event.

4:51 PM  

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