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Tuesday, July 18, 2006


Those that know me know that I am the first to admit when I'm wrong.

I need to clarify more of the "Tanya for Sale" thread as some flaws have been pointed out to me.

The bottom line is that:

"Any and all winnings will be divided amongst the backers in order to repay
their original investment first, then after the original investment has been
paid back, the backers would receive 1.57% of the remaining funds for each share

Regardless of what is said about me on RGP by certain posters, I am not out to "con" my friends, or give them a bad deal, that's not my intentions AT ALL.

I am going to be playing these events, and just wanted to offset my risk a little which should be understandable to all parties involved.

UPDATE: 16 Shares Sold, 16 Shares Left.

7/19/06 UPDATE: 19 Shares Sold, I think I may stop at 25 instead of selling out at 32, get in now if you're interested.


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