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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

$100 MTT on PS

Another post for the night, how lucky art thou?? This might be hard because this one will be running at the same time as the $33R, but I'll try to manage.

Set up: $100/$9 buy in, NLHE, 256 players, first is $7K.

Level 1, 10/20.

BB: All fold but the SB, he limps in and the flop misses me so I fold to his bet.

SB: J,6. No raises, so I limp, miss the flop and fold to a bet.

(Just busted out of the 33R, so making comments won't be so hard now, eh? LOL)

Button: A,9 os. All fold to me, so I raise to 80. Blinds fold, I win a hand. Wow.

UTG +1: 6h7h, I limp. LP raise to 80, Button calls, blinds fold, 60 for me to call, I call. Flop comes 9h,3h,6. I check. Initial raiser bets 140, Button folds, I call. Turn is 2h, I check. He checks. River is ugly 10h, I check, he checks, shows AA but NO heart and I win 550 pot, at 1820 now.

BB: AhKs. 2 limpers, I raise to 100, MP calls. Flop is 8, 10, 4. I bet 100, he folds. 1940 now.

SB: Kd3d. 1 limper in front of me, I limp as well. Flop is K, 10, 4. We all check. Turn is 6, I bet 60, 1 caller. River is 5, I bet 80, he folds and I'm at 2040.

Level 2, 15/30

BB: 10,J. Now, usually I like this hand but with a raise AND a reraise in front of me, I have to fold. Flop comes 4,5,7, guy moves all in so I'm thinking GOOD FOLD!!!
(OMG, guy CALLS his all in with AK and the guy that moved all in...has AK. What donkeys)

SB: 9,5os. 2 limpers in front of me, so I limp call. Flop is A,3,3. I check as does everyone else. Turn is 3, I check and fold to the bet.

LP: K,10. 2 limpers in front of me, I limp as well. Flop comes K,Q,Q. All check to me, I try a bet of 90. SB calls, the rest fold. Turn is 2d. He checks, I check. River is 7, he checks, I check. I thought about betting but figured if he called it was only because he could beat me or tie me. He shows AJ, I win and am at 2190 now.

MP: A,7. 1 limper in front of me, I decide to limp, 1 limper behind me. 5 in hand, flop comes 7,9,Q. SB bets 30, limper in front of me raises, I have to fold. Limper behind me goes all in, the original raiser calls and shows KQ while the first all in guy shows 9J and loses when he gets no help.

BB: Ad8s. LP raises to 90, I call the 60. Flop comes J,K,3. I check, he bets 90, I fold.

SB: Qh8c. LP raises, I fold, weird for me, huh? LOL

LP: AQos, MP raises to 90, 1 caller behind him, I reraise to 270. I'm tired of messing around. BB calls, original raiser calls. Flop comes J,2,7. He bets 210, I call. Turn is x, he bets again, I have to fold now. DAMMIT. At 1575 now.

NEXT hand, AJ, raise to 90 in front of me, I call. SB calls as well. Flop is 2,8,6. SB bets 120, I call. Turn is 10. SB bets all in, I have to fold and am at 1365 now.

MP: 10,Qos. I limp call, blinds limp, 3 in pot. Flop comes 2,Q,7. SB bets 60 ,BB calls, I raise to 210. both blinds call. Turn is 6. They check I bet 325, both blinds call (heart draws?). River is 7. They check, I have to check as well and SB shows KQ and I lose. FUCKING DAMISST, I HATE THAT HAND. 800 now.

I don't know if I like this chronicling of my hands now, I feel like I'm playing horribly and everyone gets to see it. Talk about putting myself out there, geesh.

Maybe I'll go a round or two without making any comments and let's see what happens.

Well, we're at break now. I was able to get my stack from 750 up to 2600, but am down to 1600 now. Sigh. I really hate this game sometimes. LOL. Still, at least I'm still in it and have increased my stack from the 750. TIME for another drink!!! LOL

Back from break and I am in push mode now. Just calculated that I have 10.6BB, so I am PUSHING the good ones! GL me!

I decided to push with 6,6 after a mini raise by a MP. He called with 10,K and my hand held up. Whew!!! 3275 now, avg is 3555, I feel good now!

Bleh, lost a major hand with TP, and am in push mode again. I choose to go all in with 4,4 and am called by the BB with AK. K on the flop and IGHN in 94th place.



Blogger Zetack said...

Hi, I've just wandered over from Felicia Lee's journal.

I don't know if you'll find this annoying or not but I have trouble reading hand histories without thinking about how to play them so I'm going to throw in a couple of comments here. If you find this annoying ignore the rest of what I have to say, and I appologize.

It strikes me that in general you're playing pretty passively. A little less so in the other post about the 33R tourney, but there too.

In the K-3 diamonds hand, when you checked on the K high flop were you planning on folding to a bet? If so I can live with the check, but if you would call a bet you should lead out there with top pair.

With the A-7 hand with one limper, there is no real need to get involved here, but if you're going to play here you have to raise.

With Q-10 off in MP open limping is, well, not great. I notice that you did the same thing utg+1 in the 33R as well. If there were ante's, raising to steal wouldn't be bad, otherwise that things a dog that should be thrown away. In anycase, open limping with it is just asking for trouble.

The other thing I'd mention is in the 33R tourney, when you got down to 3700 chips with the blinds at 100/200 you still had 18.5 big blinds. Yet you say you were in deep trouble. I know it feels like a kick in the guts to have blown off that many chips, but winning a tourney from that chip stack size is much more doable than from say, 6 BB's. You may have two or three chances more opportunities to get involved in hands where you can pick up a lot of chip instead of just one. You need some help, sure, but not miracle level help.

I fight getting discouraged, when I've taken large hits to my stack in tourneys, but if you're thinking "I can still win this thing" rather than "I'm in deep doo doo now," It helps you to play better with your remaining chips.

Anyway, I'll shut up about that stuff now. Too lecture-y?

Are you playing the 100 dollar deep stacks on PS? Seems like you'd get a lot of enjoyment out of those.


6:36 AM  
Blogger "MissT74" said...

NO, I want comments! Wow, reading your notes it struck me because I have never been one to be accused of being passive. That K3 hand, I was planning on just calling, maybe even raising to a bet, if memory serves. However, thank you so much for your comments, I'm going to go over them in more depth later.


9:24 AM  
Blogger FellKnight said...


Please do continue to post these sort of hand-by-hand histories, I expect you could gain much insight from your loyal blog watchers :)


I agree with your comments. Tanya can play a very passive game, but can also play hyper-aggressively. That is the best part, IMO, of her game. It's damned hard to put her on a hand.

Tanya, what I'd love to see more of you doing in your play is that when you raise preflop and miss the flop (either flopping an underpair on the Axx flop or missing with AK on undercards), to continue your aggression when bet into. That seems to be your Achilles' heel at times. People bet into you (often to find out where they are at), and you do have a tendency to call a bet or two and then fold after having convinced them that you are not strong. This, put simply, bleeds chips. Make them play the guessing game.

Now, as a perfect example was this hand:

LP: 2,2. 1 limper in front of me, I raise to 600, he calls. Flop is A, 7. 4. He bets 200, I call. Turn is 9, He bets 200, I call. River is x, he bets, I fold. Sigh. 5500 now. What a donkey I am.

His flop bet, to me, screams that he has hit the ace, but is worried about his kicker (because you raised preflop). He wants to see a cheap showdown. Raise him on the flop, or fold. Either one is fine, and you should mix up your play by doing both on occasion.

If you raise him on the flop (up to 1,000 total or so), he has serious pause to consider that he is beaten, and can lay down the better hand. You earn a pot with the worst hand (and a hand that is very unlikely to improve). Also, given that it is no-limit, your raise basically threatens his whole stack, without risking YOUR whole stack. You are telling him that you like the flop (even though you don't), and that he is in danger of going broke with a second-best hand. If he still calls (or worse, re-raises), then you must let go of the hand, but even then, you gain the benefit of not just raising the flop when you hit it.

I hope that you find these comments helpful, and that I have not gone too far with my critique :)


9:48 AM  

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