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Saturday, May 13, 2006

BoDog Review

I had downloaded and played on BoDog many, many months ago. Deposited $50, lost it in the cash games quickly and then uninstalled it. Today, however, I was reading RGP and saw some posts regarding their WSOP satellites and the HUGE overlays that they have. So I decided to re-download it and check it out for myself.

They have several different ways of qualifying, the two that I played today were a $65 and a $125. Both events guaranteed a seat and both events had an overlay. The $125 event had 44 entrants and I ended up busting out in 14th place. I was severely shortstacked in the $65 event, which had 101 entries, but fought and clawed my way back up to final table.

I am currently playing right now, there are 9 players left, and only 1st gets the $12,500 prize package, so I am, obviously, playing for FIRST!!

I'll edit this entry once it's over, but as far as my review goes, I'm liking the site. I'm ending in the events pretty far down and I think it will/would be easier to win a seat on BoDog vs. PS or other sites that have hundreds and hundreds of players in each event. I can DO THIS!! Of course, I don't expect to win my seat on the very first day of my attempts on BoDog, but that certainly would be a story to tell if I did. LOL. The only negative thing about BoDog is that you can ONLY win one seat, other sites are giving the cash value if you win more then one, but not BoDog. Which is a bummer, especially if I win one and find it "easy". ; )

Still 9 left and I am in 8th position, I need to double up a few times!! ; )


Well, that was WAY too quick. I decided to push with Qh9h on the button, SB called pretty damn quickly and he showed 10,10. I got no Q and IGHN. 9th place. Still not too shabby for it being my first day playing on BoDog. I shall try, try again and see what I can do on this site!


Blogger BradyG said...

Hello MissT74.

I host a radio poker show that is at On an upcoming show I'm going to interview FellKnight. I would like to have you on the same show. I want to set up a short phone interview with you. If you are interested/willing drop me a line at contact(at)


9:28 AM  
Blogger Akashra said...

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10:03 AM  
Blogger Akashra said...

..I've been playing Bo a bit lately too after building a little bank roll from completeing a Nevada Jacks bonus... EZ bonus too.. Only 200 points.. Only took around 3 hours if I remember right (multitabling)... Maybe I'll see ya in one of the WSOP satty's sometime around.. Still playing in them?

10:05 AM  
Blogger "MissT74" said...

Yes, I tried a small one last night, but it was late (in other words, no good, lol) I'll be around them frequently coming up. I'm MissT74 there too. See you around!

10:24 AM  

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