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Monday, May 22, 2006

Laughlin Trip Report

So Bill and I get into Laughlin around 4pm, check into Harrah's and I gamble a little bit downstairs while he stays upstairs and naps/reads a book. I lost quite a bit, but wouldn't tell him how much, but was lucky enough to win it all back before going back upstairs to change for the concert.

I had a little problem when we checked in, turns out I reserved the rooms for Wed and Thurs night NOT Thurs and Fri night, and due to an AA convention in town, there wasn't a room to be found anywhere for Friday night, so I thought we would have to come home early. UNTIL I used one of my connections. Thanks Dan!

So we headed over to to the outdoor ampitheatre where BB King was going to perform and it was a pretty good show. I only recognized one of his songs, but his guitar playing and his band were pretty jazzy and soulful and I loved it. Had a great time.

We headed back inside for some dinner after the show and I guess the day caught up with me along with a few drinks (really, I only had about 5-6...I think) and right after dinner we went back upstairs and crashed. I fell asleep in about 4 mins which is really odd for me.

Friday we wake up and went out to breakfast and then I made Bill go shopping with me at the Outlet Mall across the street from Colorado Belle. Got a bunch of new clothes and found quite a few bargains. Also found a really cheap bookstore so we have tons of new books to read now. Went back to the hotel and Bill took a nap while I gambled a little bit more. We then had a wonderful dinner at The Lodge at River Palms, where we ended up staying Friday night.

After dinner we went to see United 93, which I found depressing but full of tension. Bill found it boring, said since he knew how it ended he wasn't that into it. I liked it, even shed a few tears too. Once we got back to the hotel we decided to hang out at the bar and listened to the local band. I actually really liked them but was quite bummed when they finished at 12:30am. The night was still young IMO!! However, not in headed to bed and that was that.

Woke up Saturday AM, had breakfast and then headed home. I played some online poker for the rest of the weekend, but didn't win anything worth mentioning YET AGAIN. Sigh, this poker thing can really be a bummer. I can go months without winning something "big" and get all depressed and question my abilities, then I'll hit a big one and be happy and confident for a few more months and repeat the cycle.

Cherissa is performing in the Wizard of Oz today, she is the Wicked Witch. I will be posting some pictures, as I got a wonderful digital camera for mother's day from Bill that just arrived this weekend. Bill has already taught me how to use it and how to take the pictures off the camera and onto my computer, so you all are in trouble now!! Pictures galore will be coming at ya!! LOL Get ready.


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