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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

$33R WSOP Qualifier

To keep myself in check, and less bored, I am going to chronicle my playing in tonight's (Tuesday 6/6/06) $33R WSOP Qualifier on PokerStars.

It is currently break time, and I am not going to bore anyone with the hands I had BEFORE the break, as we all know that this tournament doesn't start until the rebuy period is over. I will only chronicle hands I play, no need for you to know all the crappy cards I get and have to fold with, LOL.

Ok, here's the set up:

216 players joined, only 127 remain at the break. Only first place wins, and that is a 12K WSOP Main Event package. I have 7850 in chips, after my addon. I am going to be on the SB when we return.

Level 5, 75/150 blinds.

SB: Qc 4s, I call the 75 to complete. BB checks, UTG had called as well. Flop completely misses me, I check and fold to the BB's bet.

Button: 9c Jh, all fold to me, I raise to 450, BB calls. Flop comes 8, 10, A. He checks, I bet 600, he folds.

5,5 UTG +2, I raise to 450, 1 caller. Flop is A, K, J. We both check. Check the turn, check the river, he wins with 7,7 in the hole.

Next hand, UTG, I get 9h10h, I limp, miss the flop and fold to a bet.

BB: 2, 10. I fold to the raise.

SB: A, 8. All fold to me, so I raise to 600, BB thinks and folds.

Button: Qh, 9c. Raised before me, so I fold.

LP: 2,2. All fold to me, so I raise to 600, all fold behind me.

(Getting ready to play the $100/$9 simultaneously, will be doing a blog entry for that one as well and will try to manage both blog entries.)

BB: 7d9d, UTG flat calls, button calls, SB folds, I check. Flop is 10c, 5h, 4d. Button bets, I fold.

SB: 2,3os. No raises to me, so I limp call, 4 players in the pot. Flop comes Q, 10, 2. I bet 450, 1 caller. Turn is J. I bet 600, same caller. River is 9, I check, he bets 1200, I fold. At 6500 now.

(Very next hand has 2, 2, 3 on the board. Damn flop lag, LOL)

Level 6: 100/200

LP: 2,2. 1 limper in front of me, I raise to 600, he calls. Flop is A, 7. 4. He bets 200, I call. Turn is 9, He bets 200, I call. River is x, he bets, I fold. Sigh. 5500 now. What a donkey I am.

UTG + 1: 10, Q. I limp call. 4 players in the pot. Flop comes 8, 6, K. SB bets 200, I fold.

UTG: 6c7c, I limp call. (I can't help it, I love suited connectors) 3 players in the pot, Flop comes 8, 10, 3, 1 club. LP bets 600, I call. Turn is A. I bet out 800, he raises me to 2000 total, I have to fold. At 3700 now, and in trouble.

BB: 8dJd, SB calls, I check. Flop comes K, Q, 6. He bets 200, I fold.

SB: 6,9 os. 2 limpers in front of me, I limp call. Flop is 9,7,3. I bet out 1000. Button raises me to be all in, I call, and he shows Q,9. No more help to me and I am out in 106th place.

What a donkey, eh???


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